8 things I'm not loving right now

November 30, 2017

A couple weeks ago I did a post on 8 things I'm loving right now. So, in the interest of fair and balanced reporting, I introduce 8 things I'm not loving right now.

1. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, according to Keats. Maybe not forever, but at least a week, right?

These roses bent their heads over and died the day after I bought them! Not loving it.

2. I think this is a new thing. Black toothpaste powder.

It's made from activated charcoal from coconut shells. It came in my latest subscription box. What a mess! Black powder all over my sink that I couldn't rinse off, but had to scrub off with cleanser. And I needed to triple-rinse before I could get rid of the black outlines around my teeth. I have no idea if this works to whiten and brighten because I didn't use it more than once.

3. Poldark. The season is over, thankfully. The characters I love to hate -- Elizabeth, Ross, George, and that horrible vicar Osborne.

I do so want Morwenna and Drake to get back together. But how?!

4. Not having all these with us over Christmas.

SIL, daughter, son, son, DIL
Loved seeing them all over Thanksgiving. But, sigh. We won't be all together at Christmas.

5. Turkey carcass and ham bone.

I love making homemade chicken noodle soup. But I don't like turkey soup or ham and bean soup. My husband does, though, and, besides, I feel guilty throwing out the turkey carcass and the ham bone. They're both in the freezer where I'm ignoring them for now.

6. Stink bugs.

I think they're finally all gone for the year. Last year, we had a major infestation because I left our bedroom window open for several weeks with a broken screen and didn't realize that they were trooping in night after night. This year, we got some new screens and I went around and taped any possible opening, even if it was 1/8 of an inch, using wide packing tape. 

We still got about a dozen, not too bad. Until I saw one crawling up the back of the chair I sit in every night. Ugh. Hate these things.

7. Most everything I see on the news. I think I'm gradually becoming less and less informed about the world because I just can't bear to watch the news most days. I know there's lots of lovely things in the world which is why I'm loving turning my attention elsewhere.

I only came up with 7. I could think of more, but the truth is there's a lot more to love in this world than to not love. So I'll leave the balance in favor of love. xo


  1. I can relate to all the things on your list as being dreadful, except the stink bugs, we don't have those but I do not like the look of them at all!! Thank you so much for visiting me today and the kind words on my blog, I came to follow your blog too! You have a lovely family!

  2. I hear you! Some of these things annoy me to no end as well. You may have to go looking for the positives on purpose just to keep your sunny side up. 🙃 So which of the cute kids will you have at home for Christmas? Whoever he or she is, he or she would be my favorite right now. LOL!

    (As for the news, I have my own sources and they do not include the alphabets so, from my perspective, things are going very well indeed. The Christmas lighting ceremony was lovely! The first song was “Joy to the World.” Amen to that! Evil people (much of media) can report in such twisted ways that they can turn good to bad, beauty to ugly, black to white. I pay them zero mind.)

  3. I've never seen Poldark; I'll have to see if my local library carries it. Now I'm off to google black powder toothpaste!

    1. Oh wow, Poldark is one handsome handsome man.!Oh my, yes. OK, I am blushing.

  4. I agree with most of yours -- sure did not like the way poldark ended. The black toothpaste sounds horrible. I wonder what's up with it. And your conclusion is right on! Have a nice weekend!

  5. Cute post and those poor roses. Yes, the news just gets worse and worse and so distressing. Happy December!

  6. Take those roses back or if not, keep a phone pic and complain - that is crazy, even on sale roses need to last longer.

    Don't forget to put your vase in fridge or garage over night so they don't get dried out too fast (think where many are kept in glass cases at the florists.)

    Black toothpaste, haha, you are one crazy and brave woman.

    Stink bugs = light a fire in your fireplace even when it's hot out when you notice them back. They live there. That is what the Orkin dude told me. It won't kill them but they will go live in someone else's chimney flue then, not yours. And I am quoting him. He knows I do NOT do bugs. Not one little bit. Fireplace. Who knew?

    There is currently nothing chemically made yet that rids us of these pests.


  7. I like your balanced approach to blogging! News can be depressing and we don't watch much of it anymore. I don't think we have stink bugs here, or at least I never see them inside. Black toothpaste powder sounds intriguing. You are brave. I've never watched Poldark - guess I'm not very up on current shows.
    Happy December days to you!

