Cherubs and tea

July 20, 2014

Look at these lovely hydrangeas from our front yard. I take no credit; they just bloomed without any help from me. Aren't they pretty?

And look what came in the mail from Finch Rest Emporium, the eBay shop run by the lovely blogger Michele of The Nest at Finch Rest.

I fell in love with these two cherubs holding up the little bowl, perfect for soap or candy . . . or pearls. I also found this beautiful teacup, made in Austria, in Michele's shop.

She packed everything extra carefully, and I am so happy with my purchases, including a little milk glass bowl. 

I found the box of English breakfast tea for sale at our local breakfast place. It says "1 infuser" on the front. I asked the cashier what that was, and she said it was just a tea bag. But I thought she must be mistaken; if it was a tea bag, it would say tea bag, right? Was it loose tea, some special cone of tea, or what? I had to buy it to find out.

Okay. It is a tea bag. Though a kind of fancy one. Those marketers are a pretty savvy bunch. 

Here's a closer look at the teacup . . . 

And remember the kitchen floor re-do? Here's the before . . . 

And here's the after . . . 

I'm just waiting for everything to be totally "cured" and then I can put furniture back. In the meantime, my husband has painted and I've been cleaning out cupboards and the pantry. One project always leads to another . . . 

And for a wonderful example of serendipity, look what happened this past weekend . . . 

My daughter Jessica and I had gone to get a gift at Bed Bath & Beyond, and at the checkout lane we decided to get a diet Coke. I hardly ever drink this anymore and didn't know about their #ShareaCoke campaign. I am not kidding you, the very first two bottles my daughter pulled out were these. She didn't search around for them or anything; they were just right in front. What are the odds?  

Knockout roses are also wonderfully prolific in the hands of unskilled gardeners.

And in more randomness, in a rather random post, guess what I found when cleaning up the guest bedroom preparatory to my sister and her family visiting?  

Ooops . . . these were to have gone in last year's Christmas stockings. I guess I hid them a little too well. They're still good, though. I checked.

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I just realized this is my 100th post!! Thanks to you all for reading and your lovely comments.


  1. The hydrangeas from your garden make a pretty bouquet and I like your little treasures like the tea cup and the white cherubs or angels.

  2. Wow, Deborah, the floor turned out beautifully! Your purchases are pretty too. I really like the cherubs. Oh and I think I'll look around my house to see if there's any forgotten chocolate. :)

  3. Sweet cherubs and a pretty teacup you ordered from Michele. You must be happy with the way the floor turned out, It looks brand new again.
    What a nice surprise to find forgotten chocolate,a treat for all your renovation work.

  4. I have the same vase, that the beautiful hydrangeas are in, wish I had them too .Your floor looks very nice, I have wood floors in my kitchen and dinning room and love them.

  5. Dearest Deborah,
    The best part here is the lovely newly finished floor! Looks perfect.
    Enjoy your tea times and summer.

  6. I love tea infusers I think the tea is looser and taste better :) just my opinion! your hydrangeas are beautiful mine did down right poor this year

  7. I adore hydrangeas-yours are such a gorgeous shade of pink. What delightful purchases Deborah, such beautiful vintage items. Your floor looks amazing-looks completely new! Have a good week, Alison xx

  8. Ooh, those chocolate bars are perfect for a Christmas in July blog gathering I'm linking with this weekend.
    LOVE the hydrangeas and your floors. Enjoy your kitchen makeover. While waiting for our dream cottage in our transitional house, I miss doing that more than you know. So many things we take for granted.
    Have a beautiful day.

    1. I am having a Christmas Tea in July this Friday, so I am wrapping little gifts, and getting out my Christmas tea pot. How are you doing yours?

  9. I love the adorable cherubs and the pretty teacup! Your hydrangeas and roses look so pretty, too. The floor turned out great. You must be anxious to get everything back in place. xo

  10. Hi Deborah, LOVE your hydrangeas in the hobnail vase. Just a gorgeous color. Your floors turned out gorgeous. Love the color too.
    The cherubs are adorable and the pretty tea cup is very special. I have found tea with this sort of teabag too.
    How fun your daughter pulled out coke bottles with your names.
    Have a blessed day~

  11. Lots of delights. Michele is very good at packing things carefully and beautifully. Share a coke? That's pretty cool.

  12. Beautiful hydrangeas, and beautiful teacup. Your floor looks lovely. I enjoyed your post.

  13. I would have checked the chocolate too! Seriously though, that is quite the charming tea cup.

  14. I work hard to grow my hydrangeas and your just grow. Sometimes, love the new floor. You get to put everything back and it will look wonderful. Blessings, Martha

  15. Dear Deb,

    I was so happy to see your post today. Thank you for the shout out, love!!

    Your floors, hydrangeas, knock-out roses, everything is so WOW!

    You should share your floor on Metamorphasis Monday on Between Naps on the Porch - that before and after is INCREDIBLE - gorgeous floor.

    Hey, that is really neat about the Cokes.....serendipity for sure! And, well, finding that chocolate - when are they coming? Christmas in July, by chance?

    Big hugs.

  16. You found some sweet little treasures - I just love the garland of roses on the tea cup and saucer! Your hydrangea's are gorgeous and so are your roses. I had to laugh when I saw the candy that you hid. It's always nice to find hidden candy :) The coke bottles are amazing. Enjoy your company!
    hugs xo

  17. I am sent here by Debra at Frugal Little Bungalow, and I find your blog as enchanting as she promised it would be! The pink on your blossoms is so pretty and vivid!
    I have read a few posts back and you draw people in with the simple elegant way you express yourself. Lovely!

  18. Love the hydrangeas. Mine haven't even thought about blooming yet.

  19. Just love the colour of the hydrangeas - I always think of my dad as he use to grow them many years ago. Your cherubs are adorable and the pearls are the perfect place for them .

  20. It's things like the diet coke duo that completely make me think there's gotta be some kind of amazing energy between people! Michele is such a sweetheart; your teacup and saucer are very pretty, as are your 'independent' flowers!


  21. Very pretty hydrangeas (and I love hydrangeas!). Great buys--especially the teacup. "Infuser" does sound way cooler than teabag! How cool you happened to get two cokes with yours and your daughters name! Have a great week :) Oh, and I forgot, your floors look terrific!

  22. Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine and those are just lovely! : )

  23. Lots of lovely things here - tea cups and chocolate and hydrangeas. And the floor looks so beautiful.


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