Finally (sadly) getting rid of my (high) heels

September 15, 2018

Wedges are usually easier to wear than stilettos, but at 4 1/2 inches high,
this pair just isn't a good idea anymore. So sad.
I might have posted a while back about getting rid of my heels. I might have thought about it, but I just couldn't bear to part with them. I love heels. There are so many gorgeous ones out there, and I would wear them every day, even to the grocery store, if they didn't hurt so much.

But, facts are facts. They really are killing my feet. I was at a wedding this summer and was practically hobbling by the end of the evening.

Both have 3 1/2-inch heels. You'd think the block heel would be more comfortable, 
but I think the thin strap at the toes did me in at the wedding.

Then a couple weeks ago, I fell in our church parking lot. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt. I hit a patch of crumbly asphalt and down I went. I was wearing wedges (not the ones above), which you would think would be more stable, but they were tapered to the heel as I later discovered, and so more susceptible to wobbling.

So I came home, gritted my teeth, and packed up all my lovely heels (3 inches and higher). I'm not risking life and limb! 

So now what do I wear? I don't like athletic shoes. Or ugly old lady shoes. And flats hurt my feet (weird, huh?), so they're out.

I'm thankful fall is upon us, because I've always loved my booties, and I think they look great dressed up or down. They're super comfortable, flat or with a 1- or 2-inch heel, which I can handle.

I have found a couple pair of very comfortable and cute shoes from Jambu. I've been wearing them for the past three summers. Even walked the Great Wall in China in them as they were more comfortable than the walking shoes I brought.

The Jambu shoes are the red ones. I've had three pair of these shoes, one of which I completely wore out. Sadly, they don't seem to be making this style anymore. The boots are Lucky Brand. So comfortable and I think they're cute.

But what about a dressy shoe? The 1- to 2-inch block heels and the kitten heels out there can look matronly sometimes. Do you all have any suggestions?

I had a dozen or more pair of heels. But I don't need to replace all of those. I really only need a couple pair of dressy shoes, for events. Low-heeled sandals and booties will be my go-to for every day.

How about you? What do you wear on your feet?


  1. Since you love the fashion of heels, I am sorry that you are letting them go. I let heels go decades ago, but then I was not much of a fan from the git-go. May you find “just the thing.”

  2. I can't remember when I quit wearing high heels so that must mean it was a long time ago! Ha! I also remember though back in the 70's when I vacumned and cleaned house in those clogs and thought nothing of it!

  3. Oh, to have my young feet back, my friend!!!!

    I stopped wearing heels decades ago. And now after a broken foot a few years ago I wear ugly old lady shoes, mainly tennis shoes, but when hot I wear a (kinda cute) pair of Birkenstock thongs. It took a long time to adjust to them, but I have worn them all summer.

    My feet hurt all day every day and it has stopped me from doing SO much. I wear expensive shoes, really $$$ inserts, get regular massages, take Tylenol and still as I sit here typing this I can feel my heartbeat in my feet.

    I need to lose weight and help my poor feet. But it's difficult to excercise when one's feet hurt so much, so it is a terrible vicious cycle.

    Love those pretty shoes. Sorry it's come to this, but having happy feet is having a happy soul. xxoo

  4. I had to let mine go a couple of years ago and they really don't work well here on the Island either. I still wear stylish shoes but they are flat.

  5. 2" heels have been my limit for years. I have tested the waters with 2.5" but I'd rather be on pointe than walk in 3". You will find sexy, pretty and functional in the 2" range. Good luck! (ps those are some really pretty shoes someone else is going to enjoy!).

  6. I've not worn heels in a many, many years. I do have a black strappy pair in the closet in case of an emergency dressy occasion. ;-) I think the last time I wore them was to a wedding where we danced the night away and my feet were killing me, I could hardly walk. My sis-in-law and I kicked our shoes under a skirted table and danced barefooted. Her son was the groom. I've loved wearing heels since I was 14. I fell wearing some higher wedge shoes, walking a dirt road several years ago. I wasn't hurt either, thankfully. But at this age, 70 in 6 months, heels are definitely a thing of the past.


  7. I stopped wearing high heels after I had children because I was terrified I would fall down. Then of course they hurt my little toesies. So I wear sneakers mostly but for church I wear a pair of flats. Actually I own several flats because they are very comfy but those heels of yours are so cute and makes me long to wear heels again.

