In which I discover the Hallmark Channel

December 7, 2015

The last time I watched daytime TV was when I was pregnant and on bed rest, years and years ago. I watched some of the same soap operas my girlfriends and I used to watch in high school. Funny thing, it turns out that the same characters were hashing out the same conflicts, 12 or so years later. (And I think Victor from The Young and The Restless is still around, 40 years later, if the supermarket tabloids are correct. Anyone know?)

Anyhow, the TV hasn't been on during the day since those days of bed rest. Too much to do, nothing of interest on, and besides all that, I'd feel guilty sitting in front of it in the middle of the day. So I actually had to call my husband at work the other day to ask him how to turn it on. (He manages the remote at night; you know, it's a man thing.)

Why now, you ask?

I am trying to finish up some knitting projects for Christmas, last minute. Stuff I've had all year to do. And I thought I could use some company.

And that's when I discovered the Hallmark Channel.

Sappy, sentimental, predictable movies . . . so much alike that they're starting to run together in my mind. But, G-rated, feel-good, and always with a happy ending. I couldn't take a steady diet of this, but my . . . such a nice break from the horrific news that we watch every night.

There's lots of Christmas decor, mistletoe, falling in love, Christmas carols . . . all the good stuff.

Although this pic is from last year, my Christmas decorating is done. Love all the sparkly pretties at night by the firelight.

I figure I have to watch about six more movies to finish the knitting. I can do that. I like having the excuse.

How about you? Do you watch daytime TV? Any suggestions? 

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  1. Hi lovely friend! Oh, how I love the sweet glitter and sparkle of always puts a smile on my face :)

    Unfortunately I don't have any ideas for daytime sorry, my dear.

    I received your beautiful email the other night {forgive me for not replying yet}. I shall write soon, dear Deborah. Your word richly blessed my heart. Hugs!

  2. No daytime tv, though I wouldn't be opposed if I were doing handwork and needed company. Glad that you have the decorating done and are enjoying your tree. Hope that we can see your projects (after Christmas, of course).

  3. I almost never watch tv during the day. After I had a baby and started to be at home during the day, I realized I couldn't sit around watching tv all the time. I used to watch soap operas during my lunch hour, but after having kids, the material on the soap operas didn't seem appropriate to have on. I do occasionally put on a good old movie while I fold laundry. I did like the Hallmark channel but I no longer use cable since I don't watch tv enough to justify the cost.

  4. Cute post. OK I never EVER watch tv - we have an entire den dedicated to it, and a wonderful huge flat screen and the ONLY time we ever turn it on is when we have overnight guests. Except we DO watch the Ohio State Buckeyes football games when we don't feel like going to the game itself or to my son-in-law's popular well done tailgate........I watched it a couple months ago - a design show - while my daughter was giving me a mani/pedi. And before that was when my sister spent a few days and we watched movies - not actually television.

    I know of the Hallmark channel because I hear about them all the time. You know I may have to look it up, sometimes I need that kind of entertainment and body/mind rest. I am glad you have been enjoying them! But - like you - I'd need another project (mending, sewing, whatev) to do at same time or I think I'd get restless.

    My hubs has this cheat sheet on how to turn things on - oh my gosh those remotes require a Ph.D, I tell ya! Hugs. ♥

  5. Hello Deborah,

    This is such a cute post. I can't imagine not been able to turn on the TV. I mean, I am terrible with the TV settings but I do know how to turn it on. I can't believe there is someone as bad as me. lol

    I do love the Hallmark channel. The movies they feature are always heart warming. I don't get the chance to watch much TV during the day but when I do, I prefer to watch the cooking channels. PBS also offers great period dramas, concerts and cooking shows. A favorite is Paradise, such a pretty series.

    So wonderful to hear from you again sweet friend. I am sure those pieces that you are working on will be gorgeous.



  6. I am sorry I can offer no suggestions, we never watch daytime TV. Like you, I am not sure I would be able to switch it on.

  7. I used to love the Hallmark Channel, but we don't have cable/dish anymore, so I don't get the network. The movies are sweet and cute.

