Spring gifts

April 20, 2015

No one but a northerner who has survived months of freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and cloudy skies can appreciate in quite the same way the first perfect day of spring.

It is a little bit of heaven. 

Everyone (including yours truly) was out and about in our little downtown on Saturday, drinking coffee in outdoor cafes, strolling with their dogs in our central park, shopping in our little boutiques, and just generally soaking up the glorious sunshine and warmth. What a gift!

This week is expected to be cloudy and rainy, but that's okay. Everything's greening up so nicely, and you know what they say about April showers . . . 

My first spring gift came from a book club friend, who brought over these forsythia branches she'd trimmed from her garden.

Here they are a week later . . . 

Thank you, Michelle.

Another book club friend was spring cleaning, and called to ask if I'd like a silver-plated tea set. Such a silly question. 

Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you, Debby.

And my husband brought home two dozen peachy-pink roses to thank me for my patience through another tax season. (Mr. Beautiful is a CPA.)

He took a couple days off after the 15th, and we had a nice little stay-cation. We saw a movie, went out to eat a few times, and just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

Thank you, Mr. Beautiful, and thank you for working so hard.

A teaspoon in desperate need of polish -- this was my grandfather's baby spoon.
I am putting together a book of family recipes for our youngest, who is graduating from college in a few weeks. He loves to cook, and requested copies of his favorite recipes. I was able to find some "manly"-looking recipe cards.

One more peek at that beautiful tea set . . . 

Hope you're all enjoying some gifts of springtime, too.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe the gifted tea set, Deborah! I am swooning over here and wishing I had someone who wanted rid of one! I love your peachy roses...what a sweetie your hubby is. The recipe cards will be perfect for your son.

  2. What a lovely post, Deborah. And such wonderful Spring gifts! So glad you shared these delights with us today.


  3. What a happy week for you, Deborah! We have had so much rain, and I was just comparing photos of my yard taken today to those I just posted - it's simply incredible how fast everything is growing and greening up. Every day is a gift, it really is. Your roses are especially beautiful.

  4. Hi Deborah, what nice weather we had this weekend! I love the pretty tea set & flowers from your friends. Your husband gave you beautiful roses! Love the recipe cards. Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  5. Sweet spring blessings! You described your day out so well. The roses are beautiful and the silver tea set...wow! I am quite envious of the forsythia as there won't be any blooming here this year. What a nice gift the recipe cards will be.

  6. The roses are gorgeous and the forsythia so pretty. I used to have a yellow bathroom and I always cut stems for vases to put in the bath. And of course we ALL love the tea service...what a thoughtful gift. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  7. Hello Deborah, I love that you are making the recipe cards...what a treasure! Beautiful roses, so delicate and oh, what a gorgeous tea service and baby spoon. I enjoyed my visit. Have a good evening.

  8. Dearest Deborah,
    You sound so bubbly and no doubt those spring signs did lift up your spirits! What wonderful gifts you received and your selection of manly looking recipe cards is excellent!
    Sending you hugs from a soggy, over-wet Georgia. LOVED to see some sunshine again...

  9. How wonderful to pass down a generation family recipes. Beautiful tea service such a generous gift and a thoughtful husband, it doesn't get any better than that.

  10. What a lovely post! Quality time with hubby, sweet gifts received and a wonderful gift of favorite recipes for your son.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  11. Hi Deborah, Isn't spring grand. Love your flowers from your friend and your pinkish roses are gorgeous.How sweet of your hubby to gift them for you after the hustle of tax season.
    How special to be gifted the silver tea set too. Perfect for you!! Great idea to give your son the recipes of dishes he loves.

    Looks like spring has sprung there in Michigan and I know you are ready!!
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments and visits. Wishing you a lovely week.
    Happy Spring, CM

  12. Hi Deborah,
    What an absolutely gorgeous silver teaset from your friend and magnificent pale pink bouquet of roses! Mr. Beautiful really is a keeper!

