Happy Easter

March 27, 2016

My fancy little bunny is holding a postcard written in 1914 from rural Michigan, from Anna to her friend "C." She says that "Ray" has got the early peas in. I always wonder about who wrote these, and what their lives were like . . . 
I was cooking all day yesterday, so I decided to sit for a minute and enjoy this lemon cake pop. Yummy!
Hand-blown and decorated, some of these eggs are 25 years old!
Easter baskets, awaiting filling. The one on the top left is mine from childhood. And yes, I fill an Easter basket for myself every year, too! I need my yearly fix of jelly beans.
Dough with candied fruit rising for hot cross buns.
Awaiting their frosting crosses.

Have a Happy Easter, friends.

Christ our Lord is risen today, Alleluia!


  1. Happy Easter to you. How sweet your childhood basket is. Jelly beans are a favorite of mine, too. Thank you for your prayers and kindness. May the Lord bless your day. xo

  2. Everything looks beautiful AND delicious Deborah! I too made hot cross buns with my son, and we're going to have them for breakfast this morning (just waiting for everyone to get out of bed!). Have a wonderful Easter Day with your family :)
    Wendy xox

  3. Happy Easter, Deborah! There will be candy around the house today here, too - for big and littles alike.

  4. Oh Deborah, everything looks amazing and I know your tasty treats will be enjoyed by many :)

    May you and yours have a most wonderful and blessed Easter. What a joy to serve a risen Savior! Love and hugs!

  5. How very lovely, all those things of past and present which make your life beautiful. I've never done hot cross buns, and yours look simply splendid---knife or scissors for the design?

    It's a wonderful part of the year every time we take out the old wonderfuls fo enjoy once again, remembering occasions ago, and who was there, and whose gift was that elegant purple egg, and who made the pink.

    Memories of the THEN colour our NOWs with fanciful dreams, and send gleams of Now to await us in the future celebrations. What a heritage, what a history of delightfuls you have, and I thank you for sharing such a beautiful treasures.

    I hope your Easter is lovely!


  6. Hi dear Deborath !! Que linda celebración de Pascua de resurrección ..espero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  7. Happy Easter, Deborah! Your cute decor made me smile, while your Easter candies and chocolate made me salivate!

  8. Deborah, this is such a lovely spot you've created. I look forward to visiting again and wish you a blessed Easter.

  9. Hi Deborah! Happy Easter :). I was immediately drawn to your Easter basket from your childhood. My mother has the same one! With the red/pink and green. She had it when she was a child, and then it was mine and now it is my sister Katie's basket. We have two that are the same age--my uncle's too which is the same, but slighty smaller with just two of the red/pink (that one is now my basket).

  10. Easter Blessings, Deborah.
    What a sweet post, and that Easter basket of your from a childhood is just delightful.
    Hot cross buns...I love those! We could easily get them in Canada, in fact it was there that I first heard of them. Now it's best just to make my own.

    Have a beautiful week ahead of you.


  11. Loved the rabbit and of course the vintage postcard, what a delight. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  12. This is a beautiful post...I have never made the hand-blown eggs before and yours are so lovely! :)

  13. Deborah,
    I had a basket just like that when I was little! I do love filling Easter Baskets--always so much fun! I don't fill myself a basket but I buy plenty so that I can enjoy leftovers! I love jellybeans too! I spied a certain lemon cake pop on your plate, lol! My daughter made an enormous batch of cake pops for Easter. They were delicious! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  14. I look forward to Hot Cross Buns during lent. How cool that you make your own! Hope it was a Happy, joyous Easter for you, Deborah.

  15. Well, that must have been one popular little Easter basket...my hubby had one just like it from his childhood and we gave it to our firstborn, where it has stayed! I don't remember having a certain basket every year because sometimes we got those huge chocolate fruit and nut filled eggs (they had crosses too) and also I remember getting those paddle/ball sets wrapped in cellophane covered in Easter grass, mounded full of goodies! Do you remember them from the good old days?? :)

  16. Hi Deborah! I hope your Easter was wonderful, and that you are feeling 100% better. I've been out of touch for awhile, but am on your mailing list now, not just blogroll, to assure getting future updates. I've thought of you often re: the Project 333. I have tried to purge yet again this year - could always do better - and wondered if it's still working for you. I hope you have a great week.
    Rita C at Panoply

  17. I know you had a beautiful Easter, Deborah! I wish I could taste the lemon cake pop and have a hot cross bun with a cuppa tea. I still have my childhood Easter basket, too. Funny how we hold onto treasured keepsakes, isn't it? I hope you have a lovely week, my friend!


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