Arguing with myself

September 29, 2017

So I went into Home Goods a couple weeks ago and saw a little hourglass with pink glittery sand that just called to me. 

And then the argument started.

I always have these arguments with myself whenever I see anything pink and glittery and adorable.

"What -- are you 12 years old?"

"But it's so stinkin' cute!"

"What are you going to do with it?"

"Well, I could use it to time brushing my teeth." (I tried appealing to reason, as the idea of "fun" didn't seem to be getting me anywhere.)

"It's just one more thing to clutter up the counter. You don't need it."

"But it's 40% off." I was whining by now.

"Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you need it."

The practical adult got her way. We left the store with a few sensible purchases. But the fun-loving child in me didn't forget the hourglass. I reminded Ms. Killjoy of the time she sent back the pink tulle skirt, and even she regretted it. It had been fun to twirl around in. And just maybe there would have been an occasion to wear it. I could have toughened it up a bit with boots and my gray suede bomber jacket. Right?

So the next time I was in Home Goods, we got the hourglass. I tipped it over as I stood in the checkout line with my daughter. It was a long line. I soon realized much longer than the 2 minutes recommended for teeth brushing.

"I'm not brushing my teeth this long!" I told my daughter after about 10 minutes.

Later, I timed it, to see how long it actually took for the pink sand to run out.

16 1/2 minutes. This obviously isn't some kind of regulation timepiece.

Okay, I can work with this.

What can I do in 16 1/2 minutes? I was going to prove that this was a practical, needful purchase.

*** Work out with arm weights.

*** Check Facebook (it usually takes way longer, but I'm trying to cut down on SM. This will be so helpful!).

*** Do my makeup and hair.

*** Clean the bathroom (okay, it takes longer than this, but sometimes I just put the job off. I can clean for 16 1/2 minutes; something is better than nothing).

*** Clean out a drawer.

*** Write a letter.

Hey, I'm starting to think that this was a very sensible purchase. 


The practical adult in me doesn't give up, though. 

A similar argument broke out at DSW last week. Over this.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Look at this!! Isn't it adorable?!"

"Oh, for heaven's sake. What are you -- 12 years old?" (This seems to be her standard response.)

"But . . . 

"Where would you ever wear this?? What would people think?"

"Oh, come on. Really? You're going to worry about what other people think? At your age?" (I can play that game, too.)

I then went on to remind her of our regret over the tulle skirt. I remind her of that often. And how fun and sensible the hourglass purchase ended up being.

"But this fake, furry pink purse is really ridiculous. You really can't justify it at all."

"But we have a coupon."

"How many times do I have to remind you? A bargain isn't a bargain if you don't need it."

But I suspect that Ms. Killjoy is really a softie at heart. After wandering around the store a bit, we circled back and got the purse.

Every time I see it in my closet now I smile. It's worth it just for that.

And I actually think I'll use it. Maybe. 

Would you? (haha, don't answer that)

And what would you do for 16 1/2 minutes?

And do you ever argue with yourself?

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  1. I am truly laughing...
    Yes, I argue with myself, and I have found if I would just buy the thing and if when I get home, I am so sorry I wasted my moneyI will take it back. It's like Washi Tape how many rolls do you really need???
    Every color of the rainbow and beyond...

  2. Love the hourglass, love the purse and love this post! Good for you for having some fun. Enjoy!

  3. Oh, this made me smile! Ms. Killjoy certainly gets around because she's all too present here sometimes. Love the story, love the hourglass and the purse! Enjoy life!

  4. Like Lorrie, I'm smiling over this post. The purse is adorable --I hope you use it. I am a little more successful in talking myself out of buying things, suggesting if I'd never seen it … and that I will soon forget it. But not always, such as you didn't forget that cute hourglass. I think that is a delightful timer to see what all you can do in 16 minutes (and a half).

