Slow and steady wins the (weight-loss) race

August 12, 2019

After losing 8 pounds in three weeks, I gained a pound back and it has taken me 10 days to re-lose it.

It's discouraging after being so faithful to this eating plan. But, of course, on any diet, there is the initial water weight loss. And, I have to remind myself, slow and steady wins the race.

Baked Parmesan cheese with herbs. Dipped in a little sour cream, these are delicious and filling!

I'm reminding myself of several things:

*** I'm older. Weight just isn't going to come off as quickly as it did when I was younger. My metabolism isn't the same as it was. As with many things in life, patience is key.

*** I have to remember that quick weight loss, especially in -- ahem -- more mature adults, can often lead to sagging skin and more pronounced wrinkles. The more slowly I lose the weight, the less likely (I hope!) I will have to deal with that gaunt, tired look that comes from rapid weight loss. I hope as I exercise and lose slowly, those negative effects will be mitigated.

*** If I lose 40 pounds quickly, and I'm "done" by November, say, then what? I've barely gotten used to a whole lifestyle change. I run the risk of saying, "Yay! I'm done," and gradually returning to old habits. If I lose a pound a week, which is what many experts recommend, I have more time to settle into this as a way of life. Almost a year. Hopefully, then it has had time to become more of a lifestyle change.

Love this sugar-free bacon!

*** I need to forget about the weight loss, and just focus on health. The weight will come off, but good health and energy should be the ultimate goal. Losing weight quickly and then returning to old habits is not going to benefit my health. When I eventually reach my weight-loss goal, I am still going to be sugar-free and white flour-free and processed food-free. For life. So what am I rushing for? These eating habits will be continuing long after the weight loss.


I am relying on prayer these days and trying to remember to turn to the Lord rather than turning to food when I'm feeling anxious or stressed, or in need of comfort. I'm remembering that He is the Bread of life. That we are to "feed on Him with thanksgiving." This is very different than my previous attempts at weight loss. Yes, I might have prayed for success, but I was really just relying on my own willpower to do this. We can't do these things alone, and I'm grateful I don't have to. 

xo, Deborah


  1. Amen! (I'd stay away from the scale for a while. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised.)

  2. I so agree with you, they always say, the slower you loose, the better for a lifestyle change. I so admire your attitude and "stick-tuit-ive-ness." Hang in there!

  3. The baked parmesan cheese looks soooo good!

    Thanks for the visit. Dessert by Deb will be releasing a new tea collection later this month, but I'm going to make myself wait until I use up more of my tea stash before supporting Deborah's business again. Hee!

  4. I admire you for being so dedicated. I have never been a dieter...just absolutely no willpower! Thankfully I am only a few pounds overweight and people tell me I don't need to lose weight. I did lose about 8-10 lbs. last year after finally joining the gym...walking before that. I've gained back a couple of those and like you I am having trouble getting them back off. I mean, it took me a year to lose 10!!!! It seems I lose very slowly and then I get discouraged. Even went on Weight Watchers several years ago; really didn't cheat (too much) but again it took me a year to lose 10 lbs. I'm at the point now (age 70) that I'm trying to learn to just be happy with the way I am:) Good luck and congrats on how well you are doing.

  5. Dearest Deborah,
    Have zero experience with ever losing weight... Can't speak about that part!
    But when I lost 6 pounds while on our cruise, that was not from eating less or dieting but just from not resting as I hardly could breath due to acute bronchitis. That was true for both of us. Got 4 pounds back and I'm happy with that!
    Like you, wanting to re-gain you step on that scale too often and are disappointed... Same for losing weight I bet!
    We always need that inner peace and feeling good about life and what we eat.
    Good luck and stick with the healthy main rules and that is already a major achievement.

  6. It does mean making changes that last a lifetime. But when they are healthy habits, you feel so much better. And food tastes better! Just don't go hungry! Find some foods that you can eat that make you feel full. When I've had a lighter dinner, I eat popcorn!

  7. Yes, slow and steady wins the weight loss race, Deborah, and leads to your new lifestyle. My habits have stayed the same for the past 20 years, and it’s just so normal for me. Realizing that praying for God’s help will only help you even more.

  8. I tell you, I totally get every, single thing you said. I think my metabolism has reset itself to ZERO. I can do ALL things right, when it comes to dieting, and still gain weight!! It is SO frustrating, but we just have to keep doing the right thing whether we lose weight or not. We want to live to a ripe, old age, and we want to FEEL BETTER, which we absolutely do when we eat right, so let's keep praying and leaning hard on Jesus and being obedient to His will for our eating, and the rewards will be there - if not in lost pounds, then in better health, which means FAR more to me anyway. Praying for you and cheering you on from here!

  9. It all is frustrating whether we are trying to gain weight or lose it. But learning to be healthy and eat what works with your body, some foods can make you feel terrible, seeds can hurt your stomach. And dairy can wreck havoc. I just think we also need to be happy in our own skin, as we are all so different in size and weight. A good gust of wind could knock me down, I need a heavier friend to hold my hand. My Mom use to say I needed to put rocks in my pockets! but I am so glad to have finely gained a few pounds after being so sick. and heck were all getting saggy skin LOL hugs, Roxy I think you are beautiful and being heavy is not always bad or unhealthy, what is the motive for being so strict, health, happiness, thats what matters! and taking it slow is the best for your system and emotional well being. Sending you a blue ribbon for even trying!

    1. On "discouraging" is the word. I have always eaten a healthy diet, which I continue to do. Still I gain about 4 pounds per year, then simply can't loose it. It adds to my girt. I don't believe I could eat less food without skipping meals entirely, which would result in muscle loss, another no, no. Realistically I can't really increase my exercise, like to add running. It would have to be permanent, for when I stopped, I'd be no better off. I still eat healthy though: rarely drink, rarely eat more than a like 2 bits of sweats, watch the fats and carbs; and practice portion control. I also mostly eat unprocessed foods that I cook myself. Still in all likeliness, I will never be the size I once was. And I am not considered fat, but no longer slender either. Reality.

  10. I esp. like your point that it's really about good health, and NOT about "looks." For too many years we have told ourselves that being fat it ugly, and that's why we should be thin. It's a self-talk that's kept us from being healthy! Thank you. Those photos look delicious!!

  11. I am definitely more concerned about my health these days. I got a scare back in the wintertime. Taking one day at a time helps and I'm doing what I can in the way of exercise. It's not easy because I have everything going against me. I will persevere and my condition is not going to dictate to me how I'm doing. I had an awful winter and I was laid up for months. One day, I said to myself, I've had enough and I've been pressing on because I have to. I have trouble eating bacon but your eggs and spinach look wonderful. You can do it, Deborah, and we're all routing for you. Hugs...Sandi.

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