Another 1/2 inch of silver hair

July 17, 2015

be sure to stop and smell the roses . . . 

If you are a follower of my blog, you know that I am ditching the dye, and going natural. I guess I didn't realize how long this is going to take. Months and months.

I'm not sure I can do a super short haircut, but I did get it cut shorter, just to help speed things up a little. (It's only been 8 weeks, and I'm already impatient!) 

I loathe this picture of me. But how many times can I ask my DD, who is running late to a meeting, to re-take the picture? So, in the interest of trying to document this hair journey, it will have to do.  If you look closely, you can see the beginnings of my "skunk stripe." It's much more visible in person, and outdoors.

Here it is, close up.

It looks much more salt and pepper than it really is. The dark hairs make this more silver than white, but it definitely is very silver-y. Thankfully, it's quite shiny.

Can I bear this for another eight to 10 months? Or will I get tired and chop it off, like this?

via Pinterest
Jamie Lee Curtis is beautiful here, but not sure I can go so short. But I'm not ruling it out.

This is what I'm hoping I will eventually have . . .

or this . . .

or this . . .

I've always wanted long hair. But it may be a little optimistic to hope that I could end up with hair like any of these lovelies.

I'd be very happy to end up with this length . . . Isn't this pretty?

 images via Pinterest

Here's what I'm doing while I'm waiting for it to grow . . . 

Reading a book, enjoying a lovely respite from all the rain we've had. Look how green everything is.

Actually, I haven't been lying around too much. We're busy helping my son to get ready to move next week. And planning a sleepover (!!!!) here with my book club friends. Yes, we're a wild and crazy bunch.

I'm going to miss my son so much. A party with my friends will help, I'm sure.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends. xo


  1. Silver is pretty and I think you're looking great, Deborah! I am going natural too - from highlighted blonde to light brown. I had about 8" cut off (2 separate haircuts) and one could now say I have a bit of the "ombre" color look. It's really not too noticeable. I do miss the blonde but think this is better for my hair. You have a pretty view off your deck! It's much too hot here for sitting outside, at least for very long. Summer in the midwest! Gotta love it! And be thankful for a/c!

  2. Awww you're so beautiful, Deborah!!! Your hair is going to look great. I wish I had the courage to cut my hair short like Jamie Lee Curtis. Just think how easy that would be! I,do love the long locks that you've shared, too. Have fun with your girlfriends at your sleepover. Yes, friends help take the sadness away. Best of luck to your son. xo

  3. I am waiting for the cooler weather so that I can wear a hat , but I have took the plunge and had it cut really short. I actually quite like it now its growing on me. I didn't anticipate it taking so long to grow the colour out, I obviously wasn't very realistic. Good luck to your son with his new venture.

  4. I'm watching to see how you do this. I plan on going natural in a few years. That's some gorgeous long grey hair in your photos - I always think my grey hair will be wiry and unmanageable. Happy growing!

  5. Well, you know what I would do? Have my hairdresser color my entire head in the silver/platinum color closest to your "skunk stripe." I would not be patient enough to wait for the true grow-out. I think it's beautiful no matter how you get there.

  6. I think you look beautiful and the "skunk stripe" is really not that noticeable. I have been in your shoes. I went silver about 7 years ago. You hang in there! Glad you are enjoying some sun and yes, everything looks so green. Have fun with the sleepover. Last Oct., 5 of my college girlfriends got together to help one of our group take her only daughter and granddaughter to the airport to move to China. She said we really helped her over that hurdle!

  7. Way to go, Deborah. My hair is short, but I just can't seem to take the plunge. Keep us posted! Have a great weekend.

  8. Your hair looks as if it has a beautiful texture, Deborah. i'm sure you could pull off a Jamie Lee Curtis if you decided to, but I guarantee that your growing out section is not nearly as noticeable to others as you think it is.

    A book club sleepover? Have fun, girls!

  9. Hi Deborah, yes you are beautiful and you'll look great when it's your hair has grown out! Have fun with the book group. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the lovely visit.
    Julie xo

  10. I like that photo of you! I went silver last year but the sun had bleached out my blond hair so much that it didn't show much. You could come to Florida and let the sun bleach your hair! heehee! Bring your book! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. Keep up the good work, lady. I like that pic of you - you are beautiful inside and out, my friend.

    Yes, yesterday was so nice, today was cloudy and then - yeup - huge storm and major down pour of rain again. Ugh.

