Birthday blessings

June 18, 2015

I love birthdays. My own and other people's. 

I think it's important to make a Big Deal out of them.

Breakfast in bed. Cake. Presents. Favorite foods. Candles. And, if possible, birthday celebrations should last more than one day.

We need to make a big deal out of the people we love.

And we need a chance to be made a big deal of.

Don't just say, "oh, it's just another day." No! It was the day you were born. The day you entered this world, with all its craziness and beauty.

And who knows how many more you will get to enjoy?

Birthday roses . . .

Birthday cards . . .

My mom always paints me a birthday card

Presents . . . 

I saw this at a shop up north, and loved it. A mug for wrapping hands around.

My friend later went back and got it for me.

My nephews sent me this cool nerf gun . . . I am going to practice on those pesky squirrels at the bird feeder!

Birthday lunch . . . 

Daughter and I
I mentioned it was my birthday, and they brought me this!

Birthday cake . . . 

It was a good day.


  1. "Happy Happy Birthday, Deborah" What a fine day you had. Yes, I agree that birthdays are something to celebrate and celebrate BIG. Glad you were pampered today. I am a June baby, too and was very pampered by my friends and family. Enjoy the rest of the day and I think you can have two pieces of that luxurious cake. :) hugs, Deb

  2. Oh my goodness, happy happy happy birthday sweet dear Deborah!!!!

    Oh my goodness your mother paints beautifully and your daughter is gorgeous!

    May you have many MANY more to come!!! God bless you this special day and always!


  3. Belated Happy Birthday dear Deborah. It looks like you had a very nice day.


  4. Happy birthday beautiful lady! Many more and blessed ones too.
    Yes, I believe in making a big deal about it too. Hubby has learned and looks forward to, as in his family, funny, but they didn't make a 'big deal' hardly.
    I used to visit my Mil who didn't like her birthday, she had a saints day because of it...but hey, not me, been American I am very enthusiastic with cake, flowers, cards and dinner if I can, lol... I did the whole nine yards for her b'day and she ended up loving it!
    Hope you are having a lovely one with the beautiful DD and your talented and sweet mom who always paints you a special card, wow!
    Hugs and kisses.

  5. Happy birthday ! What a wonderful post. Over the years I've grown indifferent to my birthday, maybe because it comes at a bad time for people to remember.( Labor Day ,starting school, everyone returning to life after summer vacation, etc., )My own mother did make a big deal out of birthdays and I did too as my children were growing up. Somehow though, my husband never caught that "bug" and I decided to quit being so disappointed about the lack of enthusiasm for my birthday when he more than makes up for it is every other way. ( he doesn't expect a big for his birthdays either ) I think I'll begin again making birthdays a big deal regardless of how mine is celebrated. It's fun to have a good reason to celebrate and I am glad I was born !

  6. Happy Birthday looks a fab day. It's my mums Birthday today.

  7. Happy Birthday, Deborah! It surely looks like you did have a wonderful day. I am guilty of being that person who doesn't want a big deal made out of another birthday. Maybe I need to start looking at my birthday this year....bring on the party! How lovely it is to receive a hand painted card from your mom every year. She does wonderful work!

  8. Happy birthday, Deborah! You and my daughter were almost born on the same day. I love your exuberance over this special day and am so glad it was full of joys for you. Your mother is not only talented but such a sweetheart to paint you your own personal card each year, how you must treasure your collection of them.

    I love the picture of you and your daughter having a birthday lunch together! You both are beautiful!

    And thank you for the reminder that our own birthdays should be as special as the celebrations we plan for our loved ones--we are worth it too, aren't we?


  9. I'm so glad you enjoy celebrating wonderful YOU!! Happy Birthday, sweet friend. The cards, the roses, the birthday lunch with your daughter, and the cake made for a fabulous day. I especially LOVE the painted card from your dear Mom....what a treasure. You and your daughter are so beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful daughter you have and, may I say that she has an equally lovely mother!! You look great! Birthdays must agree with you. Wish I could say the same.

    Your mom's hand painted card is gorgeous. So very special. Lucky, lucky Lady to have your loved ones around you.

    Cheers, M-T

  11. Beautiful post, looks like a wonderful celebration, you are truly blessed. So glad you had a great Birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday,Deborah! You had a wonderful day with daughter and all those roses and gifts. I agree birthdays are wonderful and should be celebrated, every year we have one is a blessing!

  13. Happy Birthday Deborah!! Looks like the perfect day with those you love and wonderful treats. Your gifts and roses are special. Love the pic of you and your daughter. You girls look like sisters.
    Have a special new year filled with many blessings.
    Happy Weekend!
    Hugs, cm

  14. Happy Birthday (albeit belated), Deborah! Looks as if you know how to enjoy a day! Your gift from the nephews is giving me ideas...

  15. Dearest Deborah,
    Looks like you had a very blissful Birthday and I love the photo with your daughter; two beautiful girls!!!
    Lovely roses and your Mom paints quite a special Birthday card for you; very talented lady.
    Don't know if I ever could aim at a squirrel or any critter...
    Sending you hugs,

  16. Happy Birthday! So much joy and love. I agree - let's celebrate the years we've acquired!

  17. Oh sweet friend, Happy Birthday {a little late}. What a lovely celebration in honor of YOU, dear looks like you had a delightful day :) And I agree with you, birthdays should be a big deal and like you said, you never know how many more you will be blessed with.

    You and your daughter are simply beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  18. Happy happy happy belated birthday to one of my most favorite bloggers! So glad you had such a blessed birthday.

  19. Oh I love that mug and I bust out laughing at the nerf gun and squirrels ! Now you need to have your husband take a photo of that...I'd love to see the squirrel's expression. LOL!! Lovely shot of you and your daughter! :

  20. Happy belated birthday Deborah. I am so happy to see that you had a great birthday. How wonderful that you got to enjoy it with your gorgeous daughter. I do love to celebrate birthdays too. They are only once a year right???

    Your family and friends love you very much. I can just imagine you running after those poor squirrel's in the yard. That sounds hilarious. Love all the yummy sweet treats and I also spotted the Sephora goodies. A girl after my own heart. You keep getting more beautiful with age. Wish you many more wonderful birthdays Deborah.


  21. Happy birthday to you, Debbie!! (a bit late) I'm so glad it was a celebratory day, a big day, a smiling day! That cake looks to-die-for :) May it not kill you, haha!! Your mother paints so beautifully - what a treasure to have cards painted JUST for you.

  22. Happy Birthday sweet friend. I'm a few days late but I'm hoping you are still celebrating! Any cake left? heehee! I love your beautiful gifts...especially the pretty painting your Mother did. How special! Enjoy your week! Sending you birthday hugs tonight, Diane

  23. A very HAPPY belated birthday, to you, Deborah! All the very best in health, love, and joy!

    Sorry to visit so late, but as you may have seen, I've been missing from our blogosphere, for the past month, due to 2! moves: my sister's and my daughter's, and thus, have not had the pleasure of keeping up with my blogging buddies. I decided to visit this post, even though it's not your most recent, since it is, indeed, a big deal to celebrate one's birthday, and what a birthday bash you had! From your cozy lunch with your lovely daughter, (she is the spitting image of you!), to your roses, cake, and special gifts, I'm certain it was, indeed, a day to remember.



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