A prolonged vacay

August 4, 2014

I've been on an impromptu getaway to northern Michigan. The weather is gorgeous; perfect for the beach. It's a little cool at night; perfect for the hot tub and for sleeping with the windows open. 

I was going to go home on Sunday. Then it changed to Monday. Now I am going home early Tuesday morning, with no little fear and trembling, because we will be having about 60 guests at our home Tuesday night. Yikes.

I am not in charge of this shindig, however. My son is having a primary election party for the volunteers on the campaign he's managing, and has assured me all the food is taken care of. He's ordering pizza and has bought lots of snacks and drinks from Costco. I left the house in good order; I will only need to run the vacuum and tidy up a bit.

I have to admit I feel a bit reckless. I usually feel like I need to make homemade food and make more of a fuss. Ah well. It's hard to feel anxious when you're sitting here . . . 

Here I am, sitting on a beach chair with my toes up in the air, watching the gulls and the sailboats. These toes barely got wet, though. Even in August, Lake Michigan is freezing. Michiganders are a hardy lot, however; lots of people were swimming.

When my children were growing up, my husband was the one who played with them in the water every summer when we went to Ontario, and camped on the shores of Lake Huron. They couldn't believe it when we were in Pensacola and I was swimming in the ocean and having so much fun. They had always thought I didn't like to swim. Not true. I just don't like to swim in cold water! 

And don't even start on Lake Superior! Brrr! I remember camping as a child up there, and having to run in the lake for a quick "bath" as there were no shower facilities. It was like ice!

It has been a delightful weekend, and we have enjoyed relaxing and watching movies and eating ice cream. I hate to tell you all this, but I have spied some leaves turning color already. Then again, fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Bring it on (but maybe not too soon!).


  1. Good for you! Glad you are enjoying this mini vacation. My husband is from MI and I have heard all about the frigid water temps!
    My favorite season is Autumn, too.

  2. Impromptu getaways are always awesome! Enjoy your time!

  3. Your getaway sounds heavenly!! Glad it was so delightful that you were able to stay extra days.
    Mary Alice

  4. Lake Huron wasn't all that warm last week either Deborah. I did put my feet in and the grands went swimming but they'll turn blue before they quit. Me, I like a pool with clear water so you can see the bottom and what could be lurking around your feet. LOL
    Enjoy your break and let the chips fall where they may for your son's hospitality gathering.

  5. I spent many childhood summers at the Pinery and at Grand Bend on Lake Huron - funny, but it never felt to cold when I was little! Florida would suit me better now! That sounds like a very nice getaway that you just had.

  6. I think I lost my comment so I'll try again! lol It sounds like you've had a wonderful week! Hope things to well tomorrow night! Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. What a great vacation...so nice to relax that way. (Yes, the Great Lakes are freezing cold...like ice water.) Sounds as if your son has a good handle on "the event." I'm sure that it will go very well.

  8. Hello Deborah...Sounds like a perfect getaway to me! You deserve it. Good luck to your son for his bash. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week! Susan

  9. Sounds perfect :) We've camped at the Pinery on Lake Huron, but I wasn't too fond of the lake ... huge thunderous waves the days we were at the beach. I like smaller, calmer lakes and waters. I don't mind the cold water however, and rather enjoy that all-over tingling sensation when you get out (eventually). Some of our leaves are turning here too, and no one in my family is even close to ready for that!! Enjoy your beach time :) Wendy x

  10. Sounds like the perfect getaway, best wishes to your son with his party.

  11. Hi Deborah, so glad you are on a mini getaway and enjoying the beach. You so deserved a nice relaxing break after receiving good news last week.
    Growing up in Michigan I know the cold waters well. We honeymooned on Lake Huron and it was freezing. I remember holding our bottles of soda in the water to get them cold. That was nearly 41 years ago coming up Aug.11th.
    Hope your son has a wonderful party at your home, I am sure it will be perfect and a huge success.
    Be Blessed~

  12. Oh, that photo makes me long for water and sand! I hope you are thoroughly refreshed.

  13. Aww I loved seeing your pretty toes in the pic with the sand and the water. I don't like freezing cold water, either, Deborah...brrrrr!! I do love swimming in water temps above 85!!! You'll feel wonderful when you face the crowds tonight. xo

  14. What a great little getaway indeed. Sitting on the beach by the water. Refreshing for body and soul.
    Enjoyed the little walk down memory lane with you.

    I see we share a love of the Fall season. I'm not wishing for it to come early, but I shall enjoy when it arrives.


  15. Hello, I am laughing over your wild spirit and not going swimming in the freezing waters! You sound like you are just enjoying life and summer to boot! You are a treasure!
    Loved the toes...
    Blessings, Roxy

  16. Oh I would love to be at that beach too Deborah. Although I am not a fan of cold water... Yikes. How wonderful to see that you are relaxing and having a good old time. Nothing more healing than the ocean. Let someone else handle the party details. You just go and enjoy. PS,love the picture of your toes. I have been wanting to take one as well but I never get around to it. Hopefully on my next trip to the beach.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.



  17. Dearest Deborah,
    You had me first google for the slang word 'vacay'... I got lost with my Oxford English. But of course I found out what you meant.
    Your son is smart for going to Costco for that party; they are probably by far the best choice.
    Looking at your Roman feet I had to laugh... Funny at such a cold beach; not for me either. Living in Georgia we got really spoiled but I will not easily get into cold waters again.
    Enjoy being home now and hope it all worked out well.
    We have enjoyed our balcony this afternoon, finally feeling caught up with all the projects and now we can relax somewhat more.
    {What Type of Feet do YOU have?}

  18. Feel that sand between your toes as long as you can Deborah. Real life will be still be there that's for sure! Best of luck with your sons party!

  19. Sounds like a lot of fun, Deborah! Having been born in Ontario, I don't think I've ever swum in Lake Huron, but if it's anything like the other Great Lakes, it is freezing! Enjoy your extended vacation!


  20. I read the party post first...nice to hear there are still good and honest people in our political situation ! :)


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