Do you wear foundation?

December 27, 2016

Yesterday I was reading one of those articles that are always popping up in my social media feeds. It was something like "20 Beauty Mistakes You're Making." Okay, I always, almost, waste time by clicking on these articles. And it struck me how many of the "mistakes" listed had to do with wearing too much makeup. There was the one about not wearing shorts too short, but I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Long, fake nails, super-heavy false eyelashes, too black or too much eyeliner, too heavy on the eyebrow pencil. Too much bronzer, too much foundation.

At one point I thought, gee, why bother with it at all? 

I've already given up on concealer (too cake-y, too fake, too hard to blend, argh . . . ).

I never really used powder or bronzer (powder just settles, and I never cared about mastering all those complicated bronzer/highlighter charts).

I don't often pencil in my eyebrows.

Now I'm wondering if I should even bother with the foundation.

Okay, I know that "too much foundation" is different than "no foundation." But sometimes I don't get it blended perfectly. Or it settles in the cracks. Is it worth it?

These are my two favorite foundations at present. I use only a large pea-sized amount. 

This primer is wonderful, and sometimes I use it all alone, with no foundation. No worries about blending, and it just glides on. Is this enough?

Oh, dear. A dirty doily. Why do I notice this stuff after I post the picture?
I think my foundation might go on a little more easily if I remembered to exfoliate on occasion or to use a facial mask. I bought the ladies in my family some of these for their Christmas stockings, and a few made their way into mine, too.

I do like the French concept of le no makeup look. But we all know that it takes careful application of some makeup to achieve it. Or else they are just taking super great care of their skin.

Do you use foundation to cover the little spots and imperfections? Too smooth out everything? Or do you face the world Unmasked and Unrepentant?


  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts. I'm down to concealer and eyeliner for everyday. I add a bit of mascara for special occasions.

  2. Hi Deborah,
    You choose the most interesting topics! I had been in the business, having studied cosmetology so a beauty routine was always important. I had worn foundation and blush every day of my life since I was a teenager. Until about seven years ago. I stopped because it looked cakey and the cracks were more noticeable. I am very fair so I have to wear a little mascara and eyeliner every day otherwise I look ill. I have been told this a number of times. So, my beauty routine is very simple these days; clean skin, a good beauty lotion/cream, a bit of powder blush on my cheeks, some mascara and a little eyeliner and lipstick. That's it. I drink a lot of water so my complexion looks okay. I wish I could still wear the foundation because it covered all those little imperfections. We do change as we age and so does our beauty routine. I do believe if we are happy on the inside it will be reflected in our appearance. And is there anything prettier than a beautiful smile?

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family.

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Hello Deborah
    I used L'Oreal's Age Perfect skin care and their BB (instant glow) Creme for a light foundation. With a ruddy complexion an Avon stick concealer helps even out my skin tone. I've been reading about a primer under foundation - is there any colour to it? A number of layers once we're finished. lol My eyelashes are tinted and I use a MAC eyeliner for definition. I follow a makeup company on FB in England founded by a woman and for us over 50. Seems to be a great line but expensive to exchange from their currency and then the shipping.

  4. All these questions swirl around in my mind too! For the most part, I no longer wear makeup. The last time I used foundation, I was shocked at how it accentuated the fine lines. I think mascara helps all of us but I can no longer tolerate it. Occasionally, I'll add a little lipstick or a touch of cheek powder and that's about it. Like you, I let my hair go gray and life is much easier. Wishing you a happy new year.

  5. I very rarely wear foundation, and don't like the feel of it, no matter how sheer. Once in awhile I'll use a powder to even out my skin tones.

  6. I was raised by wolves so no make-up for me. HA!

  7. Oh, I love makeup. Mostly eye palettes and lipsticks. I do wear foundation and eyeliner is a must because I too can look ill if I don't. I like owns that look natural but with coverage. I have used Guerlain for years. These days, my attention has been on my skincare since I am almost 50. A good moisturizer and eye cream are important to me so I will invest a bit more on those items.

    I do love that Smashbox Primer.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2017.



  8. If only I could get away with going nude.....I do use concealer, but it is a wonderful, liquid roll-on by Maybelline, called 'Instant Age Rewind'. It doesn't settle into lines and I use a color to match my skin tone instead of lighter so I don't have white 'raccoon eyes'. I also use a translucent powder by Cover Girl - Tru Blend, just to cut the shine. I also use a dark brown gel liner pencil on the inside of my top lashes - a trick I saw on t.v. It darkens the lash line and looks natural. A bit of dark brown mascara finishes it off. I use a gray gel liner pencil on my brows, as they have become sparse, and it also looks 'natural'. Then I round it all off with a peachy pink lipstick that I also use as blush. It's a 'barely there' color and blends in well. I don't use foundation, just the concealer to cover spots. A tiny dab will do! I feel better when I add just a bit of this and that to enhance what nature has faded. Haha!