    I do, however, watch daytime TV, though I don't watch it during the day. I DVR Days of Our Lives every single day, and then my husband and I watch it together at night. Sometimes, we binge-watch an entire week at a time. I have been addicted to that show since discovering it in 1976, when I was home from school, sick with mono.


  8. I don't watch daytime TV, and not much nighttime either, but I do enjoy those sappy Hallmark Christmas movies in small doses. My daughter and I enjoy watching them together. We know what's going to happen before it happens, which makes it even more fun.

    Happy knitting!

  9. Hi Deborah, I don't watch Daytime TV, but I love the Hallmark channel! All the Christmas movies are just so cheery and feel-good, and add a little happiness to my evening. Sometimes we need a little lightheartedness to distract from the sadness in the world.

  10. Hi Deborah, we love the Hallmark channel too and especially this time of year with the holiday movies. During the day, I have the tv or music playing as a background while I paint. Mostly I keep HGTV on for inspiration and decorating.
    Enjoy the season and your new found channel. Have fun! xo

  11. I don't watch daytime TV either unless I'm under the weather and I have to be pretty under to do that! Who has the time anyway? Not me. I have never been one to sit and watch TV during the day. When my little guys were growing up I was too busy and now I'm still too busy. I would feel like I'm wasting my time. I don't get the Hallmark Channel but I love to watch their movies when they are on even if they are sappy and predictable. Love the Christmas ones! I will tape one if there is one on during the day and then Hubby and I can watch it in the evening. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day, Deborah.

    Christmas blessings,

  12. Hallmark Christmas movies, to me, are like Christmas cards come to life, always with lush colors and lots of sparkling lights. Having one on feels like having an extra Christmas decoration in the room! Which is what I find charming about them. I did settle down happily with Karen Kingsbury's "The Bridge" on Hallmark on Sunday night, and surprise!(does this count as a spoiler alert.. or perhaps fair warning?)... it turned out to be the first of a two-parter, the second of which won't be aired FOR ANOTHER YEAR!

    1. I watched "The Bridge" as well and I was also shocked that Hallmark won't air the second part for another year. Ridiculous. I will have forgotten about it by March! In general, I do enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies. Some are pretty well done and some are not watchable. My favorite is Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas from 2011.

  13. Yeah, those Hallmark movies, although better than most of the alternatives, can really get under my skin. I think they play the same music score to each and every one! I can only take so many of them...I think it's mostly because they start them even way before Thanksgiving and they repeat them so often too :(

    1. I have to pop in here and say that yes - the music score MUST be the same in every one! I can only take so much of that :)..

  14. Oh, I just love Hallmark movies! I don't get that channel, though, so I have to watch 'Lifetime' Christmas movies, which are also very good. I keep the television on all day just for the 'company'. When you live in the wilderness, it is nice to hear a human voice.......I love the DIY network and PBS and don't miss an episode of 'Downton Abbey'! They have been playing the re-runs lately :) Hope you have fun - and hope you share your project! x Karen

  15. I never followed Y & R, but I did tune into General Hospital, Days of our Lives, All My Children during my high school years. I only have basic cable so I don't have access to the Hallmark channel. Recently, I saw a trailer for a new Hallmark movie, "A Christmas Melody", airing on Dec. 19th which was directed by and starring Mariah Carey. It looks deliciously corny!

  16. Hello my friend: I am so glad you are able to watch TV and relax. I love Christmastime. I want to thank you for your kind words and prayers for my son. I appreciate them so much. You are a good friend. Sending hugs your way, Martha

  17. Hi Deborah, I don't watch daytime TV as I don't have time. I have been watching the Hallmark & Lifetime Christmas movies at night!
    I love the part of your tree & pretty ornaments.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Your settings went back to no reply again.
    Take care. Julie

  18. Hi Deborah,
    I don't watch much t.v. either but tend to put on CNN to hear what is happening in the world. Often sadness unfortunately. You are so ambitious to knit your gifts - I wish that I had some talent. Your Christmas pic is lovely too. Sometimes it's difficult to find time to sit and just admire the beauty of a Christmas tree. Happy 60th to your hubby too! Are you planning a party? I am having family over for lunch this Sunday and trying to clean and prepare some baking and a light lunch. I hope you aren't working too hard with your hubby's celebration. Hope you have a Wonderful Week Dear Deborah! Karen

