Beautiful bridal shower

June 13, 2016

My dear book club friends hosted a beautiful bridal shower for my daughter yesterday. Everything was lovely. Feast your eyes on all the prettiness . . .

The theme was books and tea, favorites of the bride-to-be and the hostesses alike. Each table was decorated with a pretty teapot filled with roses and sitting atop some favorite classic books.

Lovely vintage teacups, waiting to be filled with a variety of hot, freshly brewed teas or coffee . . . 

or a choice of a variety of other special teas.

Rose and gold, a favorite color combo of the bride-to-be.

And what is tea without delicious homemade scones? We were treated to a variety, filled with nuts and berries, rhubarb and pineapple . . . with plenty of lemon curd and clotted cream and jam. Delicious!

Fruit cups . . . 

And so many other delicious foods, including chicken salad, quiche, sweet potato and macaroni salads, croissants, little ham roll-ups, and more.

Then it was time to play games (and win prizes!) . . .

. . . and for the bride-to-be and her fiancé, who had just arrived, to open gifts.

And eat cake! Check out this beautiful bride dress, made of cupcakes.

Adorned with such nice jewelry . . . 

A lovely strawberry cake . . . 

And speaking of love birds . . . 

The happy soon-to-be bride and groom . . .

and one happy mama!

I brought home a prize . . . 

and a little treat of candy bar, biscotti, and tea, with a little reminder attached.

What a happy day. Thank you, sweet friends, for all the care and attention you put into making such a special day for Jessica. Everything was so beautiful, just like you.

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  1. What a beautiful celebration!
    My heart goes out to the mother of the bride...such special times!
    Hope to see you in early August!? <3

  2. How wonderful and thoughtful, a real feast for the eyes. Everything looked so beautiful including you and your daughter. Treasured memories.

  3. Deborah, how beautiful you & your daughter are! How fortunate you are to have your book club friends host such a thoughtful shower with such a great theme. The happiness is evident in your smiles. Congratulations to your daughter and future son-in-law.

  4. What a sweet and pretty bridal shower. What lovely couple, soon to be husband and wife.

    What a happy picture of lovely you and your lovely daughter.

    Happy days getting ready for the wedding ~ FlowerLady

  5. Deborah, what a lovely daughter you have! She and her groom to be look so much in love. And you look so happy that you must have put your seal of approval on him too!

    Best centerpieces ever! Awesome wedding dress cupcakes! Sconces to die for! And I'm kind of dying for that necklace you're wearing too, what a winner!

    On to the next festivity now? I'll be looking forward to each step of getting your beautiful daughter to the altar. Blessings on both of them,

  6. Hi Deborah, what a beautiful bridal shower. Love the centerpieces and the cake was incredible. Your daughter and her soon to be hubby are such a beautiful couple. Love the pic of you and your daughter too. You two look like sisters!! Love your necklace!!
    Such a special day to remember. Blessings as you prepare for the big day!! xo

  7. Dearest Deborah, what a beautiful shower for the stunning bride-to-be! Everything, and I men everything, was simply lovely and oh-so-elegant! And I agree with Celeste, you and your daughter look like sisters {{smiles}}

    Have a glorious week, dear one. Hugs!

  8. what a beautiful shower! It reminds me a lot of the one I gave for my daughter 13 (yikes!) years ago! We had a bridal tea and it was such fun! Congratulations to the momma and the beautiful bride to be!

  9. Oh my goodness...I don't know where to begin! I don't think I have ever seen a more beautifully decorated shower with just the PERFECT theme! Your book club lady friends really came through. And what a lovely daughter you have...she has her mother's beautiful smile! I can only imagine how stunning she will be as a bride :)

  10. What a beautiful bridal shower! Everything looks perfect from the food and flowers to the cute wedding dress cake. I have that same teacup in the last teacup photo. Your daughter is beautiful and looks just like her mama! Congratulations to the bride to be and her loved ones! Thanks for sharing this lovely post and enjoy your day, my friend.


  11. Thank you for sharing the beautiful bridal shower with us, my friend! What a darling theme of books and tea. The center pieces are just precious and the menu sounded fabulous. You and your daughter look absolutely stunning and the bridal couple look so happy and adorable. I'm soooo happy for all of you. xo

  12. Oh Deborah
    What wonderful Book Club friends you have and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! She looks just like you! Beautiful pics! How exciting! Blessings, Karen

  13. Deborah,
    What a lovely shower! I love the books and tea theme! The flowers in the teapots are all so very pretty. The menu sounds divine! Your daughter looks so happy, what an exciting time for you all! Just a perfect celebration for the bride-to-be!

  14. Congratulations to your daughter! She is beautiful!
    The book club's bridal tea is stunning. What a wonderful theme to have books and tea. My two favorite things. What a wonderful day.
    Thank you for sharing,

  15. What a lovely shower. I love the theme and the pretty cups and saucers. The food sounds like it was divine. Enjoy these special events with your daughter :)

  16. WOW! What fantastic bridal shower! LOVE that the theme combined books and teas. I may have to borrow the teapot on tops of books centerpiece idea. I'm also a fan of your daughter's beautiful white outfit. I wished that the photo was shot lengthwise so that we could see the entire dress(?)!

  17. Oh Deborah, what a wonderful shower, so sweet of your friends! Everything was perfect, from the centerpieces, to the assorted teacups, to the cupcakes, to you and your daughter! She looks just like you, two beautiful gals! I know you are so very proud of her and excited for her and the groom to be.
    Sending hugs,

  18. Everything was so charming, Deborah, and how beautiful are you and your daughter? I just love all the pretty teacups and teapots and the sweet little cupcake wedding dress. How lovely! What a beautiful couple they make. So exciting.....Blessings to them both. xo Karen

  19. Oh, Deborah, the shower was absolutely beautiful. I'm sure everyone had a fantastic time.

    Your daughter's dress is stunning, and the photo of the two of you is perfect. It's a "frame it" for sure.

    Are you enjoying this time as mother of the bride? This time last year I was where you are now (wedding October 10th), and I was such an emotional mess at the thought of my daughter moving out, that I didn't enjoy the time as much as I wish I had.

    Oh, I spied Old Country Roses among the teacups. That is my favorite tea pattern.


  20. How beautiful everything was and your family photos are lovely as well! :)

  21. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful post! Your daughter looks like you -- and I lover her bright eyes! What a thoughtful party, and everything is just perfect. I have that VERY copy of Little Women, exactly that one. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas in 4th grade. Isn't it relaxing and wonderful to see so much thoughtfulness and beauty in one place as that party? I'm so glad they did that for you ... and you :)

  22. Hello, Just catching up and I am glad I read this post! What a lovely shower and the theme was so perfect. And really your daughter looks just so happy and so much like her mama! What a joy to see our daughters blessed and married, and I bet the guy is going to be a blessing to your family! Thanks for shring with us all!
    Love, Roxy

  23. Hello Deborah,

    This was such a gorgeous bridal shower. I love the pretty dress made out of cupcakes. And your daughter is lovely. Gorgeous like her mommy.




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