Healthy winter tea

January 12, 2015

Like millions of other Americans, I'm trying to lose a little weight and get into shape now that the holidays are over. Praying that this will last longer than the month of January!

Sugar and white flour are the big stumbling blocks in my own weight management program. It's difficult when I feel that home-baked goodies with tea is synonymous with cold-weather comfort.

I actually find it easier to avoid sugar and flour altogether than to find substitutes, but today I made up these gluten-free scones, made from a mix my nephews sent me at Christmas.

I made them in anticipation of book club tonight, since so many of my friends are gluten free. Of course, I had to sample one to make sure they were okay!

a little friend to keep me company

Isn't this forelle pear beautiful?

If you look closely, you can see they're smiling at me with approval because I've chosen to have a healthy tea!

I'm having tea today with the lovely ladies over at Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage.


  1. Deborah, yes the pair is beautiful, but that scone looks delish! How did they turn out? I love scones, and if you think it was good, please share the recipe, maybe in a future post?
    Enjoy your book club meeting, and stay warm!

  2. Looks healthy! I agree with you on how mandatory it is to test food (especially goodies) before serving it to guests!

  3. Hi Deborah,
    I cut back on my breads a year ago and have found that it really helps. I did however do more baking for Christmas and there is still lots of it around. I'm doing not too badly leaving it alone though. The tartan teddy bear is so cute and I like your white tea ware. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.


  4. I too am looking for healthier options these days. Looked delicious.

  5. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight too! Good luck.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Good for you for trying to be healthier in 2015. I also need to eat more fruits and exercise more often this year.

  7. Best wishes as you embark on healthier eating! It is worthwhile, although not easy. Take it one day at a time and never beat yourself up. The pear is indeed a beauty, and so is the scone. I really enjoyed your post today. Have a good week!

  8. Thinking of you, sweet friend! Your healthy tea looks wonderful and satisfying. Hugs to you, Deborah!

  9. Dearest Deborah,
    Guess you are well on your way to get back in shape. I've not gained anything this Christmas period but maybe because of a very hectic schedule...
    Sending you love and blessings.

  10. I love your healthy tea, Deborah! Even though I bake a lot, I manage to eat in moderation. I do have to watch my carb intake and must eat protein to balance my diet. I've been on The Zone diet for the past 15 years and have managed to maintain my weight. Hugs and blessings are sent to you as you enjoy your healthy teas. xo

  11. Oh my goodness! Yes those pears are giving you a gorgeous smile sent right from God. He blesses our obedience, doesn't He?
    I find I do better with out sugar and white flour, in many ways.

    Have a beautiful week, Deborah.

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. Hi: Those look like very healthy options. I wish you all the luck on your new quest. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  13. I think that little bear is adorable. I have a real fondness for teddy bears.

  14. Hi Deborah, the pear looks so delicious and the sconces look like the perfect treat to go with winter tea. I have been gluten free for nearly 3 years now and doing great. Best of health to you watching out for flour and sugar. It really does make a huge difference in how we feel.
    Big Hugs and Blessings

  15. Love the pear smiles. :)
    Beautiful vignette.

  16. Mmm...that all looks so yummy...and very healthy! I too have a sweet tooth and I need to jump on someone's bandwagon to do better in this area myself! I actually prefer a pear to an apple but I would unfortunately choose a yummy baked good over either! The scones do look delicious, as well as your pretty vignettes...including that lovely poinsettia. Mine are almost ready for the trash :(

  17. Lovely! I love the idea of shooting for a healthier teatime treat!
    Also, a book club,how fun!!!
    Thanks 4 sharing such a lovely blog!!!!

  18. Tea, scones and pears sound sound so nice and perfect on these cold days of winter! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  19. Good for you! I hope your improved habits give you great rewards. I also needed to get myself in hand after the holidays, and I didn't think I'd been very bad :(


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