Ferragamo test drive and Sephora haul

June 23, 2015

So last week on my birthday my daughter took the day off and we headed out to an upscale mall about an hour from home.

I "test drove" these beautiful Salvatore Ferragamo shoes . . . 

and these . . . 

(these have a little peep-toe)
Are they really worth $650 (for the top pair)? Or $595 (for the bottom pair)? Hmmm . . . all I can say is that they were gorgeous and so comfortable.

We were brought fancy bottled water on a tray as I tried on several pair. I could get used to this . . . 

We also went into L.K. Bennett, a British company favored by the Duchess of Cambridge. I loved these beautiful shoes . . . 

At $325, they are practically a steal, right? These were gorgeous and so much more comfortable than I expected. I don't even try pointy-toed shoes on because I assume they will squeeze my toes too much. The salesperson told me they actually have more width for your toes than the rounded toe shoes. True. Who knew?

Well, I didn't come home with any shoes, but it sure was fun.

I did come home with some new finds from Sephora, though.

Brow Wiz by Anastasia.

I've been trying to grow out my brows, and haven't plucked them in several months. There are a few empty spots where waxing has permanently removed hair.

I had been using the brow powder duo in soft brown, also by Anastasia, pictured above the pencil. Probably too dark for me, and it is hard to use a light hand with it.

The brow pencil, which I bought, is lighter (taupe), and by using soft, barely there, strokes I get a better result. The other side of the retractable pencil is a brush. I finish off my brows with a brow gel to keep longer hairs in place (kind of like a Donald Trump comb-over!). I've had those longer hairs brushed down and trimmed, but end up with bald spots, so no more.

A couple products from Caudalie, a French company. Love their stuff.

Radiance in 10 minutes . . .  hmm, I'll let you know.

A freebie for my birthday . . . 

Two lip pencils from Nars; goes on smooth as silk.

And something new, a spray-on root concealer.

As you know, if you've been reading along, I'm going natural thinking of going natural. Depending on the day.

But I've been thinking about this for so long, I've decided I'm at least going to give myself a good three months or so of new growth, so I can get a good idea of what my real hair actually looks like.

This is it after skipping just one hair appointment.

There's a lot of silver in there. But there's more dark hair than I thought. I can't tell what it will look like. Fortunately, my hair grows fast. Hopefully, in a few months I'll have a better idea.

I won't bother with the root concealer until I have a bigger "skunk stripe" and/or if I have a special occasion. 

Are you all interested in me documenting this progress?


After birthday cake, a celebratory dinner, and Father's Day triple berry pie, I got up Monday morning with a couple extra pounds. Time for immediate action!

My mother weighs herself every day. If she's even one pound up, she goes into action. Guess there's something to learn there.

Hope you all are having a beautiful week.


  1. Oh...my mouth is watering over that triple berry pie! Berry pie is my most favorite kind...no matter what berries. It sounds like you had such fun time at the mall playing with the shoes! They really are so pretty and I am sure it fun fantasizing about owning them...it would be a fantasy for me anyway! Looking forward to following your hair journey! Have a great week!

  2. Nice looking shoes...it always amazes me how expensive the high end designer brands cost.
    Yes please document the hair transition...will you crop it short while it grows out or leave it long?

  3. I so adore shoes, lol!
    I love those shoes and everything else...but that spray to cover the gray, awesome! I've never seen it.
    My DD Sofie was in Miami recently as you all know because of her husband check up and brought me some pairs I asked her to. They are so high heeled I don't know how I used them, but I do, believe me...hehehehee I'll share sometime.
    Have a nice week sweetie.

  4. Beautiful shoes. I have never come across the spray before, I need to look out for that. I think I have mentioned this before I intend to go natural but I am leaving it until the winter months so that I can wear a hat whilst growing the colour out. I am watching your progress in earnest.

  5. Adam says it's good to weigh often, and (he says) not to take fluctuations too seriously. Much of the variation is due to water weight. But weighing frequently gives you more numbers to average. I can't bear to do it. But it's really good to keep an eagle eye on any gains so they can be addressed immediately -- I agree with your mother on that one! And how in the world do you wear those heels? I would be limping in pain. Never again!

