Bridal shower

May 1, 2017

I had hoped to do a book review for this post, but didn't get any reading done today. So, instead, here's some pics from the bridal shower my book club hosted this past weekend.

Prizes for the game winners . . .

Taken before we finished setting the tables. A special seat for the bride to be.

Chicken casseroles, salads, muffins . . . 

The groom's sister made this cake, including the edible daisies.

Another sister made these sweet favors for the guests.

I figured out what to do with the fabric I found. I cut it up and added it to an already-made banner from etsy. I tore strips to finish off the ends.

I didn't have anything in the robin's egg blue color in my house, so I added a few touches . . .

I switched out the pink "love" paper for some blue . . .

I even found a little cake stand and a teacup in my cupboard that matched.

This is the third bridal shower we've hosted in a year. We're getting to be quite a team!

We really do read books, too. Speaking of which . . . 


  1. You have taken such care with your preparations and lovely looks like a lovely event.
    BTW we have 2 pairs of bronzed baby shoes here in The Humble Bungalow.

  2. How lovely, just perfection! Such great colors. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a pretty, pretty shower. I love the colors and all the special touches....including the edible daisies on the cake. How cute is that!?!

    Third shower this year, huh? Seems like things happen in bunches like that, doesn't it? One year we had four or five weddings in a three month period.

    Hope you have a wonderful May and find time to get a bit of reading in! xo Diana

  4. Oh Deborah, it's all just lovely!! You did a fabulous job with your decorating and putting the colors together.
    Your home looks like a perfect size for hosting these parties.
    I love your tea cup very pretty.

    Blessings ♡

  5. Such a beautiful shower, Deborah! Love the sweet color scheme with all the daisies. The cake is wonderful and all the food looks so delicious. Your banners turned out very pretty, too. Looks like a lovely day for the bride-to-be! xx Karen

  6. Everything is picture perfect! I love the banner!

    I hope you will have some leisurely May days now to enjoy a good book.

  7. What a lovely event! The colors, the flowers, the food! That cake is darling. I am sure that the bride-to-be felt truly honored.

  8. You and your book club members sure know how to throw a shower, Deborah, and make a bride-to-be feel extra special. Your home, the tables, the food, the decor, the party favors, and that adorable daisy cake, all look so wonderful. I wish I was a member to join in on all this fun!

  9. Another great hosting. Everything looked wonderful, Deborah, that cake especially. Looks like you're the go-to person for the space design in hosting these events!

  10. Such a joy to visit and see how gorgeous everything was, a real delight.

  11. It's all so pretty looking and perfectly lovely. You do a great job of bridal showers (and reading, too!)

  12. What a wonderful shower-every touch is perfect and so elegant. It looks like you had a large group; so much work, but such a blessing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  13. Your book club throws the best showers, Deborah! Next year, it'll be baby showers!

  14. It all looks so lovely ...

    All the best Jan

  15. Sweetest friend, what an amazing bridal shower! I agree with Margie...your book club throws the best showers! {{smiles}}

    What a sweet and memorable time for the bride-to-be. Love and hugs to you!

  16. I loved everything about this... the decor, the colors, the banner, the food - even the prizes. Such good inspiration and ideas! Tell me, did you set all the tables in your living room? Did you use large folding tables? I ask because I always debate whether to do something like this and seat everyone together or set a table in the dining room, one in the kitchen, one on the covered patio, etc. This looked lovely. Did you clear the dishes after eating and stay at the tables for games/gifts or move to another room? Thanks for the help!

  17. Oh my beautiful everything is! You did a phenomenal job of putting together this lovely décor. I love the daisies with that sweet robin's egg very springy! I love what you did with the fabric and the extra added touched of that soft blue added to your home's décor. All of the food looked divine and do I need to even tell you how adorable that cake was? You need to hire yourself out, girl!

  18. I LOVE the color theme, it is so beautiful! Your banner turned out amazing! You have a knack for decorating, and your book club group is an amazing team to work together to make such a nice time for the bride! All of it was amazing and lovely! Maybe now you will have time to read that book :)

  19. You did an amazing job with the decorating! Remind me to call on you when I need to host a shower ;) The food ... WOW! Love the cakes and little squares and the main dishes look delicious!!

  20. Wonderful! Loved the bridal post. I have always enjoyed bridal showers and yours was exquisite. Will look forward to that book review...

    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  21. Well you girls cab put on one heck of a party...
    I want to join your book club!
    Hugs, Roxy

  22. The shower looks beautiful. And delicious food! I love all the blue, and the way you found accents of it in your house. I love the daisies. I was all about them when I got married! A simple and lovely flower.

  23. Dearest Deborah,
    You have been very industrious at hosting another perfect looking Bridal shower.
    The grooms sisters are masters at creating sweet art with sugar and such!
    Looking so very tempting.
    Love your photos of the special touches added.
    Well, my life is kind of settling down again.
    We had a very hectic couple of weeks.
    Guests from Europe and Pieter's 88th Birthday.
    We went to a graduation at 130 km away (one way) and that was a happy occasion.
    On Saturday it was our Bird Revue where all the young girls choirs of the Mockingbirds, Hummingbirds and Knightingales performed together with our choir the Knight Owls. Kelly Knight is our leader and she has done this for 20 years now. Not for the older birds, that is new since 6 years.
    We had to perform at 2:00 PM and at 7:00 PM and it went all well. Great feeling for pulling it off right and dressed like 'Journey' when singing their Rock song of Any Way You Want It. We also danced to it. On Tuesday during our rehearsal I fell of the risers... A big scare; first in 20 years too! But I 'rolled' well and had only bruise marks on my left hand's thumb area and lower right inner arm. A bit below my right knee where I'd touched the metal edge of the 2nd riser. So lucky for being flexible enough to absorb this!
    Finally manage to read some blog posts. I was on the balcony this afternoon, in the sunshine, just being lazy... Decompressing!

  24. Everything is so pretty, Deborah. Such attention to detail, from the flower arrangement to the banner and the scrumptious buffet!



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