Year end

December 29, 2017

I'm starting to recover from my bronchitis. This bronchitis is becoming a regular occurrence. I'm going to need to do some research to figure out why I seem to be getting this about twice a year now. It eats up a good two weeks or more each time. Anyone else have this problem?

I've been sitting by the fire reading and knitting and watching movies for a good week now. Not such a bad time actually. We celebrated a very low-key Christmas, with ham sandwiches and cookies sent by my brother in Hawaii. I've read three books. 

And, despite the fact that I was whining that I wouldn't have any gifts to open because we weren't going to be able to visit family, and my husband and I had agreed not to exchange gifts, there were gifts.

My husband cheated, and got me some, and our daughter and son-in-law stopped by with presents and a nice visit. As you can see from the above photo, I didn't move from my chair all week!

The coughing is starting to subside, so today I took care of a few things. I boxed up all the gifts for our sons and DIL, and my husband took them to the post office. I vacuumed and dusted and swept and did some laundry.

Sheets need to be washed, groceries need to be bought, and bathrooms need to be cleaned, but  . . . they always do, don't they? 

{The books I've been reading have featured plenty of servants to do the cleaning and cooking. I surely could go for that.}

Are you thinking about the new year? This quiet week between Christmas and New Year's is a perfect time for contemplation and planning. And even if I wasn't sick, I'd be staying pretty close to home this week anyway. We've had about eight inches of snow, and the temps have been in the single digits.

I don't like to think about resolutions. The word "resolution" sounds so grim and determined. And kind of like "will worship," as St. Paul describes it. I like to think of possibilities and dreams and goals, and see those words with little sparkles shooting out of them.

Here are some of my ideas, still fermenting, still bubbling in the pot.

*** Making Sundays device free. Here is a good article on this from a favorite website. Maybe. I do need to figure out how to corral the online time into a set part of the day so it doesn't invade my life all day, every day, as it often seems to do. 

*** Writing another nonfiction book and dusting off my fiction book.

*** Learning to knit a sweater and finishing two afghans.

*** Reading through morning and evening prayer from The Book of Common Prayer.  I'm not Anglican, but was brought up one and miss the rich liturgical prayer book. I'll use the old 1928 version. You know, because older is better.

*** Sorting through all the paper work in the basement. I still have boxes of old homeschooling papers and lots of photos to sort. This seems monumental to me. But sometime in the next five or ten years we will be downsizing and the time will pass quickly. Setting the timer for an hour and going at it regularly will make things so much easier later.

*** Visiting our children. In just the few short years since they've left home, our children have worked in Montgomery, Alabama; Winston-Salem, Jacksonville, and New Bern, North Carolina; and Richmond, Virginia. Now our youngest is moving to Des Moines. I've never been to Iowa. Far from being in the middle of a cornfield, Des Moines is supposed to be an up and coming city. I'll let you know.

I'm still dreaming, still thinking of different ideas. How about you? Any hopes and dreams for 2018?


  1. So glad that you are finally feeling better. Not sure what to say about bronchitis twice a year. I take echinacea from September to May and extra on shopping days and times of gathering with people...think germaphobe. 😏 I also have essential oils and Thieves on hand always.

    You are loved! Gifts and everything...

    Happy New Year! You have lots of things on the docket.

  2. It's good to hear that you are some better.
    Having that down time can always be for the good, though it may not seem like it at the time.
    I like your idea of setting the timer for an hour to purge and downsize, going at it all day can be overwhelming.
    You have pondered on many good things to accomplish. :)
    I'm not one for resolutions either, I like to set goals, realistic ones.
    My list for 2018 has a lot of personal achievements and I'm praying for God's strength to help me reach those desires. I've actually taken advantage of starting early. :)
    My husband suffers with bronchitis too and working with saw dust doesn't help.
    When he startes taking thieves essential oils the instant he feels something coming on it has helped tremendously, but, he has to take them immediately and continue until he is no longer ill. This may not sound very nice, but he believes hacking up phlegm is key. He says you gotta get it out. :) I hope that helps.
    Blessings to you and your loved ones for the new year ♡

  3. Glad you are feeling better, Deborah. Hope you will make it to Des Moines. We are the #1 insurance city in the country (world, maybe?) We have a very nice downtown, several great hospitals, growing suburbs, and the fantastic Iowa State Fair (come then if you can, you'd love it!)
    Happy New Year. Beth

