No pics, no glitz

December 1, 2015

I see everyone is posting beautiful Christmas decorations, teas, and recipes these days. Have to get on the bandwagon soon.

But today, I am (almost) picture-less, partly because Dropbox is full, and I haven't had time to empty the photos onto a flash drive for storage. But mostly because I have no sparkly holiday pictures to share.

An artificial tree "trunk" is standing naked in the family room, awaiting someone (me!) to attach its branches. Several boxes of decorations have been brought up from the basement, and are patiently waiting to be opened.

I did gather up the autumn tea towels and potholders from the kitchen, and they are waiting to be washed. The towel racks are bare, though, because the Christmas linens are still downstairs.

It will happen this week. I hope.

Meanwhile, I'm still basking in the glow of Thanksgiving. We traveled to Virginia to a mountain house owned by our daughter-in-law's family. First time we've ever spent Thanksgiving away from home, and two of our children. But we were able to see our son and his wife and her parents. My daughter-in-law's mother and I are great friends and have vacationed together a couple times. Unusual, I know, and I'm very grateful for that relationship.

What a gorgeous place this was. Situated on 120 acres of mountain, lake, and stream, the older part of the house dates back a hundred years, and is charming with its wood floors, beams, and upstairs lofts accessed by wooden ladders. With candles gleaming and a fire crackling in one of its three fireplaces, it is snug and cozy. Modern conveniences, like a dishwasher and updated bathrooms, make it very comfortable.

I got to ride an ATV (a first) over the stream and through the woods (and up a mountain), and shoot a revolver (another first) during some target practice.  Discovered a different side of this city girl! 

There was no cell phone service or internet connection, so we were literally off the grid. Well, not literally. We did have electricity. But it really was wonderful to unplug for a few days. And when we got home to Michigan on Sunday, we discovered we were without power. Out came the candles. A nice way to ease back into civilization, as we sat in front of the fire, grateful for a special Thanksgiving weekend.

I am now woefully behind on my blog visits. Miss you all, and will be by soon.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing few days away, it is wonderful that you all get on so well. Take care.

  2. It sounds like a Thanksgiving novel waiting to be written. Beyond that, it sounds heavenly.

  3. Hello Deborah,
    Wow it sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving away. Take your time and easy this week with the
    Christmas stuff. No rush it all seems to get done in the end. :0) Julie xo

  4. I love that stream through the woods, Deborah! It sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. It sounds like it was a gift of sorts to get away like that. I have been decorating and baking all day. My back hurts, my feet hurt, and well, I'm pretty tired. The trouble is I'm having company the day after tomorrow so things have to get done, you see. Hubby told me to make myself a cup of tea and put my feet up. So, that's what I'm about to do. Thank you for sharing and your decorating will get done. Just take your time and enjoy. Don't do what I've been doing! *smiles*


  5. It's nice to get away and leave technology behind - it offers a restful time to chat and do other things, as you did.

  6. You had a nice get away and it's amazing how you came home to no power, so your candles came out and you were able to sit and reminisce.

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  7. The table I"m sitting at is still covered with a fall table cloth and a garland of fall leaves so I totally understand Deborah. Being in a motorhome I believe our Christmas tree this year will actually be a potted rosemary bush shaped like a tree placed in the front window (dashboard). It will smell wonderful in here :-) I will be looking forward to your pics when you do get your home dressed in the festive colors of Christmas.

  8. It's also good not to rush from one event to another, so enjoy and savour just as you've been doing.

    Still lots of time for Christmas too.

    Wishing you a beautiful rest of the day...

  9. No Christmas here either Deb...we are going to be out of town but I still need a little Christmas up to get me in the spirit. Hopefully I will get it going this weekend :)

  10. That's the way to do Thanksgiving! My husband & I went away once, and I keep telling him that's my preference for that holiday. Take your time easing in, we have the entire month, and no rush when we're not on a blog hop. Cheers to December and just being, Deborah!

  11. You are anything but dull, Deborah! You do the darndest things, so brave!


  12. What a fun time, Deborah, that you had on your Thanksgiving visit. It is nice to do the unexpected. My late hubby bought a 4 wheeler months before he passed away. He liked to take it to our friends' ranch in Arkansas, where he liked to relax. Our youngest son now stores the ATV in his garage and we all like to ride it up in Arkansas, when we visit.
    Thanks for thinking of me when I was visiting my mom in Ohio. Wouldn't it be lovely to get together for tea one day?

  13. Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. We traveled too, but it was a bit hectic. I'm so happy to hear that someone else has great inlaws. It is a wonderful thing to have. You are way ahead of me on decorating, even with a tree stump! :D I'll try and catch up.

  14. Taking preparations slow. I like that. My Christmas wreaths are on the front porch, waiting for me to hang them. We live on a corner, so decorate two doors. Not in any hurry. :)

  15. This sounds like MY type of Thanksgiving, unplugged and with family. Actually, when we get together with our family I rarely blog or go on-line. Time with family is too precious to neglect , and distractions such as the computer, t.v., and phone don't compare for time with family.

    What a beautiful place to spend thanksgiving. You're blessed to have your son's in-laws as friends as well as family.

  16. You're fortunate to get along so well with your in-laws. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving getaway!

  17. Sounds absolutely wonderful! I am friends with my children's in-laws, too. We had 3 Mother-in-laws at Thanksgiving, and two Father-in-Laws (which included my husband and I). It just makes all the holidays so much sweeter. I like to savor each holiday and not rush into the next one.... Hope your week is lovely. xo Karen

  18. A beautiful retreat for you all! This reminds me of Thanksgiving at my parents. Although not in the mountains, there was an escarpment surrounding their place, and house was situated on a hill above woods and wide creeks on either side. Big fireplace would be burning logs all day long as the turkey roasted. These are the days I miss it most ;) Enjoy your weekend (and I don't even have the boxes dragged up from the basement yet, or a wreath on my door!).

  19. Dearest Deborah,
    Well, you for sure did have a very meaningful and blissful Thanksgiving together with those you love!
    Yes, being unplugged for a couple of days feels like bliss.
    We too had a power outage for 7 hours the other day. That teaches you very much what to be grateful for!
    Today I'm grateful for my Dad's health as he does not need heart surgery; prayers being answered.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  20. Sweet friend, I am woefully behind on my blog visiting as well. It seems like if you fall behind it's almost impoible to catch up hence the reason I'm on the computer at 11:30 at night :)

    Your time with those you love sounded absolutely wonderful - what a joy!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Love and hugs!

  21. Where were you in VA? I'm in southwest VA and probably miles and miles from you daughter. Unplugged is a good thing; we all need a break from media and I've yet to be sorry I stopped subscription television 2 years ago. Not everyone is decorating beautifully for Christmas. I wrapped a grape vine wreath with ribbon and a bow, put it up at the driveway and, other than lots of candles and clearing the kitchen table, that's going to be it for me. Glad you had a great visit, a safe trip. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  22. It sounds perfect.


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