Wear more cashmere?

October 28, 2020

Fall . . . the season Michigan does best. My favorite time of year. 

 A number of years ago I read a fun book entitled Wear More Cashmere by Jennifer "Gin" Sander. The subtitle is 151 Luxurious Ways to Pamper Your Inner Princess.  In it, the author encourages women to treat themselves to special pleasures and to enjoy them every day.

I didn't own any cashmere at the time and thought that a cashmere sweater in my wardrobe would be the epitome of chic and classic style. Fast forward a few years and I have three beautiful cashmere sweaters in cream, pink, and pale blue.

But I'm letting them go.

I knew I couldn't wear wool, but I had thought cashmere would be different. And I ignored the discomfort at first, thinking only about how luxurious they were. But. They itch.

My cashmere sweaters have come from Garnet Hill, Talbots, and Everlane. Maybe an extra-fancy, ultra-refined $500 cashmere sweater would not itch? I don't know, but I'll probably never find out. (In case you love cashmere and it loves you, I think the Garnet Hill sweater, the blue one, is the nicest.)

So here I am, donating three beautiful cashmere sweaters.

If it's uncomfortable and you don't feel good in it, it's not worth it! Someone else will really appreciate it.

Have you ever had this buyer's regret? Spent good money on something then realized your mistake? Maybe kept wearing or using something even though it didn't feel right? Or worse, let it languish in a closet or cupboard somewhere, and feeling guilty every time you see it?

Better to cut your losses and get rid of it. Try to learn the lesson and not repeat your mistake.

From now on, it's 100 percent cotton for me. Or silk. But no wool of any kind.

Another thing I've realized is not working anymore is dresses and high heels. My favorite things to wear. But after I've replaced just about everything in my wardrobe because of my weight loss, I'm not replacing the dresses. Of course, I have a few. For church. One for funerals, sadly a necessity. But we haven't been to church since March because of COVID. And really dresses don't work for my life. It's too cold most of the year here in Michigan. I've also realized that I favored dresses because I thought they were more flattering when I had extra weight on me.

These are so beautiful. But, seriously? What was I thinking?

I've taken to heart what some minimalist wardrobe experts have called "not shopping for a fantasy life." Mine would be very dressy -- beautiful dresses, high heels, lots of special occasions to go to. But realistically, this isn't my life. My new closet needs to reflect the fact that I spend most, almost all, of my days in very casual activities.

So, as I've been re-building my wardrobe after this weight loss, I've let go of some of the lovely, "fantasy" items -- the ones that I thought were luxurious (cashmere) but in reality were uncomfortable and itchy, and let go of the idea that my life is going to be a fancy, dress-up party every day.

Here I am with my husband at a friend's cottage on Lake Huron in August. This reflects my daily "uniform" these days. Easy and casual and comfortable. And that's good by me.


  1. Someone will be THRILLED to get the cashmere sweaters and shoes!

    I've always dressed for comfort, but my fashion style has grown even more casual this year! Since I'm working remotely (until at least next April!), my home office attire has consisted of "soft pants" (e.g., leggings or yoga pants), and tees or hoodies. In preparation for the loooong winter, I bought a couple of fleecy hoodies to keep me warm!

  2. I am also highly sensitive to any wool, but I wear my cashmere sweaters with a t-shirt underneath and they keep me warm on cold days. I like the way you are being so deliberate about your wardrobe and not hanging onto things that do not fit your life now.

  3. Dear Deborah ~ I love the picture of you and your husband and have to say you look fabulous! ~ Comfort is my style ~ FlowerLady

  4. I'm teaching remotely for a local university and wearing nice sweaters and blouses with leggings or jeans - the students only see my head and shoulders- so why not be comfortable?

  5. Oh I am with you on that one, dear friend. No WAY can I wear wool on my skin. I have owned cashmere or wool cardigans in the past - many sizes past, haha. Luckily my fav donation person back then was my little sister.

