Getting ready for Sunday

April 14, 2017

It's still early, so it's hard to tell whether today is going to be sunny or cloudy. On Good Friday, of all days, I always think a cloudy day is much more appropriate. I always think the sun should be ashamed to shine, especially between noon and three. It needs to discreetly hide behind the clouds.

An idea I've had since childhood, and it's stayed with me.

Now on Easter, it really does need to come out of hiding, and shine for all it's worth.

Speaking of which, I need to get going to be ready for Sunday. First off, list making. I can't seem to do anything without my lists.

Once I decide on a menu, then I need to find recipes, then make my grocery list. I need to decide what needs to be cleaned (everything, but we prioritize when time is tight!). I'm also in the middle of planning a trip with some friends, and a bridal shower with my book club, and those are involving a lot of lists, too.

Once I get myself organized, it feels like half the work is done. I don't need to think anymore, just do what the list tells me.

I want that skirt my bunny is wearing!
I need to get some decor up. I have some four dozen eggs that my children colored when they were little. They become more precious with each passing year.

These pink and white Christmas ornaments have been hanging on my dining room chandelier since January, when I used them to decorate for a bridal shower. I'm switching them out for pastel Easter eggs.

When I first started blogging I participated in tablescape parties. I had some beautiful tables. Hopefully this table will be beautiful by Sunday. Here I am just trying to decide which plates/chargers to use.

Two of my favorite things -- pink and bunnies. I'm going to fill the little cups with Easter candy. No big baskets this year, as we won't be having any children here, and none of us -- at least not me -- needs all that sugar. Sigh . . . jelly beans are my all-time favorite, but I resisted. I have a dress I need to fit into next month.

A friend stopped by for coffee the other day. I'm always telling her I want to take piano lessons from her. I just want to be able to play hymns, just for me. I took lessons as a child, but regretfully, never kept up. We went through all my children's piano music, and she found this beginner book so that I could practice.

I was actually able to play this this week, both hands and even using the pedal, although very slowly. It made me cry. The music, not my playing!

I picked these up at the grocery store last week. They still look nice, and I will cut them down and rearrange them for my powder room. I'll get some tulips or daffodils for my Easter table.

Oh, here we go again -- pink and bunnies. 

I found this at T.J. Maxx, and honestly could have bought a whole set. But I kept myself to one plate. Kind of wish I'd splurged now.

I was feeling just a little sorry for myself that our family gatherings have gotten so small, with my two sons out of state and not able to get home all the time, and with extended family also moving away, or sadly, passing on.

So I invited some friends to round out our small Easter gathering, and now I feel happier.

Well, the sun is trying to break through. It has no sense of the fitness of things.

Have a wonderful Easter my friends. The best day of the year. xo


  1. The best day, indeed. Hoping you have a lovely Easter day. It seems you're off on a good start. Setting the table is one of my favorite parts of any gathering. I set my dining room table a week ago so I could enjoy/rearrange/add to it all week.

  2. What an enjoyable post, dear Deborah.
    I love all your lists that you have going on, good for you.
    I believe I would have splurged on those darling bunny dishes too. We often do that don't we, say no to ourselves, then regret it a little bit.
    Good for you for sharing Easter with friends, enjoy yourselves.
    How wonderful that you will be taking up your piano again. I too took lessons when I was young, but regrettably quit.

    Easter blessings. dear lady~~

  3. Dinner plans are underway here, too. We're having the family (minus one couple) over tomorrow (Saturday) in stead of Sunday because of in-law plans. Decor is minimal, but some tulips and greenery add life to the house, along with a few seasonal touches.
    I rarely play piano anymore, in spite of teaching it for years, but hope to get back to it. It's such a wonderful way to meditate on God's truths, and it's a way of praying, as well. I also find it a great emotional release.

  4. I bought last minute Easter dinner ingredients today. I'm looking forward to lamb. A favorite of mine and my husbands.

    Love your decorations. May your celebration be filled with lots of love & joy.


  5. It makes me happy just to read this post, Deborah. Easter preparation is so much fun, I always forget that from year to year. Even when small children grow up.Your new plate makes me crave pink so I will shop the house and china shelves for what I can find. I try to do that for everything now but I do think I need to splurge on some pretty list notebooks like you have, much more fun than my plain steno notebooks!

    Happy Easter,

  6. Life really does bring changes, doesn't it? I always remember my little grandmother coming for Easter dinner and she would always bring pies--one in her old pie tin and the other one in a unglazed bottom pottery one. I still have that pie pan and treasure it and I have never seen another like it. I think the girls have already called dibs on it for 'someday'

    I used to play for my own enjoyment, too. We had my hubby's grandmother's concert piano but when my oldest dd got her own home I gave the piano to her and all three of her girls learned to play.

    You table setting will be beautiful no matter what you decide to do because it will be done with love.

    Wishing you a happy, blessed Easter- xo Diana

  7. The bunny napkins and plate are too cute! Perhaps, the bunny dishes will cross your path again during the post-holiday sales. Good for you for taking up the piano again. Enjoy your Easter celebration with your friends!

