Hello again

March 23, 2020

Hello again, my dear blog friends. 

It's been a long time. I have missed you.

I had been thinking seriously over the past several months of shutting my blog down. But couldn't quite write that final post. I didn't really want to say goodbye.

So I am back, and hoping I still have things to say here. I still believe "the beautiful matters," maybe even more so now.

Isn't it wonderful to see some of the beautiful things happening right now even in the midst of this life-altering pandemic?

People singing together from their balconies or front porches. Families going for walks together. People at home sewing masks for health care workers. I saw last night a neighborhood where families put stuffed bears in their windows so the children could count them as they went for a walk with their parents. People sitting outside nursing home windows cheering their loved ones.

Miss Read is always comforting in times of stress.
 Drive up food distributions, online prayer meetings, funny memes to keep us smiling.

This past fall I became a mentor mom for our local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program. They were looking for someone to also lead a smaller group of moms struggling with anxiety and depression. This group has been meeting at my house every two weeks since last October.

We have set up a Marco Polo group to stay in touch with each other during this time of social distancing. It has been a wonderful way to check in with each other, encourage each other, and share the frustrations and challenges and joys of being home all day with little ones. When you also struggle with anxiety or depression.

Sharpened and organized and ready for some serious coloring. 
 This is an anxious time for everyone. I'm so thankful for social media right now. My book club is meeting via Zoom tonight. Our pastor has scheduled a short prayer time online every evening at 9 p.m. There are so many ways to stay connected. I've actually set up a schedule for all my Zoom and FaceTime calls!

**** breaking news ****

Just got a text our governor here in Michigan is issuing a stay-at-home order today. Things are changing daily.

Okay . . . three hours later . . . after a whole bunch of texts and calls among friends and family about what that means for us here.  Concern for those who are self-employed. No work means no money. And concern for those who need to keep working and who risk exposure.

I am going to close now and spend some quiet time in prayer. I'll be back soon. 

xo Deborah


  1. I was just thinking of you last week, wondering if you had decided to stop blogging. So I am very glad to see a new post from you. I agree, The Beautiful (Still) Matters. And your blog is always a place of beauty.

    My church had a prayer meeting last night, via Zoom. It was my first time ever doing something like that. While it's not quite the same as meeting in person, it was such a joy to see so many beloved faces.

    I am a card sender, and I have sent cards to nearly every lady in my church in the past week, and this week, I'm sending to the children. I figure my card is like a warm greeting and a big hug.


  2. I'm so glad to hear from you. I've wondered how you were doing and feeling. Love those colored pencils....I should get mine out! Take care and stay healthy! Hugs from Florida, Diane

  3. Oh wonderful to find you home, though I am sorry about the circumstances. I am sure that we are all making the best of a challenging situation. Our governor closed down things a week ago so I have been home for a week and feel that I can carry on for another. After that, I’m not so certain.

  4. How lovely to see a post pop up from you, Deborah. Stay well, and be encouraged. God is always with us.

  5. Yay! I'm so glad to see you here again. I have missed your writing!

  6. I was so happy to see your post in my inbox today. These are definitely challenging times but with the internet folks can keep in touch with loved ones and friends. The Scriptures mention several times when quarantine is necessary. We are a strong people and with Elohim's grace, we will get through this. We all need to pray for each other.

  7. I am happy to hear that you are ok during this difficult time for everyone. It's great that you can have the meetings on Zoom. My gym even has a few classes that you can take over Zoom. In the meantime I get out for daily walks and keep my distance from people. I am happy to see all of your colored pencils out. I too have been doing some pencil and marker drawings and reading a lot. I hope to see you on your blog from time to time. Take care and be well.

  8. Dearest Deborah,
    Yes it is a time that none of us has been looking forward to!
    But we still can admire nature's awakening around us and yes, thanks to Social Media for being able to stay in touch with loved ones. Even though, lots of elderly will not have that luxury...
    Sending you hugs,

  9. I was so thankful to see your precious comment at my blog and also to see a new blog post from you!! SO very thankful you didn't close down your blog. It is tempting to quit sometimes, but we need each other more than ever in these troubled times. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe and healthy through it all, in Jesus' name!

  10. So nice to see a new blog post from you--I also haven't posted in quite awhile. You described your CV time so thoughtfully well. I haven't actually heard anyone complain about having to stay home, and our young family friends seem to be finding a lot of good in it as they have an abundance of time together as a family staying in and enjoying their home. We also got the mandate yesterday to stay home except for groceries or emergencies, for the next 21 days.

  11. So glad you decided to keep your blog going, Deborah! I've been trying to minimize my social media usage (not always successfully!) to avoid the constant barrage of coronavirus news. So the tea blogs offer a balm to the mayhem.

    I'm thankful for technology such as Zoom which allows us to keep in touch with family and friends.

    Being a mentor Mom for MOPS is such a wonderful way to give back to the community.

  12. I am delighted to visit here again! Your fireplace looks so cozy.
    Stay well!

  13. Hello, Deborah! It's good to see you here again. I wouldn't shut down the blog. You can stop writing altogether, but be sure to leave it open, if only as a wonderful record of what you thought for all those months and years.
    I agree so much that RIGHT NOW it's more important than ever to focus on the beautiful. It keeps the soul alive when other things are dying around us.
    Enjoy your coloring! My husband is doing daily devotionals too for anybody, but esp. for our church folks whom we miss so much.


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