  5. Your new treasures are wonderful! I experience this struggle sometimes because when I declutter it is very discouraging to see the excess or useless things I have purchased. But, sometimes, there is something that DELIGHTS my spirit and I've learned those are the times to say "Yes." There is a large rooster plaque hanging in my kitchen that has survived two kitchen makeovers and it still makes me happy every day. Also, a few years ago, my neighbor set out a beautiful baby blue vintage Schwinn bicycle for sale. After eyeing it for about five minutes, I went over, found out the price and bought it. My husband asked what I was planning to do with it. I said ride it, of course, but even if I never did, I was happy just to LOOK at it! And I am, everytime I am in the garage! (I do ride it occasionally, too!)

  6. Such a cute post and I love your pink pretties. I say "go for what makes you happy." When I first saw the purse, it reminded me of a hand warmer muff that I had as a child....had not thought of it in years.

  7. Well, I think these were excellent purchases, because who says we have to act grown-up all the time? I would love to time some of my chores with a pink sparkly timer! I would definitely use the purse, too. It would look so cute with a jean-jacket and a little pink headband. I love that you let your fun self win the argument! xo Karen

  8. I am smiling and thinking of you arguing with yourself. I love the inner child just go with it and have some fun.

  9. I smiled all the way through this, Deborah, knowing how I argue with myself just like you!!!!! Yes, we should be like kids sometimes. It'll be fun to use the purse and the timer will be used, too. I think pink is your color, my friend.

  10. You are such a talented writer, Deborah! I giggled through this entire RELATABLE post! We've all done the "should I" or "shouldn't I" shuffle at a store! I'm glad your fun side won out this time. I bet every time your turn over your timer and see that sparkly pink sand slip through the glass a happy feeling floods through you. And as for the purse, there will be an occasion when it's just the right accessory . I promise. (maybe there's granddaughter in your future!) Thanks for such a happy way to start my day!

  11. Love the post! I believe I would have broken down and bought both of those pink items, too! :-)

  12. Buying Pink fluffy fanciful things do not need to be justified if they make you happy!

  13. I like your rationale. I have two hourglasses that I adore and multiple fuzzy pillows. Does that count?

  14. Oh my goodness, what a great post. Tell me there's a reader who's never argued with him/herself and I'll bet they're only kidding themselves! I love your task list for 16.5 minutes too. I would totally buy a purse like that, said the purse collector. Besides, I just emptied many containers full at a yard sale this morning, so I've got money to burn, lol.

  15. Deborah, what a darling girly post! I wish you had kept the skirt and am so glad you went back for the hourglass. I like all your ideas but here's another one.

    Years ago I followed FlyLady's housekeeping method and one of her mantras was "you can do anything for 15 minutes." So any task that I dreaded I would set the timer and promise myself I could quit when it went off.

    So you could pick something you dread and promise yourself 16 minutes of doing it and then you can quit if you want to. Much prettier than an old timer.

  16. A pink glitter hourglass?! I think it would look dazzling sitting in a very sunny window where you can see it from a very comfy chair and watch the glittery sand run through ... maybe even set it beside a burning candle to catch the light. Who said it has to be used for actually timing anything?? The purse is adorable, and I would definitely use it ... well, if I had the pink tulle skirt to wear with it!! This was a very amusing post Deborah ;)
    Wendy xox

  17. What a cute post! Oh, I fight these temptations all the time, some I win but a lot I LOSE! I can't seem to help myself sometimes. You could exercise for 16 1/2 minutes. :o)) Have yourself a great first week of Oct.

  18. Well poo! Somewhere in the ethernet is my first comment...hmmm, here goes again. Deborah, good for you writing such a personal post. That takes courage. I don't argue with myself so much as I rehearse my anger...over what someone did or Lyin' Brian who cheated me out of money, get the drift. I'm trying to curb that impulse (to no avail as you can see from me commenting) am getting better when those thoughts come to mind, to tuck those folks in prayer. I figure they need the prayer and I need the practice...LOL.

  19. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...

    I can totally relate to the inner turmoil of an "impractical" purchase. We all need some frou frou in our lives, right?

  20. Deborah, I loved this post. It is so comforting to know that I am not the only one guilty of this. It may not have been a pinky sandy hourglass or a fuzzy pink purse but I have had my moments! I really like your idea for the using the 16 1/2 minute timer for facebook...I could use that idea. As far as the purse goes, I'm afraid my doggies would try to "befriend"!