  6. I don't own a scale, but I use my clothes as a guide (getting a little snug? time to cut back). I would, however, LOVE to own those gorgeous shoes (I adore Ferragamo). As I've gotten older, I find (sadly) that expensive shoes are more comfortable on my ex-ballerina feet. I can't do Payless -- wish I could.

    However did you manage to walk away from at least one of those pairs of shoes??? I wouldn't have had the willpower. BTW, the sales clerk was correct about pointy-toed shoes. They do give extra room to your toes and are among my most comfortable high heels.

    Adore Caudalie. If you saw my previous post, I mentioned Caudalie's cleansing water for the face. Great stuff.

    What a wonderful birthday you had.

    Cheers, M-T

  7. Gorgeous shoes - hard to believe they would be comfortable in the long haul. The spray on gray concealer looks interesting - I've been using a hair mascara and it's such a mess to apply. I'd love for you to document your hair color/go natural adventure.

  8. The shoes look beautiful, but I'm with M.K. - I don't think I could wear them. You got some great items from Sephora. Always fun to get new skin care and cosmetic items to try. The pie looks good, too, Deborah. I am enjoying reading about your hair journey. If you document it, it is certainly of interest to me. I'm growing out my highlights - I'm not blonde anymore; my hair is light brown. I miss the blonde but I think it's better for my hair not to be coloring it any more. Have a good week!

  9. Birthday blessings Deborah!
    Sounds like you've had a fun week. Yum dessert looks so good....we just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary tonight!
    Blessings on your week!!!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  10. Sounds like you had a fun shopping birthday excursion, Deborah. I can't believe the price of those heels! Wow!! I love when you share beauty products that you like. I received those same Nars lipsticks from Sephora for my birthday.
    I'm like your Mom, and weigh myself everyday, too. However, right now I'm at the beach in Florida with some family and there isn't a scale here. I hope I'm not shocked when I go home!! LOL!!

  11. Dearest Deborah,
    You are so witty here and you made me laugh out loud. Oh my, those shoes, the second pair from the top looks most comfy to me, they sure might fit well since they use the softest leather and their design is meticulous. But I would NOT buy that claim that pointed shoes have more room for your toes!
    Love your mention of the Donald Trump comb-over! My Chanel brow pencil has the same brush and it works fine for me.
    Oh my your skunk stripe is another fun way for describing your in-between stage!
    Happy for you for having had a great shopping experience with your daughter and yes, that was a lot of celebration with too much good food but you have managed to take care of it before and thus will tackle this too.
    Hugs to you,

  12. I have one of the products you show--no, not the shoes. I have Brow Whiz! It's the only brow product I've been able to use and not look like Groucho Marks in.

    I was never much of a makeup person and when I went into Sephora for the first time a couple of years ago I felt like I was entering paradise! I mean I literally felt like my life was going to change just walking around in there. It was a powerful emotion for a non-makeup kind of girl.

    Of course I love reading all your updates--"I enjoy being a girl!"

  13. Such a nice way to celebrate your special day! Those heels are so very pretty - but a little too pricey, although for a very special occasion it would be worth it to splurge. Thank you for the tips on beautiful brows. I have found that my brows are getting thinner as time goes on. I am interested in the progress of your grow out and any tips you have for making the transition smoother. I like the idea of the spray concealer! Happy Belated Birthday, Deborah! xo Karen

  14. I have never tried on Ferragamos and probably never will, but what a fun and pampered way to spend your day .

    Thanks for the tips and yes, I am interested in following up your make up critiques and how your hair color journey is going. Spray concealer for hair, now that's a nice idea

  15. Funny, I just went to Sephora with my daughter recently - it had been years (I don't do malls,) so that's kinda neat you just did too. Wow, you got lots of goodies for sure. I just bought us both some new base.

    As for the shoes, I am sitting here with one of those stupid heavy ugly black boots because my left foot has stress factures, bad tendonitis and arthritis. I also start physical therapy 3 x a week for a month beginning Tuesday. So nope, no pretty sexy heels for me. Ugh. I am hating this a lot.

    Hugs. ♥

  16. Oh what fun... those shoes are gorgeous. Enjoyed my visit as you shared a peek into your world today.

    I hope it's not to late to offer my own happy wishes on your recent birthday. What a lovely way to celebrate with your daughter. May the year ahead be well worth that long trip around the sun again!

    Happy day....


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