Another hair update

September 13, 2015

So, if you are tired of hair updates, you can click away now.

Getting rid of the dye seems to be taking forever, so I've cut my hair again, even shorter. I've also had the darker hair dye removed and the ends lightened so that the gray/silver blends in a little better.

The bottom half of the back of my head is now all natural. Yikes, that's short!

And, here are the roots . . . 

It does seem forever, but it's only been three and a half months. I can tell now more what my hair is going to look like. Not as white as I thought. It looks salt and pepper here, but IRL it really is a nice soft gray. I can't wait to wear it with my favorite colors -- periwinkle, pink, and lavender.

A few of you have told me you were going to watch my progress and maybe do this, too.
Don't wait. Go for it, I say.  Don't let the naysayers dissuade you, or the dearth of gray-haired women in magazines or on TV intimidate you.  Let's be brave, and show the world how beautiful gray can be! After all, the Lord Himself calls it a "crown of splendor."


  1. It's fun and exciting.....I'm doing the exact same thing but You are slightly ahead of Me.I have cut My hair only once since growing My gray out. I plan on cutting it again,but My younger teenage Grandson needs to get use to the idea first(I can't believe I' saying that) I'm hoping for white bright white ; )

  2. I'm still hesitating. My hair is dark and I'm going to look like a skunk while it's growing out. I'm applauding you from afar!

  3. You look so pretty with your short hair now that you're so thin. I bet the white will look great and elegant.
    My hair is totally white if I wanted to show it. Hubby doesn't like it, so I don't know when I would go white, but I also wonder how I would look in it.
    Have a nice week my friend.

  4. I was waiting for the cooler weather so that I could wear a hat if I felt a little uncomfortable, so I will be joining you as soon as I am back from my holiday. It is looking really good, you suit short hair.

  5. Hello Deborah,
    I love the haircut and your hair is really looking nice and I like the color of it too.
    Have a nice week.

  6. Good for you Deborah - it looks lovely and the short style suits your beautiful elfin face.
    Audrey Hepburn had an elfin face and we all know what a beauty she was - both on the inside and outside!
    Shane x

  7. Pretty soon your natural color will be all that is showing and it will be a relief and you will be even more beautiful than you already are.


  8. A gorgeous haircut, Deborah, and your natural highlights (those that have accented your life!), will make it even prettier!:))


  9. I really like your new haircut, Deborah. Not sure I can go there yet, though. I have six sisters ahead of (older than) me who'd be really mad if the 'baby' went first, hehe. You're right, though, your color palette will look amazing with the natural tone. You're wearing it all very well!

  10. Hi Deborah....
    I've just found you! Will be a follower...... And yes I too, let it grow out! One year ago this week! I decided it was time, and I love my gorgeous white hair! it looks so much better than my light brown, I've gotten more compliments than ever! My hair is thicker and stronger and my wallet has relaxed now too!
    At 62 I think I look better, wasn't trying to look younger......I earned my "Over 60" badges and wear them proudly!
    Happy Monday....

  11. It looks pretty, Deborah. And I'm a big fan of short hair if it suits and it does you.

  12. I'm so with you on the gray, just go for it and make the change, you will be glad you did. I have never tried to stop the gray process in my hair and life and have enjoyed and loved my hair as it grays.
    I believe that verse to be true, it is "a crown of splendor" just what God wants for us.
    Your short cut looks lovely on you, Deborah, and your gray will look beautiful with your favorite colors, especially that periwinkle, oh yea. :-)
    Blessings~ Debbie

  13. Looking good Deborah and I like the salt and pepper look. When the time comes that gray or white invades my tresses, I'll keep adding highlights for blending but will never do a full dye of colour.
    Lately I've been viewing people of grey hair with admiration, there are some lucky ones with beautiful natural shades of silver or salt and pepper.

  14. You look AMAZING Deborah!! Really, I love that haircut, it really suits your face. I think the salt & pepper will make you look very sharp and trendy! I'm doing the same thing, although my family doesn't believe me ;) I desperately need a cut though. Mine is coming in salt & pepper too. I'm just so tired of seeing silver in only 3 short weeks after colouring it that I just can't keep up with it anymore. I see a lot of women lately of my age with silver hair and feel inspired. I just kind of dread going to the hairdresser and having her "tut tut". Actually, she's really nice and a lot of fun, so maybe I should go soon and she could help with a new hairstyle.

  15. Hello dear friend. Going natural is really a long process but worth it all. I think your colors that you like will look just very pretty with your hair. Enjoy the process I love the update. Hugs Roxy

  16. You look beautiful, Deborah!!! I really like how your hair is coming in and how it's all blending so well. The cut is really cute, too. You're an inspiration!

  17. Dearest Deborah,
    WOW, that is so different from early June when we met you in person! Incredible looks and so much better; you look younger and a bit mischievous I would say. That's because you're very happy with your weight and with your new hair style and natural gray.
    Sending you hugs,

  18. It looks so beautiful Deborah! The cut really suits you-highlighting your eyes, it will look brilliant with your favourite shades xx

  19. Hi Deborah, your hair cut is cute as can be. Your hair is transitioning beautiful. Love the pics and seeing your happy beautiful smile. Blessings, cm

  20. You are looking good pretty girl. I love your smile and the hair cut suits you perfectly. I love it.


  21. It is really such a beautiful mix of salt and pepper, Deborah and it will look so lovely when it's all grown out! The cut is adorable...not too short for my liking but it's your hair, after all. I have been blessed with my sweet mom's genes I guess...still very little gray...only a tiny bit at the temples so I guess I will stay status quo for the time being!

  22. I made the change almost eight years ago and it's been the most fun, liberating thing EVER. Since I already had a fairly short hairstyle, I had my stylist go severely short with each cut, and about 4 months later it was all gray.....friends and co-workers always asked whether there was a way to strip the color or bleach it back to natural and were surprised to learn that you just have to let it grow out. I can see how it's daunting for someone with longer hair to wait that long.

    Looks fabulous on you!!

  23. Your grey hair looks fabulous! I have no regrets about transitioning.The soft colour palette will be beautiful with your eyes.

  24. Deborah, I think your hair looks very chic. You will look very hip in your favourite colours of pink, lavender, and periwinkle. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing.


  25. Your hair looks beautiful on you!

    Funny thing... my daughter is dying her hair grey. Apparently it's a trend with the kids these days. I told her that she'll be grey soon enough, but she just rolled her eyes at me lol


  26. It is growing out beautifully, Deborah! I'm sure it feels so soft, too. It really will look lovely with your eyes and your color palette. xo Karen

  27. Yay for YOUR hair!! I just read of yet another lady blogger friend who's also doing this. She's just setting out. I've enjoyed your hair adventure, and I think it's looking very nice. That will be a pretty color, and as you say, it goes well with some of your favorite color palettes.


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