    So glad you could get away for some rest and relaxation! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  13. Oh...those roses! Such a lovely, soft color...how sweet of Mr. Beautiful :) I love the idea of you writing the recipes out for your boy...something I'm sure he will cherish!

  14. Just gorgeous! That really was a silly question about the tea service:) I have my Grandfather, Garandmother and mother's baby spoons! Alaso in need of a polishing. I don't use them because they're so small...but I should.
    We are having as lifestyle linkup on my blog this Friday and we would love for you to share. This post would be perfect. It's all about what inspires our lifestyle. I hope you can join us. Everyone is welcome!

  15. What generous friends you have! Lovely gifts and I know you appreciate them so... Such pretty roses and so nice that your son wanted your recipes. The 'manly' recipe cards are perfect. The baby spoon is such a treasure. xo K

  16. What a beautiful way to start Spring...:)
    Love the tea set...and the roses ...and your son wanting your recipes. :) Priceless.

  17. What a pretty tea set from a friend, and love those roses.

  18. Lovely post Deborah. I love your wonderful family items! And what a lovely bunch of roses! Tax time must be hectic around there! When my son moved into his first place I did the same thing with recipes...and got called alot for ones I had forgotten. I think it's great that our guys nowadays can cook too. My son's a great cook! Let's hear it for family!

  19. Both the roses and tea set are just gorgeous together ! :)

  20. I agree with Deb above - the gifts are made for each other.

  21. OH! OH! OH! I have 2 spoons exactly like your grandfather's baby spoon (I think, from what I can see in your picture). They were in a relative's family, and even as a child I was fascinated by them. Even the relative seemed never to know just where they'd came from, nor whose they were originally. That relative would be 104 if she were still living. My spoons are more the size of regular teaspoons, as I recall, and I've used them before when serving tea for one guest (plus me). They're engraved with Mc (which is a family last name initial-compound). Maybe I'll dig out mine and take their very tarnished pictures. If I do, I'll put the result on my "It's Only Write" blog... I'd love to know more about such spoons!

    1. I did put a few photos of one of my spoons on It's Only Write. I don't mean to make a deal out of this, but I was so intrigued by these spoons in childhood.. and I guess such fascination just lingers on!

  22. Beautiful tea set and roses. They look like they were made for each other. So glad that spring is finally making herself known in your corner of the world. Forsythia is such a cheery thing! Have a wonderful day.

  23. Sunny, spring days are certainly a refreshing change after those northern winters, indeed! Such lovely gifts from your sweet friends, Deborah, and they both look beautiful in your home. Great idea to jot down some of your son's favourite recipes for him. I'm certain he'll make good use of these recipe cards, handwritten for him by his mother!


  24. What a perfect post to show your creative and lovely lifestyle! The roses are gorgeous and you found the perfect 'manly' cards for your son. How fun that he likes to cook-we always appreciate a man who enjoys the kitchen. :) Happy spring to you! Thanks so much for joining us on the #stylefocus LinkUp!
    xx, Heather

  25. ROSES........say no more!!!MIne are popping today after our little downpour last night!

  26. I'm so glad you received these lovely spring gifts! And that tax season is over and you both had time for a little staycation. I love all your pretty gifts and that napkin under the baby spoon is lovely too.

  27. Hi Deborah,
    I am just popping over from #stylefocus linkup. I love that picture you took of the recipe cards, and pen. What a wonderful thing to do. He will have that for the rest of his life, in your writing. I think I will do that for my two daughters, so thank you for the idea. Your blog is beautiful btw, I will be visiting again. xx Nancy

  28. Such pretty roses -- your hubby is a dear :)

  29. Hi Deborah, just coming over from Heather's link party. These pink roses are just lovely, and what a soft and pretty color. And I really like the silver tea set. It reminds me of the one my mom used to have, and I would sometimes clean it for her with polish. So glad I stopped by to see your sweet post.



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