Roses and chocolate tea

August 25, 2014

This post is sponsored, in part, by my lovely daughter, who made the delicious cake, let me use one of her teacups, and overall, contributed to the "eye" candy you will be seeing (you will get the joke momentarily).

What could be better than roses and chocolate? Look at this delicious, from-scratch chocolate cake my daughter made . . . 

Served up on a plate of roses . . .  

with tea in rose-covered teacups . . . 

poured from a rose-covered teapot . . . 

And here's the "eye" candy I promised . . . 

A beautiful set of eye shadows packaged as a bar of chocolate . . . 

My daughter gave this to a friend for her birthday. Aren't the colors gorgeous, and the names fun? Do you ever wonder about the people who get the job of picking names for lipsticks and nail polishes, etc? Is it a full-time job? Do they get to visit chocolate shops for inspiration? Do they have to buy boxes of cherry cordials just to make sure they really are that color brown? 

Perhaps there is in the budget monies earmarked for visits to upscale coffee shops, just to get the right name down -- after all, salted caramel, creme brulee, and hazelnut coffees all have their own signature look, and you gotta get it right . . .

And speaking of makeup, I finally picked up my free birthday gift from Sephora before the offer expired. Here's what I got . . . 

A mini lipstick and mascara. And, because I had accumulated some bonus points, I got my choice of several items to take home for free. I choose the Dolce & Gabbana The One perfume mini, one of my daughter's favorites.

Now if I were smart, this would go right upstairs into a Christmas stocking stash. A perfect stocking stuffer, right? But no, I get too excited about things, and have to give stuff to the recipient right away. 

Like I just bought a huge bag of Sour Patch Kids on sale to stick into my youngest's stocking. Mr. Beautiful is convinced that it will never make it to Christmas. I'm likely to break it out next time my son is home. I'm sure he is right.

And, before I go, The Official Blog Cat wants in on the fun. Whenever I sit down to read, she jumps up and lays right on top of my book. I think this is a universal cat habit.

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  1. That was fun eye candy! You touched on another universal there besides the cat in the lap...the ultimate distraction...not being able to save good things for later. I can't seem to either, which is why I never can shop early for Christmas.

  2. Dearest Deborah,
    Lovely tea and served in very romantic china with silver ware!
    Great photos and aside from the very dark and rather wild eye shadows (made from real cocoa?) I love it all. Oh, your cat is just like ours. They demand attention and jump on your lap if you want to type or sit on your book or magazine when wanting to read...
    Enjoy this final week of August.

    1. When I used to teach my children at home the cats had a way of laying across the tops of the math books during lessons! Fun memories.

  3. Fun post, Deborah! Loved hearing about the "eye candy!" The cake looks fantastic too. Great tea time.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. What a delightful tea and the chocolate cake looks positively decadent! How sweet of your daughter to bake you a cake! I love the eye shadows packaged as chocolate flavors - so cute. I am like you, I can't wait to give out gifts and always envied those who were all prepared for Christmas weeks ahead of time. Love the lipstick color.
    xo Karen

  5. Love the teacups and roses! The chocolate cake looks *so* delicious! I wish I could have a piece!

  6. I would truly love to spend my time getting paid for dreaming up interesting names for cosmetics. This post hits almost all of my favorite things: chocolate (is there a woman alive who doesn't like chocolate????), tea, beautiful tea cups, roses, make-up and gorgeous kitties (hello to yours from my three).

    Cheers, M-T

  7. What a beautiful chocolate cake for that is my favorite! Your eve candy is a great joke and so glad you shared it. The tea party is lovely with all the rose patterns. Your daughter certainly has a talent baking and a wonderful china collection!


  8. Hi Deborah, I love your tea and chocolate cake! Your eyeshadow set from Too Faced to so nice and I've been eyeing that for a long time. Your cat is too cute! Take care and have a nice week.

  9. Yummy chocolate cake, how I would love a piece with a cup of tea. The marketing on the eyeshadow is smart and it would be a nice gift to give, or receive.
    Hello kitty!

