September tea

September 21, 2015

Royal Albert's September teacup, "Michaelmas Daisy," part of the Flower of the Month series. I've collected six of them so far.
I love to read stories set in England, and over the years have enjoyed the cozy stories of James Herriot, Miss Read, Elizabeth Goudge, and so many more.

I've run across mentions of Michaelmas Day and Michaelmas daisies in my reading, but never really bothered to look up any information about them.

First thing I learned a few years ago is that "Michaelmas" is not pronounced "Michael" (like the name). It is pronounced "Mickle" (rhymes with "pickle").  So, it's "Mickle-muss." Hmmm . . . kind of fun to say.

And I discovered that Michaelmas daisies aren't some strange, unknown flower, native only to the British Isles -- they're asters, very common to see here in the fall. Didn't know that either.

Michaelmas daisies, commonly known here as asters, on sale outside Kroger's. In the past several years, there's been a big push to buy local, which is why you see the little state signs in the plants, letting people know they've been grown here in Michigan.

And who was St. Michael? Some obscure medieval saint? No, I found out. He's the Archangel Michael. Oh, that Michael. We Protestants aren't really up on our saints, I guess.

Michaelmas is celebrated September 29, and honors not just the Archangel Michael, but other angels, such as Gabriel and Raphael, as well. Michael is considered one of the principal angelic warriors, as it was he who fought against Satan and his army of rebellious angels, banishing them from heaven.

Michaelmas is considered the end of the harvest season, and a goose is traditionally served; a "stubble" goose, meaning that the goose has fed on the stubble in the fields after harvest. 

Two of my favorite magazines to peruse (that is Southern Lady underneath).

My husband recently started up his Wall Street Journal subscription again. I love to do their Friday crossword puzzles, although it usually takes me several days to finish one.

Paragon "Tree of Kashmir" design

Kitty, of Kitty's Kozy Kitchen, made this for me last year, as part of a teacup exchange. Isn't it adorable?
Hope you're enjoying this wonderful time of year. In Michigan, it's the best weather ever. Love, love, love September and October. We have so little really great weather here that I'm soaking this up.

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  1. Hi Deborah, I always learn something new when I visit your blog. Thanks for explaining about the pretty flower Michaelmas daisies. I love the pretty crocheted pumpkin that Kitty made too.
    I have a blog party that I co-host each week on Monday's and I would love to have you join and share this.
    Thanks and have a nice Monday.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  2. I am a great fan of Royal Albert china and have collected the Country Roses pattern for many years. I have most of the tea/coffee and dinner service. Love the flower month series but have only got December. Beautiful post.

  3. A beautiful teacup ! Those are my favorite magazines also !

  4. What an interesting posting, Deborah! I love your September teacup and wish I could find one as we have several September birthdays in our family. The Michaelmas daisies really do look like our asters. I saw tons of asters in the woods the other day on our walk to the beach. How pretty they were but alas, I didn't take the time to take a picture because the mosquitoes were so bad. Your wee crocheted pumpkin is adorable too. I so enjoyed this post and thanks for sharing. Enjoy your beautiful weather.


  5. Hi Deborah. I have 2 lovely pot of Michaelmas daisies in my front garden. They are cheerful flowers aren't they? Lovely cup! Cheers!

  6. Thank you for sharing this info on Michaelmas daisies for it was truly interesting! Your collection of The Month's cup and saucers is wonderful. I love your September cup and saucer by Royal Douton. Hope you have a great week! Please, take a peek of my post Orange Bursts Upon Autumn!


  7. What a lovely post, Deborah! Like having tea with you and catching up. I love stories set in England or Scotland or Ireland. I grew up reading stories that made me long for seeing England in person. I've been there once, and hubby and I have booked some plans for a month visit there next summer. Sure looking forward to that, as you can imagine.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  8. How wonderful that you have six of the teacups from the months, Deborah, and it will be fun to try to find the other ones to complete the set. I'm with you on liking to read stories set in England (I like Scotland and Ireland, too). I did not know the history on Michaelmas daisies, but thank you for the information. I'm so glad that you are still enjoying the little pumpkin. It looks cute on your table!

  9. I was noticing that adorable pumpkin and Kitty made it! Very cool.

  10. Thank you for the informative post, Deborah! I was familiar with St. Michael but didn't know anything about the Michaelmas daisies. I've always admired the RA monthly flower teacups that I've seen on other blogs and would love to start my own collection. The pumpkin from Kitty is very endearing!

  11. You always teach us something. Love that, have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  12. I knew about Michaelmas daisies but like you, not the saints. Interesting information about the September 29 celebration.
    The knitted pumpkin Kitty made is cute, I remember her showing one on her blog last year and you are a lucky recipient of her talent.

  13. What beautiful pictures! Michaelmas daisies are a real Autumn treat. Such fascinating information about the celebration! xx

  14. Hi Deborah, I just love your September cup. So very pretty with it's delicate design. Love seeing the Michigan daisies. What a gorgeous color. The pumpkins look so good next to those blooms. Kitty's pumpkin is adorable. Love it. I had Kitty for my teacup exchange recipient this week and it was so much fun to send her teacup goodies.
    Enjoy the day and the arrival of fall this week. Hugs, cm

  15. Must. Buy. New Victoria magazine. Thanks for the reminder with your sweet post. You make me smile everytime. :)

  16. Dearest Deborah,
    One can tell, you sound all bubbly as you tell this story... Well, write it of course but it is in a way being told from the heart.
    Yes, I too LOVE September and with March it makes one of the heavenliest months here in the Southeast as well. Sunday was so lovely as we drove to Atlanta with 85ºF... Last night it rained however and it doesn't look as sunny.
    Yes, names of Angels are quite a study too but they always have captured my attention, Angels & Roses...
    Sending you hugs and enjoy this blissful time of the year!

  17. I love those asters. I didn't know they were called that either. Beautiful teacup.

  18. I have an English friend who taught me how to make the perfect cup of tea. I wasn't a hot tea lover before, but it's something I crave fairly often now.

    Your cup is eye candy.

  19. What a beautiful post! Love the colours of the aster...
    Nice visiting your lovely blog!
    Have a happy week, take care!

  20. Deborah, your posts are always such a visual symphony and so soothing to read. I love to relax with my Victoria and Southern Lady magazines also. With our seasons being the opposite in New Zealand I'm enjoying Spring issues right now!

  21. Hi Deborah, your teacup is perfect for this post, just beautiful photos you've taken! Thanks for the history of Michaelmas, that is so interesting.
    Have a good weekend,

  22. This is all so pretty and calm, and fallish, and not at all like my life right now :) But thanks for reminding me what my usual autumns are like and what they will hopefully be like again someday.


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