Limoges unglued

May 8, 2014

Went to my favorite antique and craft mall this past week, and found loads and loads of goodies, as usual. I got excited by about ten times as many things as I actually brought home; I had to whittle my wish list down a little. 

I will share them all eventually, but today I want to show you this piece. 

I really want to take this apart. The two bottom plates are Haviland Limoges. Beautiful! The faux pearls were a nice idea, but I don't like how they look next to the beautiful vintage china.

 Plus, the two glasses are not aligned with each other.

I have no idea whether I can get this apart without hurting the plates, but several Google searches have revealed that pure acetone will work to dissolve the glue. I am a little worried that I will break something, or remove some of the glaze on the plates. I just really want the plates, and if I can rescue them, I will have scored a really good deal.

Later . . . 

Guess what? They came apart in water! Yes, water. I read that Super Glue is not recommended for glass; it won't bond well. I have no idea if this crafter used Super Glue to glue the plates to the glasses, but I thought I'd try soaking the whole thing in water. 

And the two glasses aren't too shabby, either.

I was able to get the whole thing apart with nary a chip.

What if I'd wanted to keep the whole set-up, had filled it with little sandwiches and scones for a tea party, and then washed it? It might have fallen apart during washing and ended up in pieces in my sink.

Lucky save.

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  1. That was a great find! Those plates and glasses are just lovely!

  2. I would have overlooked this great find because of t being glued. I am so glad all it took was a good soak to free your new treasures ! Beautiful plates.

  3. Dearest Deborah,
    You got real lucky in saving these treasures! One wonders if some people do REALLY know the value of things for using them in such a way.
    Thanks for mailing such a lovely tea cup & saucer all the way out to our fabulous blogger Fabby from 'Fabby's Living'.
    So now you know why I ended up here being your 89th follower.
    You have chosen your blog title in a very catchy way and it sure does reflect who and what you are.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Hi Deborah,
    Not too shabby indeed, lovely pieces!! Great find! Just water!

  5. Beautiful pieces, Deborah. I'm glad you thought of using plain water first. If you want to use those beautiful plates for serving, you can try to find a two tier stand that fits them, at least the two large ones.

  6. What a lucky day for you! Your plates and glasses are lovely finds. You've got to love Haviland!! I would have never thought to just soak them in water, but my hubby's advice for around the house, electronic, or car issues is always, "Try the simplest solution first....". I'm so glad that worked for you. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. That was a lucky save and a great buy. Fabby sent me over. xo Laura

  8. Great finds, happy you could get them apart without damaging anything. On my screen the stems look a soft blue? Beautiful plates...perfect for a lunch with a special friend.

  9. I am so happy you got them unglued- so beautiful SEPERATELY! : - )

    I found you through Fabby's Living - I saw that super wonderful giveaway she won.

    I wish you the best and I am now your newest follower!

  10. That was a great idea to even buy them and try to separate them. The plates are lovely and I will be waiting to see how you use them. So fun to find such a treasure!

  11. Wow, it's a good thing you wanted them apart! I would have been really irritated if I'd bought it and wanted it to stay together. No doubt the seller did not use Loctite, which is the glue for a craft as such. Glad you didn't have to use acetone either - that might have taken the h/p finish off the plates - which are very pretty!

  12. Hi Deborah, thanks for stopping by today and yes Avon has some nice products now and the packaging it comes in now is updated too. My brothers and sisters used to tease my mom when we were little and say Ding Dong Avon calling. Lol! I hope you had a nice mother's day. I love the idea of just using the plates without them stacked up and they are really pretty! I like the glasses too. Have a wonderful day.

  13. That is a great tip! Pretty plate.

  14. Oh my word! I'm so glad you salvaged that ... structure. I must admit, in its condition as you bought it, it looked a bit scary to me. But the plates alone are stupendous! So glad they fell into your hands!


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