  9. Usually, I go with just me, but I look a whole lot better when I repent and wear makeup.

  10. Hi Debbie. Do you follow hotandflashy on youtube? I've learned so much from her about makeup over 50. I've been using her "holy grail" foundation for a couple of years and it works well with my older-crapey-saggy-wrinkly-growing pores-skin! I have it in 30 Beige. I also use Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Not every time. Mostly when I need the foundation to stay flawless for more than a few hours. I've pretty much adopted Angie's (hotandflashy) whole routine! I especially love Timeless Serums...half off through Dec 2016 with the code DEC2016. I enjoy reading your blog and sharing. Happy New Year!!

  11. I have never worn foundation, other than for stage. My skin has always been freckled, and it would literally take pancake makeup (much like greasepaint) to cover what experts would call my flaws. I'll take the flaws, thank you very much. I will, however, use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (with bonus spf), layered over my trusted Clinique moisturizer. I'm a simple makeup girl - moisturizer, eye pencil & mascara, and lip gloss/lipstick for the most part, and occasionally blush powder on cheeks.

  12. Hi Deborah! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I don't wear much makeup, but I do use Boots # 7 serum, and I love Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. I have never liked powders at all, but do use a blush stick. I also like a little mascara, eye liner and Cover Girl Smoochies lip balm. I guess we all try to look our best. Happy New Year to you, sweet friend!

  13. I use everything but concealer and primer. Always have because I love makeup. Part of me would love to use just mascara and lip gloss but with pale skin I also look ill without makeup. My age tells me I need to cut back and will someday. In the meantime, is Ulta open yet?

  14. What you see is what you get!
    No surprises! Nothing hidden!

  15. Hi Deb! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I have worn the same foundation for years, shortly after it came out...I don't know when it least 10-15 years, maybe. It is the L'Oreal Minerals True Match that you buff on with a very fine, squatty brush. I haven't found anything that looks more natural or easy to apply than this least for me. I finish with the Mineral veil which is a very fine, fine powder that goes over for a natural finish. I do dot on a concealer under my eyes before hand and blend (dab) in with with a sponge since I do have dark circles and the veil. There are days when I wear no makeup when I am off work but those are the days when I hope I don't run into anyone I know at the grocery!

  16. Deborah, I like to put on mascara and lipstick when I'm going somewhere. And I use a drop of foundation only on special occasions and only if I'm in the mood! When I do, I put on moisturizer, let that sink in for a couple minutes, then mix a drop of Clinique Dewy Smooth makeup with a couple drops of moisturizer and smooth that on.

  17. Dearest Deborah,
    My entire life I've been a rather plain girl and never used foundation.
    Since living in the South, I started using a Chanel day cream with spf-15 but when my Mom was in her last days, I'd developed a rash, a Dermatomyositis so I did not even dare to use any mascara or whatever. Since then, I use it very seldom and don't know what triggered my rash. It might have been another autoimmune attack on my body. But I feel okay with going au naturel most of the time. Trying to eat healthy and not getting into the sun is more important.
    I already had been very reluctant for using anything as so much of the makeup is containing toxic ingredients. We should all realize that the cosmetic industry is a HUGE profit in the worldwide market. I've been fighting with my foster-daughter about the products that come from China and contain the most toxic ingredients! Especially in skin lightening creams... Both, Pieter and I are micro biologists so we are not an easy target for all those commercials and their 'fake' promises. The natural aging process cannot be reversed; period. Check out some of the products you are using for knowing if any ingredients seem to be toxic:
    This website has a web presence of 764,000 so it is trustworthy!
    Sending you hugs and meanwhile regrowing my nose skin... from overuse due to the flu. Like last year around this time and one wonders what the benefit of the prescribed anti-flu shot really is?!

  18. I use IT your skin but better CC cream with 50 sunscreen. I also use their pressed powder which is velvet soft and luminous on. I have ginormous eye bags and dark circles, so I use bare mineral eye brightener. My eyebows are sparse and so I use a soft blond powder on them. No mascara and maybe a light lipgloss to finish.

