Teacup exchange reveal

October 14, 2015

Today's the day to reveal the gifts we all received as part of Stephanie's teacup exchange. I believe there were 150 participants from all over the world who participated in this most recent exchange. What a lot of hard work for Stephanie to coordinate all this -- thank you so much Stephanie for all you did to help us enjoy yet another fun exchange. 

This was the second teacup exchange I've participated in, and it was great fun, not only to select special goodies for the package I sent to a new blogger friend in London, but to receive a package, too. I can't help it. I just love to receive surprise packages in the mail.

My package came from Judith at Lavender Cottage. Judith was one of the very first bloggers to welcome me to blogland almost two years ago. As well as blogging about gardening, she hosts a popular blog party each week, Mosaic Monday. She also blogs about tea, and it was through the weekly blog tea parties that I first met her. She became a loyal commenter on my blog, and I'll always be grateful for that warm welcome.

She sent me an amazing package. Really. Over the top. Just look at these goodies.

Of course, Judith is not from Lavender Cottage for nothing. She addressed my package in lavender ink, and wrapped everything in lavender tissue paper. Even the pretty handmade card was made in her signature color.

very pretty embossing

This lovely teacup comes from Judith's own collection. I feel very honored. Isn't it gorgeous?

Isn't this a darling tea towel?

I used to love to do embroidery. And I love a project that won't take me months to finish. So, after a little investigation, I discovered I could order similar embroidery patterns and towels from Colonial Patterns, Inc. I am looking forward to making some of these myself.

Judith lives in Canada. Love the French on these packages of tea and cookies. Makes them seem so much more chic, nest pas?

Sweet little bird ornament . . . 

And here's a picture of the goodies I picked out for Zivile of My Dream Cottage who lives in London. I've just met Zivile, and adore her vintage and cottage style.

Since I've been blogging, I've received or sent packages to Ecuador, New Zealand, Vancouver, Alberta, Texas, Australia . . . and more. Wonderful how blogging can bring us into this kind of community.

Thank you again, Judith and Stephanie. I will treasure my gifts.

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  1. What a great exchange, I love the cup and saucer you received, it has style, a real presence. Take care.

  2. Hi Deborah, what a beautiful tea cup you received in our teacup exchange. It is just lovely along with the special gifts included. Love the stitched towel too. Judith is a very dear and special lady filled with talent. She sure blessed you with a beauty. Your gifts to Zivile are so pretty too. What a gorgeous teacup. It has been such fun once again. Have a wonderful day. Blessings, cm

  3. I so agree with you Deborah...a couple of years ago, I would have never dreamed the joys of blogging were even possible, let alone, experiencing it for myself! Judith is a jewel, isn't she? And she certainly sent you a wonderul box of goodies! The teacup is simply breathtaking, being all the more special coming from her own collection. This was my first exchange and it has truly blessed my heart!

  4. Hello Deborah, wow I just love everything you received from Judith and so lovely how you two have formed such a nice friendship with each other. It is so much fun to participate in these exchanges. I love how Stephanie arranges this each year. Enjoy everything.
    Julie xo

  5. Deborah it was a joy having your name for the exchange and I am happy that you liked the items from your parcel. Enjoy your new teacup, I'm blessed to have a blogging sister like you.

  6. I so enjoy seeing these beautiful tokens of friendship exchanged! Such lovely teacups given and received...and all the special goodies are just darling. I have not participated in the exchange yet, but it looks like such a fun way to meet new friends. Thank you for sharing the link on embroidery designs. I love to embroider and haven't for a while. Enjoy your sweet gifts! x Karen

  7. Looks like a fun event! Your package is lovely!

  8. The tea cup and tea towels you received from Judith are so pretty, and go together so well! I know your recipient will enjoy what you've chosen for her. Have a great day, Deborah, and thank you for sharing these lovely images!

  9. Oh Judith sent you such a package! Love that card...she's a talented gal. The tea cup is beautiful and the scotchbread makes me want to sit down for a nice tea. Your gifts to Zivile are also beautiful. The thought that goes into these packages!

  10. Oh Judith is such a sweetheart, and she gifted you with such a pretty teacup from her collection. All the other goodies are just perfect for you, Deborah. I especially love the charming, embroidered tea towel! The gifts you sent were wonderful, too, and I know your recipient will enjoy them. We are all blessed by the kindness of our friend, Stephanie, who organizes this exchange with such love.

  11. Oh all the treasures - coming and going out- are gorgeous!

    Judith is one of my longest blogging friends, she's the best. Doesn't she make gorgeous cards? That teacup is absolutley exquisite, as is the one you sent out.

    I could kick myself for not sharing what I sent out - did two this time, but i will next time!

    Love all your treasures, Debra! Wasn't this FUN!???

  12. Such lovely packages, both sent and received. Your teacup is gorgeous!

  13. Hello, What a great way that you have shared to get to know so many women from so many places. I do think your cup is gorgeous and I also love that tea towel!
    I do wish I had been part of it; I always feel a bit overwhelmed about doing it!
    Hugs, Roxy

  14. Lovely gifts and a beautiful tea-cup and saucer. I'm sure you will enjoy your next tea-time. Deb

  15. Deborah~ my my my, that is one gorgeous tea cup! I do not believe I have ever seen quite the detail in a tea cup like that, and the colors are wonderfully bright.
    I have just meet Judith through this exchange as well as Zivile. Your tea cup to Zivile was quite beautiful, Deborah.

    Enjoy your treasures!

  16. Dear Deborah
    I've really enjoyed this Tea Cup Exchange and it has been fun visiting blogs and seeing the beautiful tea cups and goodies both given and received.
    The elegant Dimity cup and saucer set you sent to Zivile is my favourite - she was so blessed to have you as her partner!
    Lovely to catch up with you dear friend.
    Shane x

  17. Oh Deborah, excuse me a moment while I swoon over your gorgeous tea cup....... {{smiles}} My, what a stunning tea cup from Judith and the tea towel is simply lovely, my friend. I was greatly touched by the story of how the two of you met and was reminded of how beautiful and precious the blogging community is.

    The treasures you sent to Zivile are just as lovely and I know without a doubt she was blessed by your sweetness and kindness.

    Thank you ever so much for participating in the exchange. Love and hugs to you!

  18. Dear Judith was also one of the first blogging friends that I made when I joined Blogland. The teacup that she sent you from her collection is gorgeous. Of course, I'm loving all the purples in her wonderful package, especially the beautiful embroidered tea towel! I also love the elegant teacup that you sent to Zivile!

  19. Deborah, your gifts both sent and received are simply delightful. I especially enjoyed seeing the tea towel. I have just begun to learn to embroider and I'm enjoying it. Walmart carries Aunt Martha embroidery patterns for just 97 cents :-) and they have a fair selection. Thanks for another beautiful post.

  20. Isn't if fun to receive such lovely treasures from all over the world. Your tea cup is so pretty with those delicate flowers dancing around the cup and saucer. Love the whimsical embroidery...it is very sweet.

  21. this was fun to see...Ijust love your package from Judith and what you will be sending out yourself! :)

  22. What lovely packages ... both what you received and gave away. What fun!


  23. You did receive a lovely gift and also sent one! What fun this has been. Have a wonderful weekend, Lynn

  24. Dearest Deborah,
    That indeed were two very lovely selections of teacups. Wow, 150 participants that is a lot of mailing across the globe. Hope all teacups arrived safely, together with the personal touches of love that gets send alongside.
    Sending you hugs for a lovely weekend.


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