Perfume bottle bud vase

October 1, 2015

Here's a quick and easy DIY project for when you run out of your favorite perfume. And quick and easy is all I usually attempt.

I used a wrench to get the spritzer thing-y off the top. It was on very tight. So I ended up breaking the glass a little around the top. (Even quick and easy can be a challenge for me.) I took a heavy-duty emery board and filed it nice and smooth. Et voila!

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

One of my favorite perfumes, Angel, is actually refillable. So I'll take that back to the store for a refill when I've used it up. But for my other favorites --  a collection of empty perfume bottles used as bud vases would make a pretty vignette in the boudoir, n'est pas?


  1. Very lovely and feminine.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hi Deborah, this is one of my favorites by Chanel. Beautiful reuse of the bottle. Pretty rose.
    Have a nice weekend. cm

  3. Oui, tres chic, Deborah!!
    Happy weekend hugs sent to you.

  4. I love the idea of empty perfume bottles for bud vases, simple but effective. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You are a genius, sweet friend. The perfeum bottle and rose together are extra romantic and enchanting. Happy October, dear Deborah. Hugs and much love!

  6. What a clever idea! I'm all about quick and easy DYI projects too!

  7. This is so lovely, Deborah. Coco would approve. I can't wait to try it. How clever you are.

    Chees, M-T

  8. I've kept some of my most favourite bottles too and made them into a little collection. Have used some as bud vases, but haven't done that for a long while. Your post reminded me.

    Your photos are exquisite!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

  9. Dearest Deborah,
    Yes, that makes for adorable little vases.
    Over the years I've acquired quite a few from Baccarat, they used to produce the French perfume bottles for several houses. It always looks lovely and some I got dirt cheap because of a missing stopper. I did not care as I used them as tiny vases...
    Hugs and happy weekend to you.

  10. Great way to recycle! I save all of my perfume bottle, just because they are so pretty. They are hidden away so I don't get accused of being a hoarder! But this would give me a very good reason for taking them out of storage!

  11. Oh yes , I love this idea and have a few precious perfume and cologne bottles I haven't been able to throw away. A vignette of little perfume bottles each bearing a single bloom , lovely !

  12. I have trouble throwing away a perfume bottle but never thought of trying to pull out the stopper. Good idea!

  13. I like this because I used to wear Coco and love the scent. Angel is very nice too. I worked in close quarters with a lady who wore it, and never got tired of the scent. Good idea and very chic.

  14. Oh Deborah, you have captured my attention with this idea. You are incredibly resources. I love my Chanel Parfums too and I always hate to throw the pretty bottles away.

    I love love love this and I am definitely doing this with mine.

    Have a great week.



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