Healthy eating . . . and not

September 23, 2017

A couple friends and I have been meeting and trying to support each other in eating healthy and losing weight.

I made a paleo pizza and a friend made a salad for our last get together.

My friends are following this eating plan. Me, a somewhat modified version.

I've made a couple batches of bone broth, both beef and chicken. Full of healthy collagen and gelatin.

This is the paleo pizza crust I made. Just look up Fat Head pizza online. It's delicious, even if you're not paleo or gluten-free (which I'm not). The crust is mozzarella cheese, almond flour, an egg, and some herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme).

When I made it for my husband I put bacon and pineapple on it.

I made chai the other night for a group of friends. I made four gallons. It was a lot of friends, but not that many. I had lots to send home with them in canning jars.

The recipe calls for star anise, which I just think is the coolest-looking thing.

Chai calls for lots of sugar, but I made a separate sugar-free batch for those who wanted less or no sugar.

Caramel never has to think about carbs or sugars. The same thing goes in her bowl day after day. It is what it is . . . sigh. 

Sometimes I just forget about carbs and sugars. And go for it.

This chocolate-filled croissant was wonderful.

Don't tell my friends.


  1. I could very quickly gobble down the pizza you made for your husband! I plan to try the crust recipe. It sounds delicious. There are times when I am very deliberate about my treats, too. A chocolate filled croissant would definitely make the cut.

  2. You have to budget for the occasional treat!
    There was a healthy plan that suggested that you eat well and mindfully 80% of the time and the other 20% you relax the rules.
    Good luck...supporting each other sounds like the best recipe for success!

  3. That looks like a delicious pizza. I looked up the Fathead Pizza Crust and will be trying it. Looks much better than the cauliflower pizza crust, which isn't bad, but I get tired of it.
    Sometimes, a treat is a good thing!

  4. I should get Trim Healthy Mama. I would see it when we used to go to the Above Rubies retreats a few years ago but I wasn't ready for healthy eating. Now that I'm older I want to change that.

  5. I have got to the stage where I need to lose some weight, I seemed to have piled it on since our move. The pizza looks good, although I must admit to favouring the look of the one you made for your husband. Good luck with the diet.

  6. It all looks so good. I have been on a low carb sugar free diet for 5 months now and have lost 25 lbs and inches. I've gone from a size 18 to a 12. I am happy about that.
    I am ready for a big delicious meal! That croissant would make my day. I won't tell you ate it.

  7. I love that pizza crust recipe! I also make "meatzas" from a Mel Joulwan recipe.

    Would love it if you could post the sugar free chai recipe!

  8. Will have to check out the pizza crust recipe. My husband and I both are gluten sensitive and it's difficult to change a lifetime of bread eating. The chocolate croissant looks yummy. Bakerly makes small chocolate croissants and our local Fresh Thyme sells them but I haven't purchased any...yet...ha! It's more expensive to bake gluten free as the flours are more than wheat products. Isn't that always the costs more to be healthy. Worth it, tho... Happy Sunday! Enjoy your week...hope it cools down soon...

  9. Votre blog est toujours si joliment coloré, je viens m'y promener avec joie.
    Décidément vous êtes bien jolie avec vos cheveux poivre et sel.
    Cordialement. Babette

  10. Hi Deborah, the pizza sounds good and healthy. I watch my sugar intake about 90 percent of the time and I tell ya, I feel better when I do but when I really need a treat, I just go for it too.
    Catching up here my friend. Glad your sleep study went okay. Do you have any results yet?
    Have a great week ahead. xo

  11. That is me ...pretty much a tug-of-war between low carb and ...NOT! That pizza crust does look yummy...will need to try that! I have been using the low carb flour tortilla for my crust..only about 5 carbs per whole pizza crust and tastes just like very thin crust pizza. I think we all need a treat every now and then but I admit I have more than I should!

  12. We try hard to limit sugar but occasionally we treat ourselves, too. Thanks for the warm welcome back to blogging.
    I hope you have a nice afternoon.

  13. Hello, I read this post last night but I had no more words in me LOL So I came back this morning or shall I say afternoon.
    But, it was a post that made me smile, as we all have the same tug of war in so many areas of our lives... Grace, Grace
    But that crust looks so very good, and the anise stars taste great on fresh steamed green beans! And by the way Biotin does truly help make your nails strong it just takes forever for you to see it working. I took to heart your post so very long ago. Always, Roxy

  14. Moderation in all things...including moderation.

  15. I'm drooling over your yummy paleo pizza. Chai was what got me hooked on tea. I shudder to think how much sugar I used to add to my chai tea. These days, I drink my teas without any sweetener. Life is too short to deprive yourself of the occasional sweet treat!

  16. Dearest Deborah,
    Well, for ten years now I've adhered to the no-sugar diet and it's a good thing.
    Bacon we don't use at all, hardly any cold cuts ever. It is too salty, aside from being fat.
    Don't you love the spicy Chai?! Our Indian friend makes it BEST!
    Sending you hugs from a still warm and sunny Georgia.

  17. There are so many diets out there and while I have never dieted, I do portion control and I would eat no more than half of that delicious crossiant, even though I would want it all. I have found in recent years that even then, I need even smaller portions.. Ugh, it's hard! Happy week to you and anxious to hear the results of your sleep study.

  18. You and your friends are so wonderful for helping each other in your weight loss. Having a support group sure helps the process! You've been so busy with the pizza, broth, chai tea, and then sharing with your friends. I so smiled at the chocolate croissant at the end, my friend. Yes, we all need a treat!! Love and best wishes to you, Deborah!

  19. So nice that you and your friends are inspiring one another. The pizza and chai tea look amazing! I would not be able to resist that yummy little pastry either. A treat once in a while keeps life fun :) xo Karen

  20. I think i'll try your pizza crust. The cauliflower crust I've used seems to be too much cauliflower or something. I think you're wise working on weight loss with friends. Accountability helps!

  21. We used to get those at a wonderful bakery in the NC mtns, and they called it "pain au chocolat" - very francais :) !! Your eating habits sounds SO healthy. It seems that quite a few of us at "our age" are really making changes, pushing the Oreos away, and trying new, fresh foods. Keep up the good work! It does help to have friends with you.


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