Help for Depression is on Amazon

December 7, 2017

I've finished my book on depression, and it's now available to order on Amazon. Yay!

I have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm learning it all by the seat of my pants as I go along. It reminds me of when I first started blogging four years ago. I didn't know how to go about it and didn't know anyone to ask. So I just kept searching for my answers online and eventually figured it out.

Same here. I don't know anything about being an indie author or marketing my book. I don't know anyone personally who has done this. So I just am figuring it out as I go.

Just like blogging, I have to somehow market myself. When I posted my first blog post I guess I just expected people would show up. I didn't realize how much I'd need to do to let people know I was even here.

Several months of visiting and commenting on others' blogs eventually brought me readers and some great friends as well. Blogging isn't just a private endeavor, me writing by myself; there's lots of networking and socializing.

And that's actually one of the best things about blogging.

I guess the same is true with writing a book. People aren't going to know about it unless I figure out how to let them know. I don't even know when the Amazon search engines are going to kick into gear and a lot of other stuff. Duh.

So I'm starting with you, dear readers.

I'd be so grateful if you would visit Amazon and buy a copy. Only $7.99. Every copy I sell moves me higher in sales rankings and I guess that's a good thing. I would also be thankful if you would write a (hopefully positive) review.

I'm formatting the book for Kindle as well, and hope to have that available in a few days. That will be selling for less, and you can find it under the same title, Help for Depression.

Here's the Amazon link. Or you can search on Amazon with the book title and my name.

I was encouraged to write this book after getting so many positive comments on some posts I did here on the subject of depression. So, again, thank you for that encouragement and support.

Here is a description from the back of the book . . . 

Imagine sitting across the table from a wise and compassionate friend, one who has walked the same path as you for years, one who understands what it is to walk in the darkness of depression. Listen as she shares her heart, and gently listens to yours, encouraging you and offering practical steps to finding freedom and joy.

Covering the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those suffering from a depressive illness, discussing when and if mental health counseling and medication is appropriate, and bringing a unique perspective of how to engage in loving and positive self-talk and how the presence of beauty in our lives is healing, here is a life-giving guide to help you through your own dark night.


  1. Oh Deborah, congratulations! I am so excited for you, sweet friend. I will be praying this book touches many hearts and lives. I just purchased a copy and I look forward to reading it.

    You are such a blessing to so many...thank you for blessing my life. Love and hugs to you!

  2. Well, look at you. what an accomplishment!!! And, there are so many precious folks suffering from depression. I'm off to Amazon to add it to my cart. Have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations dear Deborah. I just ordered your book and one called 'Grief Light ~ Reflections on Grief' by Julie Yarbrough. I look forward to reading both of these.

    May you do really well with this book and be inspired to write another. You have broken the ice now.

    God's continued blessings on you dear heart ~ FlowerLady

  4. Proud of you, Debbie. My copy is on its way.

  5. Lovely description on the back! Good luck with your book, Deborah. I also wrote a children's novel, I guess nearly 10 years ago, and it's for sale on Amazon. I did sell maybe 100 copies of it (as an ebook) in the first couple of years. I'm NO GOOD at marketing or selling myself either, so it has not progressed beyond that. But it's fun to say I wrote and published a book!

  6. The cover is lovely! I am so happy for you!

  7. Congratulations, Deborah, I hope your book does really well! Marketing is a hard thing to do.

  8. That is so exciting Deborah! Best of luck to you with your sales.
    I hope that you will continue to write and publish your blog and perhaps there will be another book in your future.

  9. Hooray for you, dearest Deborah!! I thrilled for you and so proud of your accomplishment. This subject is dear to your heart and certainly a passion of yours. May many people be touched and helped by your book.

  10. Dearest Deborah,
    Wow, that is quite a milestone in your life dear friend!
    Had you already started writing this at the time we met?
    As for promoting it, try to use your labels and place them below your blogposts for search engines to find them. Also put the title of your book instead of amazon link. It has to be exactly and that will generate you searches and make it findable on Google or whatever. Yes, we little people have to do our own foot work and it takes a lot of time but in the end, this is so rewarding and like you said, it yielded special friends; you are one that I do treasure.
    Good luck and maybe you start a FB Page?

  11. I happened to see your name in the comment section of another blog and I thought - we have somehow lost touch! So I came by and I see that you have done something courageous and wonderful. I'm going to head over to Amazon. I remember before we lost touch, that you had had depression. I believe I opened up in your comments about my own walk down that path.

    I applaud you for living with this, through this, and making it a goal to share by writing a book, and perhaps help others.

    I hope you continue to blog, when we come to your blog we can see your story, although you may not reach as many people as you might with a published book, helping just one person is commendable.

    All the best,

    Jane x

  12. Deborah, be sure to put a live link, as a photo of the book's cover, up at the top of your blog on the side bar, so it's always one of the first things people see. It should take them straight to Amazon to buy it. :)

  13. Me again :) I just went to Amazon to look for your book. When I typed the title in, searching under "books," it was not even listed on the first page of suggestions! :( I had to type in the book's name plus your name, to find it. So having a direct link from here will make it easier for people.

  14. Congratulations on your book. I admire anyone who can write books.:)
    I have never been in a depressed state until my husband passed away last summer. A tiny white pill my doctor gave me is helping me put one foot in front of the other.
    Good good luck on the sale of your book

  15. Beautiful! What an endeavor and one to applaud.

  16. Congratulations on the book publication, Deborah! Wishing you much success on your book sales!

  17. Dear Deborah, Congrats on your book. I know our Lord is using your knowledge and journey to help others along the way. I pray your book is the first of many and a huge success. I just purchased my copy and look forward to it's arrival and reading it. Best wishes always my talented friend. xo

  18. Congratulations to you, Deborah! It takes courage to put yourself out there and I admire and appreciate your transparency. I will be over to Amazon directly to purchase it. I really love the simplicity of the cover and title and hope your book does well!

  19. That's wonderful about your book. Congratulations! :-)

  20. When I read your post, dear Deborah,I felt a little teary eyed for many reasons; such an accomplishment~believing that your book will encourage and inspire others who walk this path~hearing of your own struggle, yet willing to write about it and offer help for others~making time to do what your heart desired to achieve. Congratulations!!

    You have chosen a beautiful cover and name for your book and I wish for you every success.
    My husband ordered a copy for my library and I look forward to reading it as well as looking upon it on the book shelf, knowing it was written by a dear, dear friend who I've come to greatly love.

    You are so beautiful~

  21. Deborah, I'm so proud of you! The cover is beautiful and I know from reading your blog posts that the message is bound to be helpful. I just put a copy in my basket and will finalize it tonight. I've never written a review on Amazon before but will figure out how to do that after I read your book. I think a couple of commenters here have offered good advice on getting your book the attention it deserves. Keep on writing!

  22. Deborah - you are amazing. I shall get my copy as soon as I replace my lost bank card. Such an important topic.

  23. Sometimes we just do those projects He puts in our hearts by jumping in the deep end and learning to swim as we go. I'm so proud of you and I know your book will be an encouragement to many people.

    I will be ordering a copy and will be happy to do a review on your behalf.


  24. Just ordered your book! Looking forward to reading it!


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