    As for heels, they've been a thing of the past too since my breaking my foot. Or actually way before that. My feet hurt all the time. You should see the nasty old Burks I have on right now / shudder. I did buy new ones thing summer - but they're not as comfy. Takes years for them to be like a fav pair of denim jeans, right?

    My suggestion is trying to sell you expensive sweaters on ebay or even FB Marketplace. I know there's a bunch of fashion-specific sites too but I can't recall their names at the moment. I'd try to recoup some of your money spent that way before I'd push cashmere in a donation bag. Someone will dry those sweaters and they'll be ruined.

    And you two look great - and so does Michigan - by the way!

    Hugs. ♥

  6. I had a cashmere sweater many years ago that I liked wearing. Now I can't wear one because it makes me sneeze and it's itchy on my skin. I love the way they look but it's best to be comfortable. I dress very casual as I stay home and just run quick errands now. You look great and I love that photo of you and your husband. Take care and be safe.

  7. I usually wear a long sleeved crew neck undershirt under cashmere sweaters, but even that could not rescue the shocking pink Lily Pultitzer cashmere turtleneck I bought so cheaply in a consignment store! Off it went to another owner. And those gray suede heels! I had a pair that high when I was younger and stood in them all day in my job at a department store. When I got home, I could not straighten my feet for hours! Laughed it off at the time. Now, comfort over fashion all the time. Thanks for the memory!

  8. You are so beautiful, sweet friend, and you make the casual clothes looked elegant. I totally agree about the "fantasy wardrobe." I have done the same, as we scaled back so drastically. You know, looking back, it was a source of depression hanging on to things "just in case" that special occasion occurred, then having it never come to fruition. Seeing things hanging in the closet was also a constant reminder of my weight gain and like it was taunting my failures and throwing them up in my face. No more. Everything in my closet is wearable today, and I no longer dread the thought of looking in there or being rebuked by inanimate objects. I am still doing the intermittent fasting faithfully, every day, but to be honest, I do not believe I have lost a pound. (I am waiting to weigh until Christmas, which will mark five months of the fasting.) Very strange physical issues right now, so it is no wonder. I will keep persevering and trusting the Lord to help me reach the goal. I am so inspired by your weight loss journey and how He has enabled you. I need to work more on the number of carbs I consume during the daily 8 hour window of eating time. Your prayers and support and friendship are a gift to me, and I am so thankful for your presence in my life. God bless you abundantly!

  9. I’ve never liked wool, therefore I look carefully at the tags. I’ve always wondered if cashmere was itchy, so I’m very thankful that you’ve let me know, Deborah! Yes, I’ve bought things that I thought were so cute, but then sadly, just weren’t me, and I’ve given them away. We live and learn! I’m like you, and do love fashion, but it’s not in my everyday living. You look FABULOUS, btw!! Happy November!

  10. Dearest Deborah,
    Luckily I've never had that problem with any wool, so cashmere sweaters are a delight to wear. They caress you and are super light and soft.
    Love the photo of both of you!

  11. Yeah, I can't wear cashmere or wool either...or even acrylic. I have to wear cotton. Like you, my style has become casual and comfortable as well, usually leggings and t-shirts. And flat shoes! Very cute photo of you and your husband!

  12. You really do look fabulous my friend and I know you feel great. When I retired 15 years ago, I knew I wanted to wear cute outfits every day...even at home. And I can't believe people have used the virus as an excuse to not even get dressed. I feel better with a cute...casual and comfortable outfit on for every day. I wear some jewelry too. Even when I'm staying at home. It's time to look at our 'stay at home' wardrobes and make some improvements. Hugs!

  13. LOVELY photo of you two! as to the shoes...I'd fall off 'em and break a lot of bones so, no thanks. cashmere though...yes! I have some cashmere camisole's that are marvelous and especially warm when i do barn chores. mostly, wool, cashmere, cotton and linen are what I wear and have given away most all the rest. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm


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