Meeting Kitty

March 21, 2016

Just got back from a long weekend in Texas for our nephew's wedding. Guess who I met for lunch?

Our dear friend Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen!

Kitty was one of my first blog friends. I met her through Sandi's weekly tea party, now No Place Like Home. Many of you have enjoyed the delicious recipes that Kitty shares on her blog.

Well, she is just as sweet and kind as you could imagine, and we had a wonderful time, yakking away like we'd known each other forever.

We even started fantasizing about a blog retreat/get-together for blogger friends. Wouldn't that be wonderful? We thought about all our blogger friends-in-common and how we'd love to meet each one. Who's game? I'll host. Just fly to Michigan and bring a sleeping bag! Seriously, we'll have to think about this.

Kitty made me this super-cute microwave potato bag.

Just put your potato (or rolls or tortillas, etc.) inside and cook! Such a cute pattern.

And a hand-crocheted dishcloth. Thank you so much Kitty!

We were supposed to meet up with Celeste from Southern DayDreams, but unfortunately, she was not feeling well.

We'll just have to organize that retreat!

I'm making plans to meet up with another couple bloggers soon. So exciting! Besides Kitty, I've met Bernideen from Bernideen's Tea Time Blog and Mariette of Mariette's Back to Basics.

Have you met any bloggers friends in real life?

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  1. Que encuentro más entretenido , y esos trabajos están muy lindos !, happy easter

  2. A couple of my favorite ladies in blogland together. You were so blessed to have had the chance to meet, gosh, I hope I'm lucky one day.
    Happy Easter girls and many blessings.

  3. I'm so happy that you got a chance to meet up with Kitty while you were in Texas! The potato bag's adorable teapot pattern made me smile. It would be fun to have a bloggers' retreat. Michigan isn't too far from the border...

  4. How sweet that you and Kitty were able to meet up, she is one of my favourite blogging sisters and yes, I've made several of her recipes.
    A retreat sounds like fun, what fun it would be to meet other bloggers. I've met a couple of tea bloggers and another with whom I've become friends with came to stay with us two summers ago.
    Had lunch with a fellow Canadian blogger last year after we went antiquing - a rewarding experience meeting the ladies in person.

  5. Oh Deborah, it was the BEST TIME meeting you and chatting away about all our dear blogging friends that we know and love. I so appreciate you taking the time away from your busy weekend to meet me!! Maybe someday we will have that retreat and it will be a big old slumber party.
    You can think of me when you use your microwave potato bag and dishcloth...a little gift from my Kozy Kitchen! Happy Easter week, sweet friend. xo

  6. How wonderful that two of the sweetest ladies in blogland were able to meet up! I love the microwave bag and dishcloth that Kitty made for you. I always love her charming 'teas' and delicious recipes. Hope that you have a lovely Easter week! xx Karen

  7. What a treat that must have been. I was surprised to see that I've read all of those blogs. It's lovely to meet a fellow blogger - my experience has always been to find them much as they seem from their blogs. I have met bloggers here on the island, in WA and in Germany, Belgium, England, Wales and Peru. Such a lot of fun!

  8. How wonderful that you managed to meet up. Love the pattern for the dishcloth and the fabric was stunning used for the bag. Take care.

  9. Sweet picture of you two. I have to tell you, Debbie-your hair color looks fantastic! Really. You absolutely made the right move transitioning to natural. Very, VERY flattering. You're most certainly one of the lucky grays.

  10. Dear Deborah:
    Now isn't that just wonderful! I love it when bloggers meeting and exchange friendship and things in common! Lovely!

