A colorful little tea

August 18, 2014

Our local antique mall was having a big tent sale this weekend, so of course I had to go. Mr. Beautiful was playing golf, so I had a full afternoon to putter about, enjoying all kinds of vintage goodies. I found so many beautiful things, and, exercising great restraint as my cart began to fill up, put many of them back. Others, I just looked at, sighed wistfully, and left alone. 

I guess it's not like I'm hurtin' for more teacups or linens, am I?

In fact, I really didn't need some of the beautiful linen napkins I got. But they were such a steal, and all nicely clean and ironed. Maybe I'll save them for a blog giveaway.

For now, I'll just show this colorful little card table cloth. I know, right after I've been waxing poetic-like over transitioning to a white/cream palette. This doesn't really fit in with that subdued color scheme, but it is so sweet . . .

And look at the darling edging somebody did . . .

I found this little plate . . .

The back says GDA France. This mark is from the Haviland china company. I was curious about the hand-painted name (shown below), so I did a little research.

 Back in the day (17 and 1800s), Haviland manufactured plain china and purchasers then sent it to local (surrounding Paris area) guilds and had artists decorate it. Haviland later employed their own artists right in their factory in Limoges, France, so that the china could be painted there, much more convenient for American buyers, who, of course, would not send it all the way back to France to have it painted.

So, I think the GDA France mark was made on a plain plate, and then an artist decorated and signed it. The particular mark "GDA" was not used until 1948, so this is not that old. Interesting; I've never seen a name on china like this. 

It looks so nice on top of this green plate, Johnson Brothers The Florentine. I got six of these in a bidding war (my first and only) on eBay. Glad I persevered, but a little nerve-wracking.

And on top of the plate, we have to add a piece of this yummy strawberry-rhubarb pie.

I didn't make this; it is from the Grand Traverse Pie Company, a Michigan company that makes delicious pies. A little pie like this is perfect for us. Four smallish pieces; so with two of our children for dinner, none of us can overindulge. Check out the cute retro design on the box.

Only a few crumbs left!
And do you notice the "Pure Michigan" logo? Our license plates, years ago, read "Water-Winter Wonderland." Then for a long time it was simply "Great Lake State." Now, the advertising people have come up with "Pure Michigan." I kind of like that. This slogan has been appearing on all sorts of Michigan-made products.

So, back to the tea party here. This cute little jar came from the tent sale, too. I decided to put my stash of organic Darjeeling in it.

The teacup you've seen before. It's the Bridal Rose pattern. I had to find one that didn't compete too much with the tablecloth.

Altogether, a colorful little tea. Thanks for joining me.


  1. Indeed a beautiful tea, the cloth is a real delight and the border is divine. I am thinking of doing a crochet border on some vintage pillowcases, time will tell. Have a good week.

  2. Oh Deborah, I love your pretty table cloth with the lovely crocheted border! It is perfect for your tea today and your teacup, JB plate and your Haviland plate all mix and match perfectly. I would think that I'm in a delightful tea room eating some delicious pie with my tea. I love it!!

  3. The tablecloth is pretty and the embroidered edge adds a bit of charm to it. The two plates do go well together, don't you love it when you discover something new that compliments something you already have?
    Wish I had a piece of your pie for my afternoon tea!

  4. Yes I too love the tablecloth with the crocheted border and have never seen one so pretty as that! Your teacup & plates all look perfect for your tea party with the Rhubarb pie! Do have a wonderful week.

  5. That is an adorable small table covering with the crocheted edge. I love the dishes you have showcased. The roses and the pie all look delicious. My husband is from MI and his childhood friend and his wife still live there. We like the Pure Michigan slogan too.

  6. A gorgeous tea! Love the china and the flowers are gorgeous! Looks like a great brand of tea too! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Your plates and roses are lovely, Deborah! The pie looks great too. :) I found it interesting that you list homemade pie as something beautiful that matters. :) I agree completely!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. I couldn't have left that little cloth either. The hand-edging is just lovely.
    A few hours in an antique mall or thrift shop is such a treat. I'd love to have looked at linens with you, but I don't know if I could have been as reserved as you were!

  9. Oh Deborah, what a delightful and pretty tea! Your new plate is just lovely and I really like how it looks on the bigger plate. Also, the table cloth you found is just beautiful!

    And that pie. . .I would love to come over for a piece, but I see it's all gone :) Hugs to you!