  4. Dearest Deborah,
    Oh, you make me feel your cold, in the single digits - oh my!
    As many times i've had a bronchitis, it almost always got coupled with cold weather. Working one January in North Dakota for one week at minus 40, did me in for weeks on end... I vowed to never ever going to such a place; not even for a million and I mean it.
    Living in Pennsylvania also had me sit bundled up in the living room, studying Italian for our next job... It was cold there.
    Do you have a de-humidifier in your home? Doing away with a humid environment helps a lot. Dressing well and using a silk or cotton camisole is a must for winter time. Just that extra layer, a buffer zone for absorbing any climatic changes your body has to cope with.
    Breathing clean air at home, replacing the airconditioning filters in time, having your car's filters changed in time. Eating some hot soup is good for keeping your system happy and warming you inside.
    A good balance of body - mind - spirit and eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies with plenty of rest.
    Taking vitamins as a supplement also boosts your immune system.
    Don't know what miracle thing there is for totally avoiding it?! But I must say that I do steer clear of those bouts of bronchitis over the past couple of years.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and oh my, resting comes with a hefty price tag once the days arrive where we have to play catch up on EVERYTHING! But that is life, isn't it?! We all are facing the same and it sure is not a fairy tale for maneuvering through the year.

  5. I am so glad you are feeling better, long may that last. Working towards down sizing is such a good idea, it took weeks for us to sort out our old home prior to moving. e are still working on some things after the move, Christmas decor been one. All the colour in my hair has now completely grown out and it is all my natural colour, a mixture of greys. I thank you for giving me the courage. Wishing you and yours everything you wish for yourself for the Ne Year.

  6. Dear Deborah ~ I am so glad you are starting to feel better & may you grow stronger and healthier with each new day.

    Making Sunday be a 'quiet' day sounds great to me. I want to cut my computer time way back in 2018. It does cause me to waste a LOT of time, and I've things I want to get done around here, especially before summer's heat and humidity come back.

    Enjoy these last couple of days of 2017 and may 2018 be fantastic for you and your dear husband ~ FlowerLady

  7. Glad you're feeling somewhat better, Deborah. And yes, I have a sister, sister-in-law and girlfriend who seem to get bronchitis 2x year. I can see how exhausting it can be.
    I love your busy bee planner! I also like the idea of setting a timer for going through paperwork - like bathrooms needing cleaned, it's a universal, first-world problem.
    Cheers to working toward your goals in 2018!

  8. Deborah, so glad to hear that you are on the mend! The chores in the household don't stop just because you are not feeling well. Too bad we don't have a pause button! We take sambucus twice a day and it seems to help with the ordinary sniffles or anything else that is going around with the public. Do you use a diffuser with essential oils? We have one in the bedroom and it seems to help our sleep. If we lived closer, I would bring you a lovely pot of homemade chicken soup, which cures all ills. We are on the same page regarding resolutions. Nothing like setting yourself up for feeling like a failure. Your idea of using a timer for tasks is golden. Think I'll adopt that one! We observe the Sabbath and that is our quiet day. I hope to finish your book today. There are so many "aha" moments that I need to take notes. Thought about using a highlighter but didn't want to mar the pristine pages. Actually I talk to the book..."yes!" "that's right!". Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

  9. I am so sorry you have recurring bronchitis, Deborah. That is so draining...and the coughing seems to last long past the worst of the bronchitis. I have only had it once but it turned into pneumonia and that was awful.

    Love that you are planning for some "new" in the New Year. God bless you and I hope you are feeling 100% soon. xo Diana

  10. Dear Deborah, I'm so sorry you've been dealing with bronchitis~I used to get it a lot and it was always caused by allergies-which started the infection. I take several supplements when I'm around those with colds. I also swear by putting Vicks vapor rub on the soles of my feet at bedtime and wearing socks(so you don't ruin your sheets). My two daughters who have large families shared this with me years ago. It works to help stop the horrendous coughing. Also I grew up using Vicks on my chest and back, due to the severe problems I would have. Also a humidifier helps. I love your thoughts and goals on the New Year. I don't do resolutions either, but try to set some goals. Getting stronger and healthier is one of mine for this year. Blessings to you today. Praying you are well soon..

  11. I'm glad that your bronchitis is starting to subside, Deborah, and you even have energy for some household chores. I received your book and hope to be reading that soon. My poor little mom fell and broke her right shoulder, so I'll be heading to Ohio to help with her care.
    May you have a Happy and Healthy New Year. xx

  12. Deborah, I'm trying to implement a bit more routine into my day. I stopped working in June, and since then I've let myself wander through the days, doing what I prefer. I want a loose schedule, not rigid, but enough to keep me on task with writing, painting, yarn work. Designate general periods of the day for certain things.

    Also - I have your copy of "Punkin and the Littlest Mouse" ready to send to you. Check out my blog for our address and details :)

  13. Hello Deborah,

    Just stopping by to wish you a beautiful and blessed 2018. Wishing you a speedy recovery dear friend. Please get checked out.


