Time management (and a little bling)

January 8, 2015

Before we get into what might appear to be a dreary subject, please indulge me as I share a little Christmas bling that's still hanging around my home.

I have been eyeing vintage mercury glass Christmas ornaments on etsy and eBay. These ornaments were popular in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, and they're just gorgeous, and such beautiful colors. Many of the ones I was looking at were made in Poland. One particularly lovely set of pink and aqua bulbs went for $112 for a dozen on eBay. Ouch.

So when I stopped in the local antique market, I was ready to snap up these lovelies, 50% off, and a steal compared to some identical-looking ones I'd seen online.

I got this tree after Christmas, too, marked down. I have set it up on my dresser, and am going to keep it up over the cold, dark winter days to cheer me up when I exercise there in my bedroom.

Yes, that brings us to the point of the post.

Click away now if you get annoyed by people talking about healthy eating and the importance of exercise and time management.

Uh, normally, that's me.

But, remember when I talked last week about not having New Year's resolutions (too Draconian?), but instead thinking in terms of possibilities? Of dreams? Sounds so much lovelier.

But, as someone pointed out to me, if dreams are ever to come true, we do need to do something.

After all, I'm not going to lose 20 pounds just dreaming about it. I'm not going to get these creaky, stiff joints moving again just by thinking. And I'll never finish writing my book just by talking.

Part of the problem, besides motivation, is finding the time. Where, oh where, does it go?

I think that, for me, housework and blogging (in particular, visiting blogging friends) can expand to fill up all available time. I need to live in a relatively clean and organized house, and I want to continue blogging. What to do?

Set a schedule, dear reader.


I had a schedule when I was in school and I had one when I worked and I definitely had to have one when I was homeschooling three children. But since my youngest went off to college 3 1/2 years ago, I have let myself drift a little, enjoying simple pleasures and not worrying about such mundane things as schedules.

Have no fear. I'm not going all hard-core here. I will continue to linger over the beautiful. To enjoy the good gifts I am blessed with. To stop and be amazed by a lovely winter sunset. If anything, a schedule will help me enjoy these pleasures even more.

I can carve out time to exercise and plan healthier meals. Determine to close the laptop, and take pen to paper. Schedule in reading time, so I'm not up until 2 in the morning trying to finish a book club book. Stop sighing when I look at other blogs and wonder how these bloggers have time to make such beautiful creations, and why don't I have time to make pretty things?

I've been exercising for 4 weeks now. I know, I don't even know who I am anymore. And I've lost 5 pounds, mostly since the beginning of the year when my daughter got us on a 7-day super detox jumpstart thingy. 

Trying to go to bed and get up earlier, set a timer so that I don't spend hours online, and really thinking about what I'm trying to accomplish has helped. I've set up a schedule for myself to try and make room in my day for things I've dreamt of doing, rather than falling victim to "going with the flow."

When you're retired, it's very easy to think, "I'll do it tomorrow," because it seems there's plenty of time. But that time can slip so easily away, and those 20 pounds are still there, the book has never been written, the creative projects never completed . . . 

How do you make time to do the things you dream about?

Oh, and before I go, here is another little tree I'm leaving up for just a little while because the ornaments (vintage mercury glass) are new (to me), and I'd like to enjoy them a bit.


  1. Your ornaments are beautiful, Deborah. I can identify with you about how days can just vanish with little accomplished. Glad you are doing well with your exercise program. I have a stationery bike and enjoy using it in the winter time when I find it too cold to exercise outside.

  2. You have made some good points and you are having great results in your exercise regime...congratulations!

  3. I didn't have as much as a bauble up this year for Christmas, so I've enjoyed everyone else's baubles.....and don't at all mind another post with a little Christmas glitter!
    Good for your for getting a schedule together. It's something each of us could do, and I am trying......

  4. Dearest Deborah,
    You were lucky for snatching up those mercury glass Christmas ornaments and why not leave them out there to cheer you up in winter. We need that badly with all the frosty nights...
    Sending you hugs,

  5. Your ornaments are beautiful and look just lovely on your new tree. I see nothing wrong with leaving a tree up past Christmas. In fact, last testing left ours up until after Easter, sounds crazy I know, but in our cabin of a home our artificial lodge pole tree was quite adorable decorated with a country look through out all the holidays. I didn't do that this year.
    I appreciated your points on having a schedule.
    This past year was a crazy off beat year for me, circumstances that changed what was "normal" for me, leaving me some what in disarray, something I'm not quite used to. I've always been organized in many areas but am finding my life a little fuzzy.
    I too have been thinking about scheduling the hours in my day and you have inspired me to pursue it.

    I enjoyed my visit here tonight, Deborah, thank you for the great post.

