Politics doesn't have to be dirty

August 6, 2014

Well, never say never. I sure didn't think I'd ever write a post about politics. I have my own strong feelings, of course, but politics really doesn't seem to fit with the theme of "beautiful matters," does it? I like to keep things beautiful and lovely here, with a dose of inspiration and a dab of sparkle.

But I have to tell you, I just witnessed a beautiful thing. A group of campaign workers with integrity, smarts, and kindness, and, more importantly, a candidate who refuses to play politics, and even prays for those who persecute and slander him.

My son is the campaign manager for our district's state senator, Patrick Colbeck. We had a party here last night for his volunteers and campaign workers. We watched the results of our Michigan primary as they came in.

These people have been working incredibly hard, and our senator handily defeated his primary challenger, despite the opponent spreading lies misinformation (I will try to be gracious like the senator) about Senator Colbeck. We had about 50 people here, many of whom had been working the polls all day, despite the rain. My son, here with the Hillsdale College hat on, is running on about one hour of sleep.

At the end of the evening, the senator thanked us all, and prayed. He prayed for his opponent, and all those who had lost. He prayed for healing between those who ran against each other. He prayed that we might run a campaign based on integrity and truth. He reminded all of us that this upcoming campaign, where we face a well-funded opponent in November, needs to continue to be one of integrity. He said he is saddened by the number of people who are disenfranchised from the whole political scene because of their distrust of "politics as usual."

He challenged us to be different. To prove that a campaign can be run, and an office held, that isn't "politics as usual." That there are politicians who can stand up for what's right, not buckle under pressure, and not make "deals,"  the kinds of things that so many Americans feel disillusioned and disheartened by. That we keep our promises, remain faithful to the public trust, and do what's right and honorable.

If we win, we win; if not, we can hold our heads high. It's in God's hands. I, for one, was mightily encouraged by the evening.

Early on, when my son first got this job, I rubbed my hands together, and gleefully joked, "okay, when do we start the smear campaign?" So thankful to be working for a candidate who doesn't think like that.

If you live in our district (Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Livonia, and Wayne) and want more information, please visit MorninginMichigan.com.


  1. You are right, everything is in God's hands and how thankful I am that we can rest in Him :) Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs to you, my friend!

  2. Very good news! (I, too, believe that it is in God's hands, but I also firmly believe that we do not have freedoms to be squandered with a que sera, sera attitude.) Congrats all around!

  3. Sounds like a great group and a good senator! Congratulations to him, your son, and the team on victory!

  4. Congratulations to your son and the rest of the team for such a wonderful campaign.

  5. That is wonderful...an honest politician certainly is not the norm these days. Congrats to all!

  6. This news is a welcome breath of fresh air. I have been boycotting the news channels here for quite some time..all of the hatemongering just gets to me. It's nice to here of an honest Christian candidate. Kudos on a super campaign, and I hope your son catches up on his sleep!

  7. When you involve God, you know things turn up the RIGHT way! I love prayers and thankfulness, because we have to, specially if things don't go right, but if they do, start thanking!
    What a fresh air to hear about a Politian like that, almost NOT real! God bless him, your dear son all people like you that follow him. This gives me hope.

  8. Dearest Deborah,
    What a lovely post and so glad it all worked out very well at your home.
    Congrats to your young son and yes, like Fabby above did mention; this does give us HOPE!
    There are still people with backbone and high morals and ethics. Thank goodness.
    Funny that your son is wearing the Hillsdale College hat; as Hillsdale College is such a favorite of my husband who LOVES to read their mailings. Good choices and thank you so much for sharing this!
    Indeed, the beautiful matters and this IS showing a beautiful and prayerful spirit by a decent group.
    Hugs to you,

  9. YAY!!!!! What a great experience for your son, too.

    I wish PC and his whole team every success................we need folks that think like him now more than ever before.

  10. Sounds like a few politicians can learn a little from your senator. What a wonderful son you have with so much dedication!

  11. I am glad your son is working in the area of politics. I feel that every person should be as involved as possible in knowing what is being done, why, how, and by whom. People die in many countries because politicians forget that they represent real people. There will be fewer mistakes if more people are watching and caring. We can not all be voting on the acts, amendments, and laws, but if the politicians really know how we feel then they can vote according to our wishes. The politicians who have remained in my mind are the ones who came to me, spoke to me personally, and shook my hand. Your Senator sounds like them. He sounds like a good person. Get involved because this person's view of what is beautiful matters to thousands of people just like you.

  12. Congratulations to all those who helped, Deborah! This gentleman sounds like a truly honorable politician and I'm thankful for him and for your son.

  13. Hi Deborah, Congrats to a wonderful evening and one that is beautiful indeed. It is so refreshing to know there are some running for office that are empowered by their belief in GOD and the direction to do the right thing. To care enough to be forthright and honest. How wonderful for your son to be apart of this process and to gain this experience. It is such a blessing. This senator serves the areas where many of my family live and work. It is so good to know all is in good hands with someone of such integrity.
    Best wishes going forward to all and great things to happen.

  14. This is very nice to read. Congratulations to your chosen candidate, and to your son as well. Is he a student at Hillsdale? I very much admire what is generated by that school, in the people who teach and attend there, and for the straight talk from the guest speakers/writers in their publications. I admire Larry Arnn for continuing the good work. Congratulations, again!

  15. A refreshing post Deborah and I wish your candidate luck, he sounds like a down to earth guy.

  16. Your post is a breath of fresh air in these difficult days. It is nice to see your son and to hear about the candidate and his faith in God. I wish each of you a wonderful weekend.


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