  8. I lived in heels when I worked in a corporation but I developed Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes about eighteen years ago and eventually heels became to difficult to wear. Instead, I wore very pretty one inch "flats" with dresses. I found some that were pretty enough, I no longer missed the heels.

  9. The strappy sandals with floral patters are so cute! I've never worn high heels (1-1.5 cm is the tallest that I can go), but can sympathize with the difficulty of letting go of pretty (but uncomfortable!) shoes. I've been wearing orthotic inserts for the last 6 years which limits the types of shoes that I can wear.

  10. They are so beautiful, I remember wearing high heels for work every day when I was young. I miss being able to do that. I hate the orthopedic shoes I must now wear so your booties look marvelously glamorous to me.

  11. My sympathy on the loss of your high heels ! I know what you mean....I wear a lot of booties, and low heels. You can find some that don't look too dowdy. I also wear a lot of Vionic shoes and sandals ( your red ones you pictured are so cute!), but I have some 2 1/2 inch heels in black and taupe....and one pair of 3 inch black "going out to dinner" shoes - got them on a great sale, they look great, and for short periods of time they are acceptable. Good luck shoe shopping!

  12. I stopped wearing heels over a decade ago, but for my daughter's wedding in 2015, I got a wedge heel. Alas, the straps across the toe hurt as much as high heels ever did, so now, i only wear flats. Like you, I have boots, which are great for fall and winter.

    Dress shoe wise, I wear dressy flip-flop style sandals. I have black patent ones, silver ones, and sparkly gold. They look great with anything. They aren't totally flat...have a wedge of about 1/2 inch. They're great.

  13. I don't wear heels, Deborah, unless I have a wedding to go to, and then I find a low-heeled shoes. I have to be comfortable. My youngest son once told me that if I eve wore "old lady shoes", he would take be out shoe shopping! Maybe I should buy an ugly pair and see if he keeps his word?? LOL!

  14. I have up all the high heels ages ago...I kept a pair of black kitten heels which I wear for dressier events...I love wearing my Chelsea Boots by Clarks and have ballet flats...a few pairs of colourful shoes round out my shoe pair may fall into the category of old lady Mary Janes by Jungla of Spain.

  15. I no longer wear heels, either. For our 50th wedding anniversary, I found a pair of blush color wedges kind of like the height of the red ones you showed, and it had a strappy front. They were very comfortable. However, for the fall and winter, I am on the hunt. I only need maybe two pair for dress. BTW, I fell on broken blacktop by our Farmers Market here in Brighton, and did not break anything. I do however, have a right leg that is one huge bruise and a knee that is still healing...happened two weeks ago...I was wearing sneakers!

  16. Me, too. Done with high heels. I was shoe shopping last week and everything I saw that I loved was too high. I ended up with three pairs of flats. They are cute; I do like them, but I have to admit they don't thrill me like a gorgeous pair of heels do! Love your heels but those Jambu shoes are good looking, too.

  17. I feel your pain. I too have given up heels a few years ago. Plantar faciatis moved me to that decision.

  18. I find shoes are quite the hardest thing to buy. How is it they can feel so comfy in the shop and then prove to be unwearable once you get them home?! I keep a few favourite pairs of heels for when I know that the evening will involve nothing more than a short hop from car to couch and table.
    Fashion says that we can wear boots with anything, floaty dresses included. Such good news!

  19. Your heels are all so very pretty and feminine. You and my dear Stephanie are so alike when it comes to shoes, and you both look just lovely wearing what you love. The two times I have had the pleasure of fellowshiping with you, I must say, you looked darling.
    I have heels and wear them only when I have to and enjoy them for the most part.
    With having knee issues for so long I have turned over to athletic type shoes for the most part, I feel safe and secure in them when walking or just in my every day ordinary life.
    The choices are so broad that I can actually choose a pair in matching color for my outfits, of course with a splash of pink being my first choice. :}
    As I get older, I'm more cautious.
    For the winter I love a dressy boot, but again, with a lower and grippy heal.

    You have really made changes Deborah, good for you!

  20. Deborah, I finally had to give up on the really high heels, too. But a low heel is much more comfortable to my feet than a flat. The highest heels I wear now are 2 3/4 inches and those only occasionally and when not too much walking is involved. I most often wear shoes with heels between 1 1/2 and 2 1/4 inches. With AAAA width feet, when I hear people talk about how difficult it is for them to find shoes, I say "Cry me a river!" :D


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