  19. Great post!
    I stopped wearing foundation many years ago, just didn't like the heavy feel of it on my face.
    I'm good about using creams both in the morning and at night. I believe in eye creams and a small amount of silver sol every morning on my face and neck.
    I use a powder that blends with my skin tone,a small amount of eye shadow, natural colors, masquera in brown color and lip stick.
    I try and keep it simple yet soft and pretty if I can. :-)

    I thought of you over the holidays with all that you had going on. I'm sure it was beautiful.

    Joy! Debbie

  20. Hey there, interesting topic here today. I'm very fair, a natural blonde with blue eyes and thee is NO way I could go without foundation. I've changed though. Now, almost everything I use is NARS. NARS liquid foundation is applied with a damp makeup sponge, and by doing this it is also a concealer. This way it doesn't look "white" under the eyes but very even-toned all over. All my girlfriends comment on how beautiful it looks. I have great skin, but it's not all the same color. I use NARS eyeshadows too as they are water soluable, this is key. On top of the foundation I use their Orgasm Blush high on the cheek bones up to the hair line & then on my forehead. On top of all this goes a brushed on powder called a blurring powder, and it does just that. I pat on a tiny drop of eye cream just on the eye bone under the eye, let it sit for a couple of seconds then spray all over my face with rosewater spray. It sets everything. No pores, no creases, no lines. Perfection. And, I'm probably older than all of your other commenters. Happy New Year !!!!!

  21. I love this post and enjoyed reading the comments. It seems like everyone has some good ideas. I had to rethink make up when I moved to Florida. It's hot and humid most of the time and make up can melt. But I have dark circles so I wear cover up under my eyes and then brush on mineral make up. It works great for me. Gives me just enough coverage and helps keep my face dry. I wear Vaseline lip balm...comes in a tube for around $1. Thanks for the tips. I brush my hair and put on this little bit of make up every morning. It makes me feel ready to face whatever comes my way during the day! Hugs!

  22. Bare-faced here. Mascara makes my eyes water, and it's just way too hot here in SE Georgia year round for makeup (to my hot natured self). I can't stand feeling sticky and 'mask-y', if that makes sense.
    I like a lip balm, but that's just good old chapstick (cake batter for the win!). When I was in highschool and office work, I wore it religiously, but now? Eh, who cares. lol Comfort over fashion! (for me)

  23. Oh, I used to kid myself that I looked fresh and fine without much makeup, but it's not true. I wear minimal makeup, but the difference between nothing and something is huge. I use clear gel and light brown powder on my eyebrows, vanilla cream eyeshadow as a base on my lids (Bobbi Brown) with some powder shadow over that, something soft like a peach or pale gold or silvery grey, eyeliner on the top lid, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and then either Bobbi Brown foundation stick or a very light dusting of Bare Minerals (just to take out the pink around my nose and cheeks), and always a lip color (most often Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, which is my lips but better). Takes three minutes, max. I also use Roc deep wrinkle cream at night and it's really improved the texture of my skin.

  24. think I'm here from Tara Dillard...maybe. I'm old enough to have memory lapses. I use a lot of brushes and minerals but used to use foundation and moisturizer in one...except it didn't make any sense so I stopped. mainly I use mascara and lipstick and, once finished, never look in a mirror until it's time to take it all off. that's if I'm dressing up but if I'm just dashing to town to the feed store, why bother? it's not like I'm checking out the possibilities. 'cause there aren't any.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  25. Hello, I did want to read this post as I think a good foundation is hard to find, and so many of them make you look older and every wrinkle is so profound. But I have used a foundation from Clinique's line called Even Better, very light and covers well. It has never caused me to break out. And it last a very long time. But I have really enjoyed using a serum on my face before I use my foundation. And there are times that mascara irritates my eyes. But if I go without lipstick everyone thinks I am sick LOL
    I actually use a tube of lipstick for my blush as it last all day. But it has to all feel light and not heavy. Well anyways I do hope you have a blessed New Year...
    Warmly, Roxy

  26. no foundation for me. I have been using BB cream. I like it so much better! I do wear eye shadow, liner and lipstick and a bit of blush. However, around the house, nothing!!

  27. I don't own any foundation anymore, and I rarely wear any make up. I used to sell Mary Kay, years ago, so I know all about how to use it, but I just find it a pain. I like lip stick. I know my skin could use all kinds of TLC but at 53, I wonder -- why try to look like I'm young? I'm not. But I know some women enjoy make up, and if so, they should do it! I do use the occasional mask, however :)


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