  10. Oh goodness, would I ever love to sit down with you and have a slice of that wonderful chocolate cake that your daughter made, and a cup of tea. Your teacups are so pretty, Deborah and I love the bouquet of sweet! The eye shadows are just too fun. Hugs to you, sweet friend.

  11. Love the ros china patterns...don't they go well together. The cake looks wonderful! Yumm!!! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  12. Beautiful cake and table setting, such fun to have a eye shadow chocolate palette.

  13. Hello Deborah! What a sweet kitty! Glad you included a photo of her. Mmm, chocolate Devils' Food- who can resist? The teacups are charming and it's fun to mix patterns. I also stash gifts away ahead of time and you'd be proud of how I am able to not give in and give them early....most of the time. HAHA...Have a great week :)

  14. Grinning at the commentary about picking names. I thought the same thing recently while searching for paint colors. I think that would be a fun job, actually!

    Loved the eye candy, especially since I really do need some new confection or hot beverage to put on my own eyelids right now. The blechy brown shade I'm using does nothing for me. So much for buying the cheap stuff...

  15. Fun eye candy! Your daughter's cake looks delicious. Nothing better than roses -- in a bouquet, on china, on tea cups. Perfect! Happy Tea Day!

  16. Oh.My.Deborah! That cake looks decadent and with a cup of tea, what perfection :) And speaking of tea, the tea cups are just lovely!

    I love the eye shadow - so pretty! And who can resist makeup that is named after chocolates :)

    Have a beautiful day, my friend!

  17. Even kitty has some chocolate! It was hard to chose just one photo, but finally I settled on dark chocolate cake. The cake and plate are so delicious, that I simply had to pin them to my Tea Cup Tuesday Pinterest Board, linking directly to your blog post. It was is so nice sharing Tea Cup Tuesday with you. My blog is stop by for tea cup fun, and say "hi".

  18. The rose teacups and china are just lovely and go so well together. A piece of home made chocolate cake with tea sounds wonderful. What fun those eye shadow colours are and Hello Kitty Cat! Thank you for joining me for tea and enjoy your day.


  19. Hi Deborah, What a lovely tea in such gorgeous rose china. The cake, well that looks so delicious and the perfect companion for rose plates.
    Love the eye candy shadows. What great packaging. Your kitty is a little darling. Love the little freckles on
    her nose!!
    Have a great day.

  20. Your tea looks lovely. Beautiful photos. And what fun 'eye' candy.

    It's in the DNA of all kitties to find the spot where your attention is not on them and then sit there! We know all about that too. What a sweetie she is...such a pretty face.


  21. Oh my Deborah... That chocolate cake is beautiful! I am not much of a chocolate lover, unless it is dark chocolate, but that cake turned out quite lovely.
    And those eye make ups, you would want to taste them. What a great idea.
    I must say, your china is ever so beautiful.
    Blessings to you! Debbie

  22. Thanks for visiting lovely here. :) And, yes, you probably saw my blog listed on Podso's sidebar.

  23. Hi Deborah,
    Your teapot and teacups are so lovely today. Your daughter's cake looks so delicious too! Mmmm those eye shadows sound yummy! Such a fun post today! Thank you for making me smile! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  24. She wanted to steal the show from that gorgeous yummy cake...she ALMOST succeeded but I still want chocolate cake for breakfast now...
    Hmm...too bad I have none here! :)

  25. Yummy chocolate cake! The tea set is so pretty with the romantic roses....Christine

  26. Ah Deborah you are one inspiring lady! How gorgeous is that chocolate cake and beautiful roses crockery. Then you tempt me with those amazing eye colours-I want to wear and eat the lot! I think Marzipan would be my first choice here...followed by the rest,,, The free goodies must have been such a treat!
    Alison xx

  27. Roses and chocolate - two of my favourites!
    The gifts from Sephora are great - I wouldn't have been able to keep them a secret either.

  28. What a beautiful tea! Roses and chocolate are a terrific combo. Those dishes are beautiful, especially the cup with the garland :). Have a great weekend!


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