  21. Oh my goodness, Deborah, you are a scream! Remind me NEVER to go shopping with you because you would be a bad influence on me. Yes, I have those same arguments. And oftentimes when I go back and get the item I couldn't forget about, it's gone! Example: I was looking for a straw hat for the beach two summers ago. I found one and the argument started. It was perfect and it fit me! {I have trouble getting hats to fit me because I have a small head.} Hubby thought it was perfect and I should buy it. Well, I rationalized myself out of it. Later that day, I sent Hubby back to that department store {which is five minutes away} to purchase the hat. It was gone! I have looked and looked for another one and haven't found one yet. Hubby keeps reminding me too that I should not have walked away from that straw hat. It is his reminder that when I see something I really want, I should buy it. When I see something I like and try to tell myself that I'm just being frivolous, he reminds me of the hat! I almost never go shopping so this is why I have these arguments with myself. Sometimes I'm simply too practical. A girl has to have some fun, right? Thanks for the smile and I'm glad you got the hour glass; it's adorable! I mean what girly-girl can resist something pink?


  22. Ohmygoodness!!! This is ME. No wonder I like reading your blog so much!! I totally identify with this post. I'm always arguing with myself ... but usually in the thrift store. "It's only a dollar." "That's a dollar best spent elsewhere!" "But I might use it at Christmas?" or "I want to get this for the grandchildren (who aren't born yet)!" Sigh. Yes, I do this All The Time.
    And if the little pink fluffy purse makes you SMILE, it is worth every penny. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Lovely quote. Some things are worth having at hand in your home because they are beautiful to you. It doesn't matter what Ms. Killjoy thinks of it!! Hahaha!

  23. Bwuahahahahahahaha oh my gosh this is one of the funniest posts I have ever read.
    Deb, you are so freaking hilarious.

    LOL. You just made my day, girlfriend. Hugs, love and laughs galore. ♥

  24. Life is too short NOT to have FUN! The hourglass will make you smile and so would the little purse. You could hang it on the doorknob for awhile. I always figure, it I don't spend too much, I can give it away or donate it so that someone else can enjoy it when I get tired of it. I've been known to give away a bracelet...or two...because someone complimented it in the store. haha! Life's short....oh I said that! Hugs!

  25. LOL I thought that I was the only one!!! :) XO

  26. Oh Deborah, you are TOO CUTE! This post brought a smile to my face, sweet friend :) Yes, I argue with myself at times and often, no matter how much I argue, I usually end up coming home with the item I'm arguing about :)

    I must say that I LOVE your hourglass. What a beautiful and unique piece. And was a fabulous was of using it. Also, the clutch is darling and I know it must look perfect with your stylish outfits. You have excellent taste, my friend.

    Love and hugs to you!

  27. What the heck?! You only live once, right? I say it's cute and who gives a rats butt what anyone thinks :)


  28. Entertaining, hilariously :) You verbalized eloquently the frequent battles that go on in a woman's mind, lol! Oh I chuckled, indeed! I always use the "just because its on sale doesn't mean you need it" concept too, but like you, it is far too easy to succumb. I'm glad you did. The 16-1/2 minute timer could be used for many tasks that are put off, such as mending a pant leg, writing a letter, decluttering a drawer, exercising, or, this is my best one - making a pan of homemade chocolate fudge :D! Have fun with your new pink glittery furry purchases :)

  29. This post made me laugh out loud!! Perfect way to start the day! :) I've had the same internal discussions. My practical side always wins. Today I'm not going to listen to "her". I'm gonna buy something just because it's cute!! Thanks for this post!! Lol! Linda

  30. What a cute post! And cute hourglass, purse....I do the exact same thing in the store all the time. Sometimes with personal things for myself (none of which I need at all) and things I am buying to that is a whole other conversation! Hmmm, 16 1/2 minutes....I can find lots of things to do. I love to take care of lots of little balance the checkbook.


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