  8. I am with you on the stinkbug invasion. They are terrible here too! Some years are worse than others. So sorry you won't be seeing those sweet faces at your Christmas table, I know that is just really hard. I'm glad that you let the good things win... great perspective! :)

  9. Yeah, what is up with roses that wilt immediately? I've had that happen. Actually our local Kroger store has flowers of all kinds that last very well. I've heard about the black toothpaste...seriously, what was that person on who invented that? Stink bugs can be a pain...ugly little things. Haven't seen Poldark. We did just finish the latest season of Longmire...sigh... Our daughter hosted Thanksgiving so the turkey carcass was her problem...lol... Enjoy your weekend. xoxo

  10. Deborah, you have such a gift to make me think and chuckle at the same time! For some reason, this season gets me into such an emotional state, that I, too, make mental lists of the good and bad as well. Thank you, again, for showing me the perspective of the good things winning out. That's where my energy will be over the next couple of weeks: accentuating the positive!! And, by the way, I had no problem throwing my turkey carcass away this year: my previous attempts for years to save it, only took up space in the refrigerator: never have liked turkey soup, so I finally admitted it and accepted the inevitable! Take care. Rosie

  11. Oh my gosh, what a disappointment on the roses, Deborah! Thanks for the review on the black toothpaste. I haven't seen Poldark, but maybe one day. I know you enjoyed your kids at Thanksgiving, and that was a happiness in your heart. I've been keeping a gratitude journal of small blessings that I write into each day, to remind myself of special joys in my life.
    I hope those stinkbugs find somewhere else to reside!

  12. Enjoyed reading your not-favourite list. We don't have stinkbugs around here, won't be rushing out to buy black tooth-powder, and don't watch Poldark. But I'm sure I could find things to fill in the not-favourites list.

    I'm off to read your list of favourites now.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Deborah!

  13. I don't like the news either...far too grim.
    Black toothpaste seems like a ridiculous idea to me...we want white teeth not black ones! Who thinks up these things?
    I would have taken those wilted roses back and asked for a refund or a replacement bouquet...
    Getting these 7 things off your chest by writing them down is a great idea...but I admit I prefer your post on the favourite things!

  14. It's a good thing I didn't ask you over for supper tonight...I had bean/ham soup with cornbread! It is something I only make maybe once a year or so and that ham bone was just itching to be boiled. I can't even image the black tooth paste...yuck! This really was a clever idea for a post, Deborah. :D

  15. Gotta say, I love your hate list. Add Canada geese, Asian ladybugs, leftover flies trying to dodge winter, and glitter to the list for me, please.

  16. My husband sat and listened to me read your list! Poldark...as much as we've loved it and the characters...it got downright creepy this season. And the news? I can't watch it any more. It makes me sad or mad...or both at the same time, which can't be healthy! Thanks for your list. I won't buy the black toothpaste powder! heehee! Hugs!

  17. Dearest Deborah,
    Yes, you are so right about the negative news; only negative... it drags you down!
    Talking about roses, for our 34th wedding anniversary Pieter very sweetly came home with red roses and next day they did bend their heads... Coming form the flower country of The Netherlands this is double bad as we are so used to fresh, quality flowers that will last for weeks! Not here and the prices are triple compared to back in The Netherlands.
    Yes, when family is not complete for Christmas it is kind of hard. That's why I probably dread this time of the year ever since I immigrated. We're only the two of us and we never have done the gift giving, so that leaves not much left other than going to a nice basilica in Florida for a heavenly midnight Mass. That brings joy!
    Oh, so many so-called new inventions turn out to be cunning advertising things and nothing more.
    Stick to what you like and know.
    Sending you hugs and stay warm and cozy!

  18. Oh Deborah, those darn bugs! We had so many this year and I realized there were tons of them all sitting outside my second story windows just waiting for an opportune time to get in. UGH! I had so many inside. Glad that's over! I hear you about family gatherings without the entire family. I don't like that either! It doesn't feel right at all! I was actually going to try that black charcoal toothpaste. It's supposed to make your teeth white but sounds like all it did was make your sink black. Nope, I'll pass on that! As for the negative news,.....just when you think it can't get any worse it does. So I'll pass on that too! Take care and have a lovely week!

  19. Do you like vegetable soup? I generally make ham broth one day, scoop the fat off, then add veg. boulion and tons of veggies including a can of diced tomatoes. If I am going to share with bean-loving son's family, they can add more beans. I usually just put in one cans worth of northern beans and then add macaroni noodles

  20. I was working on Poldark night .... (sigh)... will have to find it elsewhere. A list of things that one does not like is so balanced - who says that we have to like everything? Scary bugs inside wee cottage is top of my list. And, I too will not be with all of my family this Christmas - times change, sadly.

  21. We also won't have everybody home for Christmas. We had the WHOLE crowd last Christmas, which was fabulous, and I knew at the time I would have to live on that wonderfulness a LONG time :) I'll have 2 daughters and one boyfriend this year, and it will be fine. But I miss my others :(


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