  14. Hello Deborah, my days at work are spent as a nurse working with respiratory and chronic disease so since you have asked, I will ask a few questions - firstly is the cough productive - that is do you cough up mucus? If you are coughing up bits of mucous or find that it's there but difficult to cough up? Also what colour? Clear, yellow or green? Green indicates you should be on antibiotics. If this is something you are getting more frequently then you need to learn if it's the weather that brings it on or if it just comes more regularly? Do you use ventolin at all? Ever had other respiratory conditions or been a smoker? I'm happy to go into a bit more with you if you want to send me an email. In the meantime if you still find the mornings are worse with more coughing then make sure you have some extra pillows to sleep on for the moment which should be under the top of your chest area not just your neck. Also of an evening and first thing in the morning you can do a simple blowing exercise that will help. Let me know if you want more info
    Hugs Sharm

  15. Glad you are feeling better....I had the cold, but my husband got bronchitis, so our holiday was similar to yours. He ended up back at the doctor for another dose of meds and inhaler. It did make for a very relaxing week, but as you said, the world creeps back in with things to do. We just downsized and moved this summer and the photo albums were my biggest concern. We took one album each evening, went through it, picked out the photos we loved and pitched the rest. Ended up with one photo box filled...and made one album of our travels. This year I hope to organize and scan that box of photos....and write down some family memories. My goals for 2018 are to make more time to read, walk, and just slow down and enjoy my new home. Wishing you all the best in the New Year !

  16. I have a brother that lives in Des Moines and it is a wonderful place. Clean, clean and neat, neat! Glad you are feeling better and hope you will soon be 100%. Blessings for the new year!

  17. Happy New Year, Deborah! Glad to hear that the R & R worked and that you're feeling better.

    Limiting my social media time is also one of my 2018 goals. I got sucked into Twitter last fall (for work though) and I just joined Instagram (to follow bloggers who have switched over to Instagram).

    Your book was delivered the other day!!! I was so excited that I bundled up and ventured out in -20C snowy weather in order to pick up the book from the community mailbox located down the street.

  18. Deborah, sorry to hear about the bronchitis. Not fun. When I was growing up I got bronchitis twice a year, and it lasted about 6 months each time! Turns out it was my parents' heavy smoking that caused it. Once I had been out of their home for a few years, it cleared up. I still get it, but not even once a year. Think it's been about four years now since the last episode. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2018.

  19. I'm glad you're feeling better. Take your time getting really well! I like your thoughts about 2018. We are starting a slow clean out so we will be ready when it's time to downsize. But I think it will be a slow process as we are not yet retired and there is so much to do each day! But still, a goal!

  20. I pray your bronchitis is completely gone by now but I know how it can linger...
    I suffer from severe asthma so I get bronchitis easily too and am just at the tail end of the whole respiratory issue myself, once again...
    Your post is so warm and cozy ... I love your kitty who is so much like mine :-)))
    I entered your Giveaway for your book. If I don't win a copy I'm going to purchase a couple of them. I have a nephew, my sister's son, who is like my own, who suffers severe depression. Also a very close friend, who is a nurse and lost her husband a couple of years ago, children are all grown, and she is so severely depressed. I worry about both of them...
    Anyway, thank you as always, for your beautiful comment on my blog. I did reply to it. Do you get those reply's when I do that???
    You always say the sweetest things and I appreciate your heartfelt words of kindness.
    We are having subzero weather with snow all around us and snowflakes falling now...
    Ahhh... Winter in Illinois :-)))
    I hope your New Year is a Happy and Healthy one My Beautiful Friend...
    And I look forward to seeing that knitted sweater! You can do it! It's really quite easy... I promise.
    With Love,

  21. I had a similar cold around the same time as you. I went through 1 1/2 big boxes of Kleenex and coughing fits on a regular basis.

    It's not pleasant and when it is almost done and over with it is something to be thankful for :) Whew :)

  22. I'm so sorry that you've been sick especially over Christmas. I haven't been around blogland too much lately but wanted to wish you all the best in 2018! Hope you're feeling better each day.

  23. I do hope you are well soon, my friend. I love your many ideas to ponder. Your pink + gold planner is lovely! Have you written many non-fiction books? Would love to know the titles - I will have to "ggogle" it. :)

  24. ...I saw the book about depression on your blog but was wondering if you have written any others. I will be entering the giveaway!

  25. I had bronchitis forever, then developed adult asthma about 18 years ago. Dampness, mould, and going from warm to very cold eg warm house, then going outside where it is icy, these were my enemies for bronchitis. The asthma is brought on by mould, can be allergy-induced, emotional, damp. So they overlapped for me. But things have gotten better over the years. Unless one has lived with breathing difficulties, it is impossible to understand how debilitating and exhausting it is. I practice gentle yoga which helps, plus have pressure point treatments (similar to acupuncture and shiatsu).


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