  10. Dearest Deborah,
    Lovely handcrocheting around that little table cloth and indeed very meticulous work!
    You did score some very nice pieces and funny, we ate Rhubarb compĂ´te that I made from fresh rhubarb bought at Whole Foods, together with some rice pudding that I baked in the oven with coconut milk and coconut sugar (low glycemic index). We both LOVE rhubarb!
    Hugs to you,

  11. Oh, those green plates are absolutely gorgeous and similar to some that live in my mind's eye for display in my living room. I love the way the new plate plays with them, too. I also love the new linen (even though I TOO am all about the white and cream or taupe right not.)

    I just love to thrift. I'm like you in that I do have the will power to put a few things back, but I always walk out with something, and usually it's of the linen or china variety.

  12. Yes, your table cloth is so pretty, I have some too with the crochet edging, that my mother made. I went to a TEA ROOM for the first time, this last week-end with my 2 daughters, and it was wonderful, the first course, was a CHILLED PEACH, RASPBERRY & TARRAGON SOUP. Hope to go again some time. I am from MN. not to far from MI.

    1. That soup sounds delicious! I love to visit tea rooms, too. Thank you for the visit!

  13. Oh, Deborah, you had a such a special day of thrifting! I LOVE that tablecloth: the pattern is precious, and I can't even imagine the amount of work htat was put into crocheting that lovely border. I'm so glad it found a home that will truly appreciate all the effort put into it! Your tea looks lovely and welcoming. Your plates look so well together. You've got me thinking about a visit to our local antique mall!!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. Hi Deborah, what a pretty setting for tea. I love your plates and the layering of the sweet rose plate from France is so pretty. Looks like you had great fun shopping. Love the linen and the delicate crocheted edging. My grandmother did many pieces like this with those pretty trimmed edges. The pie looks so good but I am so allergic to rhubarb that I nearly died once when my mother made a pie and I tasted just a fork full. My throat closed and I swelled up like a balloon with huge hives all over. No pie for me!!!! LOL

    Thank you for stopping by while I was on vacation. Being home again is so sweet and I am enjoying catching up.
    Have a great day filled with blessings.

  15. Hi: I love the treasures you found. That is one of my favorite things to do, is treasuring hunting. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  16. What a charming colorful tea time you have set up! I do not know about Haviland, but there were some German companies that would sell blanks to the USA for the ladies to paint at home. It was one of the few "acceptable" past times women had back then.

    Your antique plates are so lovely that I simply had to pin them to my Tea Cup Tuesday Pinterest Board, linking directly to your blog post. It was is so nice sharing Tea Cup Tuesday with you. My blog is marywaldsvintageplace.blogspot.com stop by for tea cup fun, and say "hi".

  17. Both plate and table topper are gorgeous, Deborah! Great finds!....Christine

  18. I love pretty linens and this tablecloth is so cheery and sweet. Something like this is one of a kind! Love the pretty things you found....what fun! I've had fun looking in some of the stores here. Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  19. A pretty setting for a lovely tea, with special linens and a scrumptious dessert, all thoughtfully put together for that perfect quiet time, something to savour. Lovely, Deborah!


  20. Such a beautiful posting and those plates - gorgeous!

  21. So lovely and cheerful with the sweet flowered cloth and beautiful china. Sometimes you need a little color in your life, am I right? Interesting info about the Haviland, too. I love the little jar and pie box :) xo Karen

  22. What a lovely tea, Deborah.
    I especially liked the two dishes placed together, nice combination.
    My great grandmother did a lot of that beautiful stitch work and I was blessed with many of them.
    Sorry to hear that there is no pie left over. A cup of tea or coffee and pie with you would be delightful with sweet fellowship.
    Bless you, Debbie

  23. Hello Deborah
    That is the prettiest card table cover!
    Your LK Baxter hand painted plate is a treasure and I love the green Florentine plate too!.
    A cream/white palette is nice but we all need some colour in our lives too!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Shane x

  24. Hi Deborah! Very pretty tea this week! I really like that plate you found and it does look terrific with the Florentine plate! The tablecloth is really pretty too. I hope you're having a great weekend!

  25. Oh, Deborah you found some exquisite things! Love the floral pattern and the soft colors - of course, you had to go! These treasures needed a good home! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  26. Ahhh....quiet, relaxing bargain hunting...and what bargains! Love the floral tablecloth with lovely hand work trim. Oh, wow...I LOVE rhubarb but have never had strawberry rhubarb pie. I need to try that! I can imagine it was fabulous with the Darjeeling :)

  27. OH, dear. I'm drooling over the beauty of those plates, that sweetly-shaped cup! And organic Darjeeling! My favorite tea. I'm so low on loose tea, and I have nowhere local to buy it. I think I need to find a place online to order bags of loose tea. It's driving me nuts. Such a pretty cloth -- somebody put time and love into that precious border!


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