A few happy things

May 7, 2015

This past weekend, we hosted three open houses and a scarf and jewelry bazaar to raise money for indigent women in northern India. A friend brought two huge suitcases filled with lovely items from India to sell. We enjoyed authentic Indian food, including chicken curry, naan bread, and chai while we shopped. 

My entire living and dining rooms were filled with tables loaded down with goodies like these . . .

100% silk, lightweight yet warm, and just gorgeous!

All hand sewn!

Wish I wasn't allergic to wool
Authentic pashmina wool -- rare and gorgeous

Another happy thing that has happened recently is the revival of our 31-year-old Maytag washer. It was sounding like a helicopter taking off every time it started to spin, and all my books on the other side of the wall were slowly inching off their shelves every time I did a load of wash.

We thought it was time to get a new one, but so many people told us not to. You'll never find a washer as good as that one, we were told. Our long-time repairman agreed. Appliances have a built-in obsolescence these days and don't last more than 7 or 8 years if you're lucky.

So, the old Maytag has been repaired, and is working as good as new. On average, that machine has probably done a load of wash every day for 31 years!


And, in preparation for buying a new wardrobe, I am having fun researching my "colors" again, looking at various styles of clothing, and trying to plan my "capsule" wardrobe. Hey, it's fun, and something to do when everyone else is eating dessert!

I'll share some of my color research next week. I remember doing this back in the 80s. No real surprises, except that it seems I shouldn't wear pure white. Makes sense. That's the only thing I've been doing "wrong" it seems. "Wrong" is in quotation marks because, really, it's not like these rules have to be followed. I just see them as helps.


The best happy thing is that our youngest son is graduating from Hillsdale College on Saturday. My mom is here, and our other son is flying in today. We'll have the whole family here for a couple days. He has a job, and will be relocating this summer (but we won't dwell on that now).

We are enjoying some warm weather this week; it will be into the 80s this weekend!


  1. Congrats to your son. I know you'll have a wonderful weekend. I sure love those colorful scarves and all the pretty hand made things. Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. How exciting to have a graduate in the family! Best wishes to your son for a bright future! Love all the beautiful scarves and jewelry - I'm sure the fundraiser will be a success. So nice to shop for new clothes :) Have a lovely weekend and Mother's Day! xo K

  3. You are so funny, doing your wardrobe while others nibble dessert :) That puts a happy spin on it! Congrats on your son. Our daughter is graduating college too. She does not have work yet, but is looking. We also have a wedding to do one week later, so a busy month!
    Those Indian items are so pretty. I love the scarves and jewelry.

  4. Sounds like a celebratory time with your son graduating from college!

    You were not steered wrong on your "vintage" Maytag. I wish I still had mine. I have a new Maytag that is no better than any average washing machine my repairman tells me.

    The beautiful items from India are amazing. Hope that you now own some lovely new earrings and some beautiful scarves.

  5. Hello, what a funny thought to see your books inching of the bookshelf. They just don't make things like they use to! Lovely items, hope you made a good profit on them for such a good cause.
    Enjoy your family and congrats to your son!
    Happy Mothers Day

  6. Nice to get your classic Maytag repaired, maybe for another 31 years. Hope you made a lot of money for the good cause.

  7. Congratulations to your son, a great achievement. Love all the Indian fabric, a real delight. Have fun with your new wardrobe after all your hard work you deserve it.

  8. Congrats to your son on his graduation. So happy you will enjoy your family with a celebration. The gathering of gorgeous items to sell to help the women is awesome. Have fun picking your wardrobe colors.
    Happy Morher's Day.
    Hugs and blessings, CM

  9. Wow Deborah. Lots going on at your house. How wonderful your son is graduating from college. Congratulations to all! Also, on your weight loss. It must be so wonderful to look for new clothes. And kudos to the faithful washing machine! Susan

  10. Oh Deborah, how exciting for your son! Congratulations to him :)

    My, those scarves and earrings are beautiful and the hand sewn peacock is gorgeous! May you have a blessed Mother's Day, sweet friend. Hugs!

  11. The scarves and jewelry are amazingly beautiful! Congrats to your son and enjoy your family time!

  12. What a happy time for your family to gather and celebrate your son's accomplishment. Congratulations.

    Such a beautiful assortment of accessories from India. I hope the sale was successful. Happy Weekend to you, Deborah.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  14. What gorgeous items from India, Deborah! You have a lot going on to be happy about this weekend. Congratulations to your son and enjoy your family while they're home.
    Happy Mother's Day hugs are sent to you!

  15. Dearest Deborah,
    That's a happy post with beautiful crafts from India and also great news about your youngest who will graduate from Hillsdale College.
    So wonderful you can have your Mom with you and everyone else.
    I've been having a kind of tough 1st Mother's Day with Mom in heaven but that's life.
    We also came to a very calm Sunday as yesterday we dropped off my dear friend at the Atlanta Airport for flying home to The Netherlands. So quiet... But we enjoyed a lovely week together and now I have to catch up on blog reading again.
    Sending you hugs and blessings for Saturday.

  16. Sorry I am so late responding to you visit…wild with visits and visitors…but pretty much back to normal. My iPad wouldn’t let me respond or see comments and links…sigh…ah technology! We LOVE Indian food...the national dish of England is now officially Chicken Tikka Masala! Beautiful items...I hope it's a great success. I was a winter when the color testing was in. Have fun with your wardrobe...I need to do that too!

  17. Congrats to your son on his graduation/job. So happy the family is all together for the special weekend. Those are such pretty textiles from India. I am loving my "capsule" wardrobe that you inspired me to create....gray, blue, lavender. Makes life easier! Hope you have a nice week.


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