  8. Oh Deborah, what a beautiful post! How I would LOVE to hear you play the piano. I have been working on a piece for Easter Sunday - Up From the Grave He Arose. Lord-willing, it will be ready to play {{smiles}}

    Your table look beautiful and I just adore the eggs hanging. May you and yours have a most blessed Easter. Hugs and love to you!

  9. Lists are a good thing, aren't they? I guess they make us feel like we've accomplished something when we scratch off!
    Your table will be beautiful and I love those bunny napkins and the bunny plate. Enjoy your Easter Day with extra friends around your table. Maybe you'll play them a tune on the piano? I've always wished that I knew how to play.
    Happy Easter, my friend, and love and hugs are sent across the miles.

  10. Deborah,

    You and I are two peas in a pod! I do exactly the same; menu, recipes, and shopping lists (I like to do a few to get fresh ingredients and things I've forgotten.

    You mentioned that Easter Sunday will be without some very loved family members. I can't imagine how tough that is, but I admire your positivity. Friends are the next best thing to family, and when I really put my mind to it, I find family, friends and neighbors who sometimes spend holidays alone and they are so grateful, as well as us, that they have a place to celebrate.

    Awesome that you are taking the piano lessons again. Yay!!! Keep us posted!

    Love and Easter blessings to you, my new friend!


  11. Deborah, I grew up with the exact same impression of what Good Friday should be, and most always note the weather particularly around 3 pm (ours was gloriously sunny). Funny, how that sticks....I'm also very much like you with list-making (and don't you love the feeling of crossing things off!). That TJ Maxx find - oh my! So pretty! I hope you enjoy your new found hobby of piano playing, and have a wonderful Easter.

  12. How fitting your 'advice' to the sun is, Deborah, for Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Our weather has been rather dull all week, and cold, uncharacteristic for this time of year, but quite fitting for yesterday's solemn mood of lamentation.

    You seem pretty organized to me! I just sat down after a whirlwind 4 hours of extra special cleaning in preparation for tonight's return after church, just after midnight, when we bring home the Holy Light. We're spending Easter at my brother-in-law's in a village about a two hour's drive from here, but I wanted the house to be ready for Easter Sunday and then a couple of teas I'm hosting soon afterward.

    Wishing you and your guests a wonderful Easter Sunday celebrating our Lord's resurrection.


  13. Love your ideas for decorating. Alas, I have never even decorated for Easter or spring. Just for Christmas and a tiny bit for autumn. Just never occurred to me. I do have a vase of faux white tulips and purple lilacs in the living room. :-) I will have to splurge sometime and get some spring things! Though I do have my collection of foxes that stay year-round. Thanks for a lovely blog post! Have a blessed Easter day. :-)

  14. Whether big or small, your Easter table is a place I would certainly want to be.

    Looking good over there.

    Easter joy to you, dear friend! Hugs! ♥

  15. I have always wanted to play the piano. I love how you re-learned that song and how it touched your heart. Our pastor has been preaching a most enlightening series of messages the past several weeks leading up to Easter of the 7 sayings of Jesus on the cross. Last week's message was specifically about this. It does seem appropriate that Friday's weather should be dark and cloudy. Your organization inspires me! We have been celebrating all weekend since my TN bunch got here Thursday evening with a bonfire and weenie roast on Friday, a smoked pork shoulder by Aaron tonight and before they head home after church tomorrow, we plan to eat at the Chinese buffet! Pretty! May you have a blessed Easter tomorrow with your friends!

  16. I hope your whole Easter was just lovely! You're such a good decorator. That bunny plate is charming! I would have been challenged to get just one also :)

  17. Oh, your chandelier is just beautiful! And, the little bunny plate is so cute! Yes, it's hard when most of the family lives away. We have such a small family anyway and our daughter and family live in Ok and cetainly don't get home for every holiday. Blessings to you!

  18. Dearest Deborah,
    Like you, I'd rather see a very dark weather around the Lord's passing. It is so much more biblical and easier to comprehend.
    We have no relative in the USA so we always enjoy being with our extended family. This year we did cover the Easter dinner amongst three couples. Yummy food and the company is so very special.
    Now I have to do a dinner this Saturday, for dear friends. Next week my youngest brother is arriving with his wife and daughter. Last time they came to visit us was in August of 1999. I'm so very happy, even if this means getting very busy.
    We also have dropped off yesterday our final 8 mm movie reels at Costco, for converting them to DVD. Doing so, I get rid of all the old things by digitalizing it all. First year I did all our slides. last year I finished all photo albums and now I focus on the movie reels and next will be our video tapes. Looking forward to the year that there are no more chores like that! More quality reading time which I miss.
    Oh, our choir will perform twice on the 6th of May at our local theatre so that is coming our way. Lots of practice and dedication, also learning all the steps with that.
    Sending you hugs,

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  20. Deborah,
    I loved the Easter eggs and the bunny plate, and yes, I too wished you had gotten more (I would have!!!) Wishing you a Joyful Easter, and here's a wee gift. You might have heard it, it's from 2012, I believe, but it's joy and hope for days ahead.

    Caitlynne Grace

  21. I'm a list maker too and I get it from my mom. If it's not on the list or my calendar, it doesn't exist and won't get done.

    I hope you had a nice Easter and I'm glad you got to spend it with friends :)



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