  19. The last time I watched daytime TV was when I worked at a ski hill with my girlfriend. The hills only operated in the evening and weekends, so we had all day to hang out together. She introduced me to daytime soaps. We figured out very early that you really only needed to watch the episodes on Monday and Friday to find out things that were building up suspense all week. Those were fun days (we were teens out of highschool), but I've never bothered much with TV and don't even watch it at night now.

  20. Unfortunately out TV is on all day, every day, now that my husband has retired. I tease him that all these years he has just wanted to be a bored housewife, but I must admit I miss my quiet home.

  21. Dearest Deborah,
    Thanks for siding with me; unknowingly... Haha, I too don't know how to operate the remote control as I never watch TV on my own. We do watch the news together in the evening and Pieter than goes back to reading on his Nook and I go to my Mac.
    When we did have the 7 hours of power outing the other day and 8 hours without TV & Internet, I had to make the call and got told to start the TV. Needed to rush my husband in as I had no clue how to operate HIS remote. Makes me feel better that I'm not alone!
    You are so right about finding something that is positive and shows happy endings. For decades now we are only being fed with so much sad and negative news. Mainly I would say and the good of human beings is seldom being presented in such a way.
    Sending you hugs,

  22. I don't since I don't have cable anymore but enjoy your knitting! :)

  23. Hello Deborah ~ My it's feels good to come and visit with you!
    I love the pretty ornament on your tree, even if it is from last year. :)
    I do remember those soap operas because my mother would have them on. LOL
    I have never been one for television, even as a child I didn't like it. My brother was a couch potato and LOVED it when we were younger, and I just hated seeing him waste time in front of that tube. :)
    We have not had T.V. for close to 30 years, but we can watch good videos when we choose to. My husband likes to watch a movie every now and then.
    I bet you are enjoying those Hallmark movies though while putting your hands to work.

    Have a beautiful day, sweet friend ~~

  24. Perfect ... happy knitting and happy catching up on all the old favourite movies! I love pairing handwork with nice TV watching too.

    Wishing you a beautiful rest of the week, dear Deborah!

  25. Deborah: We are Hallmark Addicts! We also have some on DVD! Wonderful and wholesome. Thank you for your sweet comments. Would love to have you link to my blog party.

  26. Hi Deborah! I LOVE Hallmark Channel this time of year. I've been watching it since the day after Halloween (when it was respectable). I have bought a couple too...Princess for Christmas is a favorite. Have a great time with your brunch! My philosophy is there is always room for dessert, especially at Christmas. :)

  27. Our Channel 5 is showing Christmas films every day (the Hallmark variety). Like you, I don't normally watch daytime tv, but I love these. I usually set the ironing board up in front of the television, or wrap some of the presents, or do some sewing, anything to convince myself I am being productive!

  28. I love the Hallmark Channel, but I don't believe I've ever watched a movie there, lol. I usually tune in to watch The Golden Girls, which is one of my all-time faves. The Ovation channel has wonderful programming (think fine arts and film), and I catch Antique Roadshow on BBC America quite often! The rosegold ornaments are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  29. This is too funny, Deborah. I have been catching some of these Hallmark Christmas movies lately, as well. Yes, it's formulaic, yes I feel I need an insulin shot while watching, and yes I always know the guy gets the girl in the end, but, yes, I's such a nice break from reality.

    When I was 13, I discovered a whole section in our local public library that was devoted to romance novels. I spent the whole summer reading one after another. It was wonderful. I can almost recapture that feeling when I catch a Hallmark Christmas movie.

    I'm the one who knows how to operate all the digital equipment in our house -- TV, DVD player, sound system, etc. My husband yells for me to come "fix the TV" when he's hit the wrong button. If anything ever happens to me, I don't know what he'll do.

    Happy knitting, Deborah, and a very Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and yours.

    Cheers, M-T


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