Pretty china and MOB shoes

June 24, 2016

Such a nice thing to come home to find a present on your front porch.

I made myself put away all the groceries first. I poured myself a drink (raspberry zinger herbal tea with a little sparkling water and a wedge of lime), and settled down comfortably in anticipation. I knew it was going to be good. After all, my friend had said something about "fragile." 

I was not disappointed.

Isn't this teacup a beauty? Vintage, made in England by Rosina. I love the colors, and that beautiful rose.

Thank you dear friend.

I've already enjoyed a cup of tea in it, this delicious white tea from Teavana.

(the chocolate was good, too)

I told my daughter I would pack up all her china, but I got waylaid taking pictures.

Isn't it pretty? It was her great grandmother's. I told my daughter I'm looking forward to eating off of this china when she's married and has us over for dinner! It's in beautiful condition, a complete set.

It is Minton, the Lorraine pattern.

And here's a vintage covered casserole marked Vienna, Austria, which I found a few months ago.

And a sweet vintage pitcher made in Germany.

And . . . in other news, I found my mother-of-the-bride shoes.

I couldn't resist adding a few extra sparkles with PicMonkey.

I was happy to find a pretty shoe with a low heel. I'll be wearing a floor-length navy gown that goes with these perfectly.

Wedding plans are moving along; this weekend two showers are scheduled, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, so that two of the bridesmaids who are coming in from out of state can attend both.

Next week we'll be addressing all the invitations. 

I'm having so much fun; so thankful for this happy time in our lives.

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  1. Lovely gift! The tea cup set is very pretty and the little extras are a lot of fun, too. Teavana tea...the best...

    Lovely shoes and I thought the edits just made that photo!

  2. What a pretty gift to find on your porch. The teacup is charming. Your daughter's heirloom china is gorgeous...

  3. Love the shoes! Enjoy every moment, as they zip by very quickly!

  4. Your daughters heirloom china is a real delight, I have never come across it before it is beautiful. My name is Lorraine so I am now going to look for some for myself. Great shoes, exciting times planning a wedding. Take care.

  5. Dear Debra:
    That was a lovely gift you received. The cup and saucer is lovely. Rosina's never disappoint! Your shoes are darling. Best wishes on your daughter's wedding.

  6. What a nice surprise gift, I know you'll enjoy it. The shoes - I love them Deborah and hope they are comfy on your feet.

  7. What a gorgeous teacup, Deborah, and I love the rose in the bottom of the cup, as a happy surprise.
    Your daughter's heirloom China is just so special. You've found some pretty accessories to coordinate with it. She must love pretty things like her sweet mama.
    Now those shoes are going to look fabulous. You'll be pretty from head to toe! Enjoy those showers!

  8. Hi Deborah, WOW what a gorgeous teacup. The design is so pretty. Love your daughter's china. What a beautiful pattern and you found some lovely treasures to go with it.
    I love your shoes. Just stunning!! You are going to be a gorgeous MOB!!
    Have fun at the showers. Hugs!
    p.s. I went on Jambu and purchased those sandals. Love them!! Thanks for the link.

  9. Oh what a sweet gift Deborah. You have a very kind friend and she knows you too well. That tea cup is gorgeous. And your daughter's china is stunning. What a special heirloom. I am sure she will treasure that delicate china for years to come.

    PS. Your shoes are gorgeous.

    Have a great week.


  10. Dearest Deborah,
    Wow, that parcel was one full of surprises and I loved the text on that card also very much; so thoughtful!
    Tea from such a cup is pure bliss!
    Your grandmother's china will indeed grace your daughter's table rather soon and you will be all eating off it again. How very special with someone smiling down from heaven!
    You are lucky for having found your favorite shoes in a timely manner, a very clever choice for comfy low heels.
    Sending you hugs and blessings and savor this special time!

  11. Hello Deborah, What a lovely post graced with such beauty.
    Your friend certainly blessed you with a lovely gift, my that is a gorgeous tea cup.
    The china that was your daughters great grandmothers is absolutely gorgeous!
    What a delight it will be having a meal on them after the wedding, and speaking of wedding, those are darling shoes and will look lovely with your dress. It is the dress you showed us some time ago I would assume?
    Happy times you are going through right now, enjoy!

    Have a beautiful day~~

  12. Oh, Deborah, what a pretty teacup from your friend! I love your shoes! I think even I could tolerate those heels. What a happy time in your life, is right! It's a busy time but such a precious time too. I love the china! I haven't seen that pattern before and how wonderful it belonged to your daughter's grandmother! A real treasure. A lovely post, my friend, and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Have a delightful day and weekend.


  13. What a lovely post. Everything is so pretty and girly. Happy for you that you found shoes that you like. Such kindness from your friend to leave front porch gifts! :)
    Heather Elizabeth

  14. Love your gorgeous teacup and the pretty Minton china set that your daughter inherited from her great grandmother.

    Your MOB shoes are fabulous! I normally wear flats, but wore low-heeled shoes when I was a bridesmaid. I broke them in by wearing them around the office for a month so they were super comfy by the time the wedding rolled around.

  15. Hi Deborah...oh how lucky to have such a sweet surprise. Your gift is gorgeous! Mimi xxx

  16. What a pretty teacup and tea! I love your daughters China and good luck with the wedding plans! Have a wonderful week and a happy 4th of July. :)

  17. Hi Deborah, what a lovely teacup and fun goodies you received! The china that your daughter is going to get is absolutely beautiful! So happy for you guys, such a sweet time. I know you are enjoying it. :) Have a great week!

  18. Hello Deborah,
    Your friend was very kind! What lovely gifts, and that Rosina cup is stunning in it's unusual coloring. It is such a classy cup! Your daughter's heirloom china is beautiful! It will really make a gorgeous table setting.
    How lovely that this set has been passed down to her.
    Best wishes on all the wedding festivities : )

  19. Everything in this post is just beautiful! Those shoes are just lovely - perfect! The family china is gorgeous -- I love that trailing of flowers around the plates. She will enjoy looking at that for years to come. I'm so glad you've been able to pass on a love of beauty and elegant china to your daughter. So many young women don't really care about that kind of thing anymore.

  20. Oh my goodness, Deborah, this post is pure eye-candy! How beautiful is your new tea-cup? And your daughter's china from her Grandmother is just so lovely! Your shoes are gorgeous and I love the thought of you all sitting down to dinner, looking forward to a wonderful new chapter....Such treasured moments - enjoy every second. Hugs xo Karen

  21. Im SO excited for you, Deb! Your gifts - so so sweet! Your daughter's china is stunning! And I ADORE your MOB shoes! You will look so beautiful! Isn't it fun???????????

    I am delighted for you in every way possible! Hugs and prayers!

  22. What a thoughtful friend! She must really know your taste well. The Minton china is lovely and isn't it wonderful that a very modern young woman appreciates its beauty!

  23. I missed this post--love that teacup! What a beauty! And your daughter's china, so so pretty! Like you, I tend to hunt for shoes with a lower heel. These are perfect! I love them. these will look beautiful with a long navy dress. Cant wait to see those photos!


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