    Glad you had a chance to get out in it - yesterday I had appointments all danged day and didn't get out in it much. Just between getting in and out of my car....................have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  12. Dear Deborah ~ it is hard at first when you start to go natural. It does take time.You are on your way with your silver locks. You're a lovely lady. I always wanted long hair and when hubby and I started dating I found out he liked long hair and let it grow from the short perm my mother had me get. Now I'm 66 with silver down to the middle of my back. I clip it up on the sides and then have a long braid. Sometimes in hot weather when I'm working outside or in I clip the braid up too to get it off my neck.

    KathyB from Spot on Cedar Pond has some lovely, long silver hair.

    Hang in there, be patient.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  13. I know what you mean about preferring the silver. When hair goes iron grey, it's not my favorite. You're adorable, btw. But hey, do some women color their hair silver ahead if time, and it just grows in grey after that? Dies that make sense?

  14. Saw a really good article about this just today. It has to be quite a process. I have not colored my hair, but I have wished for it to have more shine. All fhe best with this and letting go of a son at home and welcoming friends for a pajama party. Now that sounds like fun.

  15. You are a brave women Deborah. Your hair cut is cute and looks to be blending well as you grow out the silver. Your book club sleepover sounds like so much fun! Best wishes to your son. I know this transition is heartfelt. Have a nice weekend! cm

  16. You are beautiful, so whatever your hair color or style it's just icing on the cake. You have the bone structure to carry off either the very short or the very long. And you know, good extensions are coming down in price. I have always admired beautiful silvery hair. Do you use Shimmer light or a similar product? What about one of the products that helps strips off the coloring or dying it one last time for blending purposes? I'm really invested in this aren't I?! Skunk strip? You are too funny! Angels to you.

  17. You are, indeed, brave, Deborah. I just bought a box of "the dye" recentlly, for the next round. Don't like doing it but don't want to go gray, either. Everybody's different. My grandma died at age 97 years with nary a gray hair on her head! Ha. Good luck with the grow-out. I'll be so waiting to hear how you like it. Susan

  18. You're doing a great job don't give up. let it keep growing get some Sun on your legs enjoy the journey and you're doing the right thing! you're going to love it and you will look beautiful and I know you'll miss your son so much! Hugs Roxy

  19. The "skunk stripe" really doesn't seem too noticeable until you pulled it down in the second photo. I think the color of your hair with the highlights that you have will definitely help it blend in well as it is growing out. Your haircut is adorable! Some folks can wear a real short haircut and Jamie Lee pulls it off great...who knows maybe you could too! Looking forward to following you on your journey!

  20. Dearest Deborah,
    You with your skunk stripe; love the expression!
    Like the way you shortened your hair in order to meet your goal faster. Smart thing to do.
    Glad you could enjoy the outdoors with good weather.
    I am looking forward to have some leisure time as well but we're so very busy... Not even a chance for lounging on the balcony. But I will, eventually...
    Sending you hugs and admiration.

  21. Hang in there, you'll be happy in about this in a few months. Yes, sadly , months ! I am pleasantly surprised that I get compliments now on my hair and it took a long time for my hair to grow out mostly gray / white. Since my husband prefers long hair for me I kept it long but had a beautician give me white and silver streaks every few months to help my white hair blend in.

    Also, I can tell you'd look really snazzy in a great hat, so maybe sun hats and warm knitted or felted hats later in the year will help you cover your transition period. Really, take a look at fashion pics and see. I'm rooting ( pun intended ) for you Deborah !

  22. Wow! I'm so glad you posted those photos of women with long silver hair. You don't see that very often, and it is truly gorgeous! Frankly, I think it is more beautiful than long blond or brown hair, don't you. It's stunning! Hmm. I guess most ladies opt to chop it short and dye it. Long hair is a bit of work, but I think it's well worth it. I hope you stick with it and we can see you with your long silver locks and your total weight loss -- both are long term commitments, aren't they? I forget -- did you think of dying your hair a bit silver, so you wouldn't have to live with the 2-tone look for so long? Some women do that so they can switch to silver all at once. Good for you! You're doing great!

  23. I don't know where I will find the patience to let my hair grow in gray. I seem to have silver at the temples and silver coming in splotches on other parts of my scalp, not nice and even like yours. I'm thinking of jumping off of the hair coloring bandwagon sometime in the future.


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