Tea for Mr. Beautiful

July 27, 2014

My tea posts usually feature lovely, feminine teacups, pretty linens, and, I hope, inspiration for a beautiful, girly-kinda tea. But today, I thought I'd share a little informal "tea" I made for Mr. Beautiful.

"Mr. Beautiful?"

"Oh, honey, all the bloggers do it. They call their husbands 'Mr. (insert name of blog here).'
'Mr. Beautiful Matters' is too long, and you don't really want to be called 'Mr. Matters,' do you?"

He rolls his eyes a little, but I'm going to pretend he is secretly pleased.

So anyway, Mr. Beautiful has been doing an awful lot of work around here lately, what with painting the kitchen and the pantry and trimming back the forest that is threatening to overtake us.

I could take a nap and pretend to be Sleeping Beauty, and Mr. Beautiful is the prince hacking his way through all this brush just to get to me.

Well, that deserves some iced tea and homemade oatmeal scotchies, don't you think?

Nothing too fancy, just a canning jar for the iced tea, served with a wedge of lemon, and a plain white Fitz and Floyd dessert plate with three one and a half cookies. I got some plain white dishes out of sympathy for my husband and son, who, though they've never complained, were probably tired of dining exclusively on floral vintage china that can't be put in the microwave.

The ball game's on. Mr. Beautiful is finally able to relax.

The Tigers lost, but life's still good. Lots of work accomplished this past weekend, time together with family, and homemade cookies. You just can't go wrong.

Thanks, honey, for all the work you do around here.

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  1. Oh how sweet of you Deborah! I bet Mr. Beautiful and your son loved the ice tea and cookies! My husband was doing the same today watching baseball! Take care and enjoy your week!

  2. My Mr knows exactly which things may go in the microwave and dishwasher. His job is to adore me; but he is still in training. Your Mr B seems to know that rule about no dirty clothes as well as the one about eating with no mess. Courses for horses.

  3. Mr Beautiful sure had to work hard for that iced tea and cookies!! You make a good team :) We had arguments about putting my inherited dishes from my parents into the dishwasher. I won, and wash them by hand, but really, such a pain because we use them every day. Enjoy your week Deborah! Wendy x

  4. Beautiful tea Deborah and those cookies look heavenly. I am sure your family loved them. My Mr. CMD loves baseball too and still, after all these years, follows what happens with the Tigers. He loves the Rangers here in Texas too. Your deck with trees trimmed looks wonderful. It is a lot of work but so worth it when complete. Love the white plates. Have a great day.
    Hugs and blessings

  5. Mr. Beautiful-what a lovely name! Those cookies look so delicious no wonder Mr Beautiful is hacking his way to you! xx

  6. Dearest Deborah,
    Sure our hard working husbands love it when we pamper them with some favorite snacks or food!
    It is hard work to keep up a garden and a home; we know first hand about that ourselves.
    Hugs and happy last days of July...

  7. Love this! LOVE the deck... I think I would spend every moment there. And I especially like the remote on view in the first photo...... a great touch of "Mr.ness" - for sure.

  8. Well, I think Mr. Beautiful earned his sweet treat! Don't you love how they tolerate all our girly-girl cravings? I can relate to the forest trying to take over..... beautiful deck! xo Karen

  9. That is a nice story about you and Mr. B. and those yummy looking cookies.

  10. Mr G would be jealous of Mr Beautiful. :)

  11. Very fun! I love the Mason jar mugs...my honey would approve as well...although as a Brit he's no stranger to the china teacups. We did mugs for the World Cup ! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  12. Lots of baseball watching at my house. And my dh loves his iced tea. I make it using Constant Comment as he likes the orange added flavor.

  13. How fun.... my husband enjoys the tea time also.... as long as it is a bit substantial. :) Thank you for sharing this.

  14. I'm sure your sweetie enjoyed his iced tea and yummy oatmeal scotchies while relaxing after working so hard, Deborah! My big, rugged hubby always enjoyed hot and cold tea, too. Love and blessings to you, my friend.

  15. How sweet! It looks like Mr. Beautiful enjoyed his treat/reward for hard work! (those cookies do look delicious, by the way) :)

  16. When our hubbies do all that yard work for us, baked treats and a cool drink are a just reward.


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