Snowstorm and *giveaway* winner

December 12, 2016

I have been enjoying cooking in my working kitchen again! I hope to get some baking done this week and start stocking up for the Christmas feasting. Our youngest will be flying in for Christmas, and maybe even our middle son and his wife. We're waiting to hear if they can get enough time off work to make it. And, of course our daughter and her new husband are local so they'll be here, too.

We still have a list of things that need to be finished in our kitchen, not the least of which are the glass shelving and doors for the cabinets in which my teacups and teapots will be stored. I hope I'll have pictures soon. 

We had a big snowstorm this weekend here in Michigan. A few more inches after this picture was taken, bringing the total to about eight or nine inches.

 I finished up some Christmas cards . . .

. . . and enjoyed a hot drink in front of the fire.

And can I just pass on a piece of advice?

If you ever dry thyme from your garden, pull off all the leaves before you let it dry. I was in a hurry when I harvested my rosemary and thyme and neglected to do this. When I went to package the herbs up for little Christmas gifts, I discovered that all the thyme stems had crumbled and had to be painstakingly removed from the leaves.

I think I spent a couple hours (!!) culling through these leaves to remove the stems. Lesson learned. 

Fortunately, the rosemary was much easier to sort through and bottle up.

I've been thinking of my daughter's first Christmas with her new husband . . . 

Our First Christmas Together ornament. On our tree for the past 35 years. Wow, I just noticed you can see me taking the picture -- my phone is right in the middle of the ornament!


I decided to have a giveaway last week in honor of three years of blogging. My husband drew the winning number.

Congratulations to marmilu (Mary Lou), who says she reads my blog but hasn't commented before. Yay! I was hoping to meet one of my elusive, silent readers. I will be in touch Mary Lou to get your mailing address.

Thank you to those who entered and those who commented here for the first time. I hope to get around to say hi to you all soon.


  1. Enjoy your Christmas preparations! The snow is beautiful. We had a couple of inches last week, but it's all melted now and the rain is dripping on the roof.

  2. That snow is gorgeous! I'm so envious! And a wood fire to write Christmas cards by, pure bliss.

    So happy for you that you're cooking in your new almost-finished kitchen and I hope that all the family makes it home for Christmas to enjoy your home cooking.

  3. Your snow looks so pretty. I know you are enjoying being able to work in your new kitchen, especially with making Christmas goodies.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  4. That ornament from your first Christmas is wonderful!
    We have snow falling here and its chilly but it looks like this time it is not going to stick...congratulations to marmilu!

  5. Thrilled to hear your kitchen is almost done and thrilled that the family will be able to get together to celebrate the season, such a joy. Congratulations to Mary Lou for your generous giveaway.

  6. Your home is beautiful on the outside, Deborah. I love it when you share scenes off your (I'm assuming) back deck, gorgeous!
    That fireplace looks lovely. Oh there's nothing like a fireside cuppa in a relaxing chair.
    35 years together, congratulations on those many years. My husband and I will celebrate our 38th this April.
    How special for your daughter and her husband celebrating their first Christmas together as husband and wife.
    Your tea cups and tea pots are going to look beautiful behind those glass cupboards.

    So nice to visit with you, sweet lady~~

  7. Yes, well, thank you, Dear, for sending along your winter storm...very sporting of you! =D I have spent many hours clearing my yard.

    Can't wait to see your beautiful kitchen. You have got to be loving it. Hope that you are enjoying the process of making it your own.

    Christmas sounds as if it is shaping up nicely! May all your loves find their way home!

  8. Looks like you have a wonderful wood burning stove insert. They sure keep things nice and cozy!

  9. Congratulations to the giveaway winner and having a functional kitchen again! I've started a tradition of giving my 14-month godson a Christmas ornament each year. I enjoy snow from the cozy indoors!

  10. What a surprise when I saw my name as your giveaway winner! Thank you so much! This is such a generous gift! It sounds like you stayed cosy and busy during your snow storm. I love baking, and can imagine how much fun it is for you in your new kitchen. I hope all works out for a happy family get-together this Christmas! Again, thank you!
    Mary Lou

  11. So glad you will be able to have a Christmas day in your lovely new kitchen! Enjoy your baking and all the goodies. May your whole family be able to come for the holidays! Keep warm and safe! Merry Christmas...
    Hugs, Roxy

  12. Oh Deborah, I just know you're so enjoying being in your kitchen again!! Woohoo!! I can't wait to see some pictures. It sounds like you'll be having a full house for Christmas. How exciting for your daughter to be celebrating her first Christmas with her new hubby. Doesn't time fly? Congratulations to the winner of your lovely giveaway!
    Loved the snowy scenes of your deck and back yard! Enjoy preparing for your family, sweet friend. Love and blessings to you!

  13. That's so cool for a reader who's never commented but does read to win your giveaway, Deborah. Oh yea, when I clip my lavender I always remove the leaves off the stems before drying. Sorry I couldn't have saved you that aggravation.
    The snow is beautiful to look someone's else's neighborhood! It's true, I love the look of it, but it worries me too much with all the damage the freeze/thaw can do to a home. That's the type personality I have...:(

  14. I'm glad you are able to be in your kitchen to do some baking and the reminder of removing leaves from herb stems is noted thanks. Your snowy back yard looks like ours, pretty and gives the season a magical feel.

  15. Hi Deborah, How wonderful you are back in your kitchen and able to prepare, bake and just be in your lovely new space. I bet you are truly enjoying it. Love the pic of your backyard. I can just imagine the snow and cold. It sure brings back memories from growing up and living in Michigan. We have no snow here and the temps roll back and forth from 70's to freezing.
    Love your First Christmas ornament. Your phones reflection is a sweet touch.
    Have a great rest of the week and stay warm. Blessings xoxo

  16. I feel as though I just had a nice warm friendly visit with you during your day.

    Your Christmas preparations are wonderful - I am getting in the spirit of the season now too a little bit more.

    TOday is cold cold cold though - but I LOVE it. I am all toasty and trying to get things done around here!

    Love ya, lady. xxoo

  17. How wonderful that you got to meet one of your "silent" readers with your giveaway! And exciting to be back in your kitchen, I can only imagine your excitement and joy as you prepare to visit with your family! Love that cozy fireplace, and congratulations on 35 years together, what a milestone! Hugs to you today!


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