A bling-y Fourth

July 3, 2016

No big family gathering this holiday. But we can still have fun, right?! I even bought sparklers. Woo-hoo!

Have a happy holiday, friends. And don't forget to pray for this beautiful country of ours. 


{I just have to tell you about the fun I had trying to edit the second picture above (the one with my hands) on PicMonkey. They have a free 7-day trial of their upgraded editing tools going on right now, so I signed up for it. There's a whole section where you can airbrush, apply spray tan, add blush, remove wrinkles, etc. Now, I am totally against airbrushing and photo-shopping . . . in theory. haha. I thought I'd try the wrinkle remover on my knuckles. Well, I ended up almost on the floor laughing. Seriously. It looked like some invisible thumb was pressing down on each of my knuckles, just blurring and flattening them out. Major fail.

So those knuckles are totally unadulterated.}

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  1. Love those patriotic nails!!

    I have to be honest. I actually dread the 4th of July. My dogs get so stressed with all the noise, and unfortunately, it's not just a 1-night thing. My neighbors started shooting stuff off Friday night. So, by the time it's over, my dogs will be going crazy for 4 nights, and that's if the neighbors aren't still carrying on Tuesday and Wednesday.



  2. Sounds like fun, have a great day. Loved the d├ęcor on the tree.

  3. Hahaha, Deborah you are too funny. I can imagine your laughter...
    You really went all out! It sure looks cute. You should have guests over just to share the joy. Happy 4th!

  4. I love glitter, bling, your nails and the tree!

    Happy 4th!


  5. Love the decor everywhere...on your manicure and on the kitchen island tree...fabulous! Ha about ironing out your knuckle wrinkles...too cute!

  6. Happy 4th of July, Deborah,! I'm loving all your sparkly patriotic decor.

    Your experience with Picmonkey's editing tools made me smile. Recently, there was some controversy about a magazine allegedly photoshopping Priyanka Chopra's underarms so much that the end result looked like Barbie's underarms!

  7. LOL - I am now laughing on the floor about you using the editing tools - trust me, practice makes perfect. I use the "wrinkle remove" on nearly every photo - but seldom on people, cuz I don't usually blog people pics...but I use it to erase lines and shadows and crumbs and wrinkles on tableclothes. I played when I first got it with my own face just to see and ahem, well, plastic is what first happened. But it's good to keep it realish so there's that too. Does make you wonder why we compare ourselves to beauty magazines when it is one big fat false look!!?!!

    We had a big bbq with the girls and their husbands here last night, and shot off fireworks Katie and Jeff got last time they were in Pennyslvania visiting his grandmother. : - ) It was such fun!

    Hope yours has been pleasant - sometimes the easy quiet ones are best! : -)

    Hugs and love ♥

  8. Your nails are very festive and pretty, Deborah! You know how to celebrate! I like your centre piece of sparkle. Enjoy this lovely day and Happy 4th of July, my friend!


  9. Happy 4 th of July Deb! I love your patriotic tree...we don't do big gatherings anymore, but we still celebrate. Love your festive nails! So cute!

  10. Your kitchen tree looks so festive, Deborah, and those nails...what fun! Yes, we need to pray for this dear country of ours. Happy 4th to you, sweet friend!

  11. Hi Deborah, what a wonderful post for the 4th of July. I love your bling and your patriotic nails are so fun. Darling Americana tree in your kitchen. Hope you've enjoyed this day at home with your family. xo

  12. Dearest Deborah,
    Lovely post and hilarious too with your funny and honest story!
    Wishing you a Happy 4th of July and sending you hugs,

  13. Love your nails! I thought of you when I was in the Chicago airport in May...I saw a young lady dressed in vintage women's clothing and hat, and carrying vintage luggage. It reminded me of the lady "Rue" that you mentioned in a post awhile back. I spoke with this woman and it was NOT Rue. Fun! Happy 4th of July!

  14. That is the first 4th of July tree that I have seen. Love it. The antique post card is great. The manicurist did an awesome job on your nails. Good for you buying sparklers. Fun!

  15. Oh MY Gosh! I love all your Red White and Blue Sparkly Bling!!!

  16. Your blog is delightful! Love your nails! I think I like the little tree the best...how cute.

  17. Love all the sparkles! Your nails are so cute! Funny about the editing :) Hope your day was wonderful! x Karen

  18. What a beautiful blingy July 4th you have created...I love it! And believe me, I am quite familiar with all of those cool edits from Picmonkey...it never hurts to have a little help every now and then. Picmonkey and I are tight! :D

  19. Wow, Deborah! Pretty and patriotic and ready for partying! Your nails are amazing!


  20. Hello Deborah, I love your pretty patriotic tree! Your nails look so fun and festive! I used to wear the press on nails but have to give them a try again! Thanks for the visit! Have a nice week. :)

  21. That's very blingy!! :) I like your knuckles JUST the way they are!! Truly -- that's the point of the bling, right? So people look at your bling instead of your knuckles? haha :) All the textures in that photo blend so much that at first glance, I thought your middle finger was severed from your hand b/c the blue ring blended right into the cloth background. It took me a second! I do like your flag nails.

  22. I know I'm late for the 4th comments but your nails are amazing!


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