The number on the scale is only one measurement

January 29, 2015

 After a rapid five-pound weight loss the first week, I've only lost two more pounds in the following three weeks. And I've been doing everything right! And exercising, too!

This is what I tell myself.

The number on the scale is only one measurement. There are other measurements of success.

I'm sleeping better.

My skin looks better.

I'm getting stronger.

Digestive issues are resolving.

I'm treating my body well, and taking good care of it. It's happy ("yay! cruciferous veggies today, guys!!"). My body isn't cowering, saying, "brace yourselves, here comes an onslaught of white sugar! Man your stations everybody!" (Hey, whatever helps, right?)

A too-tight pair of pants fits better.

And what's the hurry, really? So I can be "done," and go back to "life as usual?" No. No. No. This is not a diet, dear Deborah, that you abandon once you reach your goal. (Um, that's the kind of thinking that got you here in the first place.) This is a lifestyle.

Even when you reach your goal, you will still eat this way, I remind myself. Unprocessed, whole foods, eschewing white flour and white sugar, because you know this way of eating is the best way to take care of this body you've been given. 

This gift, fearfully and wonderfully made

So I keep on . . . 


  1. Just the 'sleeping better' itself is GOLD. You are an inspiration with your sensible view. Stay toasty, (oh, should I have mentioned 'toast'?) ;-) Deb

  2. Keep up the good work, you are doing so well.

  3. You might have hit a bit of a my experience you might stay there for a few weeks and then whoosh another four or five pounds drop off! Stay the's worth the effort.

    1. Whooshing sounds good! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Good for you! That's the way losing weight always happens for me...quicker results th first week and then it slows down. You are doing good and the photo of your peachy salad looks amazing! I am really trying to get down to business myself...there's something about a trip to the beach in Destin, FL that has given me a little incentive! I need all I can get!

  5. I think you've done great! It's most important to feel good and be healthy. And when our clothes fit better, that's nice, too. Exercise adds muscle....and muscle weighs more than fat. And the pounds you lost will stay off! That's important, too! Great job!

  6. If the initial weight loss is maintaining itself then you are doing the right things. An average weight loss of one pound per week is excellent, by the way, and you have exceeded that.
    I have read that drinking more plain water helps with weight loss. If you do not drink enough water then not all the molecules of fat are washed from the body and some are reabsorbed. Kidney function? Not sure if the science backs it up completely as desert dwellers are not usually fat, but try drinking more water anyway and see if it helps.
    As Lavender Dreamer says, muscle weighs more than fat. It is your health you are working on, not just weight.

  7. Congratulations ! The salad looks delicious , so getting rid of white flour & sugar isn't too much of a sacrifice. ( just keep telling yourself that ) Actually, feeling better and sleeping better are worth it, but the weight loss is the big bonus ! I always like to hear about the success of people who lose weight in a sensible manner and this is good reading.

  8. Deborah, I so admire the way you talk to yourself; such positivity and encouragement - a real pep talk! Your right, the number on the scale is only one of many measurements relating to one's overall fitness and well being. Thanks for the reminder!


  9. Dearest Deborah,
    You are doing great and I'm proud of you. Yes, you are so right about the digestive system functioning perfect when white flour and white sugar is being left alone...
    Sending you hugs, I'm feeling so tired from dealing with 3 continents and time differences. Two days in a row I drove long distances for therapy and for a medical check up. Would love to sleep in now for 3 days and we had frost for 2 nights.

    Will be happy when it's Sunday, as on Saturday they have the solemn funeral service for my dear Mom in The Netherlands at 10:30 AM or 4:30 AM our time...

  10. You're doing wonderfully well, Deborah! We all like hearing your progress Keep up the good work.

  11. Such true sentiments Deborah! Having spent much of my adult life struggling with the idea of diets the lifestyle change idea was a revelation, but sometimes hard to remember especially in cold winter days when I too often slip down the sticky pudding route! Your positive thoughts are so helpful-we must keep our eye firmly on health!
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

  12. Hi Deborah, you are doing fabulous and remember~~ slow and steady wins the race. Your lifestyle changes will be a big benefit as the weeks go along. Like you said, the scale's number is only part of the whole picture of good health. What's going on in the blood plays a bigger role.
    Best wishes and congrats on your weight loss. You are an inspiration!!
    Have a nice weekend.xo

  13. So refreshing to read this. You're taking care of yourself from the inside out and it will continue to reward you!

  14. Good job! Lovely and encouraging post! Blessings to you!

  15. I love that you are making this a lifestyle and not a diet! Inspiring and the food is beautiful. xo Karen

  16. Hang in there Deborah. You will reach your goal soon enough. You are certainly inspiring me to do the same.

    Thank you for the encouragement. I know I need all the support I can help when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.


  17. Hi Deborah,
    It's difficult when you don't see the weight continuously falling off but maybe it's better if it's gradual. You have done very well. Congratulations! I am trying but can't seem to stay away from the things I shouldn't have. Thank you for inspiring me. Karen

  18. Good for you Deborah! I agree, that it needs to be a lifestyle not a diet. If I try to diet I find I crave more. I certainly need to try harder!

  19. Yes, yes, yes!!!! I know exactly what you mean. When I grow dismayed that my "weight-loss regimen" has ground to a halt, I remind myself that there is no rush. I can lose weight fast, or slow, or not at all, but MY EATING HABITS WILL BE THE SAME, REGARDLESS. Yes! This takes the hidden pressure off, yes? It's not like I'm waiting to find out if it's "successful" before I decide if I'm sticking with it. That's already been decided, because I know it's healthier. As you've discovered too -- the real reason for your eating habits now is that it makes your body healthier. Weight loss is a side benefit. If it happens, that's great. If not, you continue the same. Keep with it, dear! You're doing great things for your well-being and your LIFE :)

  20. Bravo times ten, dear lady, good for you. Seriously. You are right on the way to a better life. Fo Sho.


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