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Pretty little trees you have there - love the vintage looking ornaments! (Or maybe they are vintage?) Oh, I am thinking the same thing you are...time just seems to drift away and I can never get things done. Right now I am being lazy after all the rush of the holidays, but I really do need to get moving again. This time management thing is hard. I do have a list that I keep on my kitchen table and try to accomplish them, but sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything.....It is these gray days! Good for you for exercising - that is one thing I really need to do. You always inspire me....Hugs xo Karen

  7. What gorgeous vintage Christmas ornaments and what a lovely idea to keep a sparkly tree in your room-so uplifting. I feel just as you about all of those things we keep wishing we could keep up with. Like you I will be definitely planning in more time for doing the things I love! Have a lovely weekend
    Alison xx

  8. Those baubles are beautiful, a real delight. A stunning post Christmas gift to yourself. I am trying to get fitter this year and eat healthier. The eating aspect I have found easy but exercise seems to be an issue, any tips would be gratefully received.

    1. I have been telling myself I need to exercise my whole life! Sometimes I get going on something but don't continue with it. This time, I'm exercising with my daughter, who has been faithfully exercising for the past two years. She's my encourager! It has helped tremendously to exercise with someone else. Also, we got a TV to put in front of our treadmill. I don't really watch TV, but it has helped cut the boredom. My husband even fixed it so I can watch YouTube and Netfix while I'm walking. Best wishes to you! I have to say, the better I feel, the more motivated I am to keep going.

  9. Hi Deborah, love your darling little trees and those gorgeous vintage ornaments. I have many from my parents they collected in the 40's. I treasure them and each year look forward to seeing them again when I pull out the decorations.
    Yes, Time management is a big help in anything we are trying to do. I have always worked hard to use my time wisely. If not, I would get nothing accomplished. This year finds me upping my work out routine from 3 days a week to everyday. I keep my stepper and weights right in my studio so I can see everything and get busy while projects are drying etc. It is a big help to have it all starring at me. LOL
    Since I have Osteoporosis I have to lift weights and do weight bearing exercise.
    Sounds like you are well on your way to working out with your daughter. It really does help to have an encourager to exercise with. Love the idea of your TV on your treadmill.
    Best of luck on your routine. Great motivating post my friend.

  10. Hi Deborah, we are all trying to now eat healthier now that the holidays are over with. I will be trying to have a slim fast shake with fruit in it for lunch for a while. I try to do my knitting or crocheting while watching TV at night. I only have a little bit of time before bed to read unfortunately. Good luck with the time management and the exercising. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for this little pep talk post on time management!

  11. Good morning, my dear Deborah! First of all, your ornaments are quite charming and pretty. The last tree brought a smile to my face - what sweetness!

    You have offered some very helpful and wise tips on your post, dear friend. I truly hope you're able to accomplish what your heart desires. Thinking of you..... hugs!

  12. I like both of your pretty, little trees, and their ornaments, Deborah. Good for you in setting a schedule for yourself. I do get out most every morning and do water aerobics, because I love it! Sometimes it would be easier to stay inside in my warm, cozy home, but I'm always glad I get out. Good luck in the New Year! xo

  13. Happy New Year, Deborah!

    You so eloquently stated exactly what I've been thinking, not just with the arrival of the new year, but for a while now, a rather long while, in fact! It is so very easy to lose track of precious time when visiting wonderful blogs, catching up with friends and family on social media sites, or just browsing one's favourite web pages, isn't it? I also need to lose weight, again, since I managed to do this back in 2010, but it 'found' its way back!;)) Like you, I like a clean and organized home, cooking creatively with fresh and seasonal ingredients, and creating, whether it's flower arrangements or fiction, and I have noticed that one's priorities can very easily get 'demoted' due to other, more enticing ones! So, I need to really concentrate this year on paying more attention to the things in my life that have been consciously snubbed, like writing, exercising, and taking inventory both of the material and immaterial things in my life!

    Love your bit of bling! I've yet to take down my Christmas decorations, as we enjoy them up until Epiphany, or, in this year's case, until the last of the relatives come to see my daughter off, for her flight back to Canada, which was just a few hours ago!:((

    Wishing you the very best in 2015!


  14. Beautiful ornaments. The colors are so rich! And yes, we need to DO something to accomplish those wishes. That's why I need to get back on my recumbent bike and need to eliminate all forms of sugar from my diet. I know what to do; it's the doing part that is difficult. :-) Have a wonderful new year.

  15. We have a gym in the basement and I set my alarm to make sure I get up at 6:30 Monday to Friday to have a cardio workout and do yoga. I still have weight to lose - but it's a matter of being disciplined in the food department for me.
    I think as we get older it's harder to get motivated - I've thought of pinning a picture of a dress I bought right in front of my nose on my desk. The dress fits, but would do so much better with 10 pounds off.
    Good luck with your own program!

  16. Great post, Deborah. It's easy to let the minutes and hours slip away, especially on the computer. Schedules are the bane of my life, but so necessary to productivity. I like working from lists and having the satisfaction of crossing things off. I've gotten away from that in the past few years and am slowly working my way back.

  17. All the best in your scheduling! I have to write to-do lists keep check-lists and the like to get things done.

  18. How lovely! Thank you for sharing such beauty!!!
    I also homeschooled my 3!!! They are grown,married and now Grands ,3!!!!
    Thank you....I enjoy each blog!!
    Hugs from aTexas gal basking in 4 Seasons/Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,USA!!!
    Happy Winter!


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