  11. Two beautiful ladies and a lovely picture of you both! I'm so glad you two got to meet and spend some time together. The potato bag is really cute. l have known Carolyn at Aiken House and Gardens for many years because we went to school together for a short time and played together as little girls. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

    Easter blessings,

  12. What an exciting time to be able to meet a fellow blogger!!! Such a joyful thing to be able to sit and visit with a dear friend in person! This week an exciting event did happen for me, I happened to be out with my daughter celebrating her birthday, when I saw a fellow blogger come into the restaurant, and we were both shocked that we truly met like this! We did not have time to talk for long, as she had other commitments, but what a joy it was to hug and see each other in person! (I wrote about the meeting on my blog). I truly am so happy for the both of you that you were able to meet, and so sorry that Celestina wasn't feeling well enough to come too. Enjoy your potato bag and dishcloth, they are so lovely! Many hugs to you today :)

  13. How fun that you got to meet up with Kitty! You both look like such sweet ladies. And I just love your hair! Mine is finally starting to grow back after chemo treatments and it's gray too. I never want to put those chemicals on my hair again!

  14. Sound like you had a wonderful time with Kitty! I am up for meeting other bloggers, and I am in Ohio. I just have a new blog, and not a lot of followers, so maybe getting together with others would help me to make new friends. I'll have to check Kitty's blog out, now. Your hair looks great, by the way!

  15. Oh what fun! I know this had to have been a sweet time for you both! I came very close to meeting Bonnie from White Lace and Promises a few weeks ago in TN but unfortunately circumstances beyond our control kept us from it. She lives 30 minutes from my son so I feel certain we will meet one of these days! I have mentioned to a few other blogger friends how fun a retreat would be.'s not THAT far from NC...I just might be game! :)

  16. Wow Deborah, how exciting to have met up with Kitty! I love Kitty and her wonderful blog and recipes she shares with everyone.
    I hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Julie

  17. How lovely to have that time with a fellow blogger. So far, I have met one blogger (we both live in the same province). I'm hoping for more as time unfolds.

    Blogging has brought so many lovely people together ... like you ... and I'll always be grateful for whoever figured out the technology of blogging so we could all enjoy it.

    Sending hugs and happy thoughts...

  18. What fun! This is such a cute picture of you both. All the best planning that retreat to Michigan. ☺

  19. Hello, How sweet was that!! I loved reading about your visit. Well I have met one blogging friend Stephanie from Enchanting Rose, and I talk to Lydia from Home Living often. I look forward to meeting a few more. But I do have many ladies that we email often! Blogging has been like a big pen pal club!
    You both look lovely by the way!
    Hugs, Roxy

  20. What a delightful post about meeting Kitty! Both of you are so lovely! What sweet gifts you received from Kitty! I would love to attend your retreat of blogging friends! Please keep me informed if it happens!
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  21. Awe...look at the two of you! You both look just lovely.
    What a blessing for you to have met up with dear Kitty, and then to have missed seeing our dear Celestina. :(
    I have never had the chance to meet a blogger friend as of yet, but last year I nearly met a dear blogging friend in Canada while we were there visiting family, and it was cancelled due to her circumstances.
    I have talked with one over the phone and that was a delight!

    Your treasures from Kitty are special. She is a real sweetie.

    Bless you, Deborah

  22. Hi Deborah, that is great that you got to meet Kitty. It is so much fun meeting blogger friends. I met Janice from Curtains in My Tree after following her blog and she lives right here in the same town! And just yesterday I met Bernideen because she moved to my town!
    Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  23. Dearest Deborah,
    That was for sure a very lovely meeting with Kitty!
    Let me see how many I can name... A Dutch blogger I met in 2011; than I met you I guess as my 2nd; and Laura from My Through My Lens and My Little Sewing Room from the Sarnia area in Canada and Celia from High Heeled Life and Susan from Ava Grace's Closet in Toronto, Canada. All on my sideline)
    Next we met with Tamago from the funny blog Gorogoro and Nikoniko (you find her on my sideline).
    It is so very special and I wish we could spend more time together when we have the luxury to meet!
    Fond memories... and more are being planned.
    Sending you hugs,

  24. Lovely photo of you and Kitty and what a nice bag she created for you! I have met several bloggers in person. Like you say, it was as if we had known each other for years! By the way, you are looking more radiant every day!


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