Meeting another blogger friend

March 11, 2017

So did you guess which blogger from North Carolina I met this past week?

Debby Ray from My Favorite Things!

And she is just as sweet and friendly as you would expect a Southern gal to be. 

I came down to stay with my son and daughter-in-law, who just had surgery and needed some help.

Before coming down I remembered that Debby lives in North Carolina, and wondered if it was anywhere near my son. I emailed her, and voila! She's maybe an hour away from him, so we decided to meet for dinner about halfway.

We talked so long we closed the place down! The thing about meeting a blogger friend who is a stranger is that they're not really a stranger at all. We already know lots about each other from our blogs. Besides that, we have many mutual blogging friends we love and admire. ("Oh, do you read So and So's blog, too? Isn't she great?")

I wish I'd taken a picture of the buttermilk fried chicken, collard greens, and big flaky biscuit I had. Honestly it was the only real Southern food I'd had all week other than the pimento cheese sandwich I made. 

I remember when my daughter moved to Alabama to teach high school. When we went to visit her, all I saw were Panera Breads and Ruby Tuesdays and the like. I wanted some real Southern-style cooking -- cheese and grits and and ribs and fried green tomatoes and all that. So I was really glad Debby suggested this down-home, Southern-style restaurant. 

Debby gave me some "gifts from the sea." I've been to the North Carolina beaches. Oh, what wonderful walks I've had on them. And how much I'd like to vacation there every year.

Look at these fun sea shell candies.

 My daughter-in-law, who grew up in North Carolina, said she and her sister always got these candies when they went to the beach as children.

So fun, and such pretty shapes and colors, but I honestly didn't have high hopes for how they would taste. But I was wrong. They're really good, kind of like soft M&Ms.

And they actually came in quite handy on my long 9-hour drive home. Nothing like a little sugar to keep you going. Thanks, Debby!

I think this photo should be made into a puzzle, don't you?

So I've met nine bloggers now (see my previous post for the list). I feel so grateful for the friendships made here in blogland. Wish I could meet all of you in person.

And Debby, thanks so much for making the drive after a long day at work and taking a chance on meeting me. I do hope we'll be able to meet again sometime.


  1. Deborah, it was truly a blessing meeting you last week! I have often wondered what it would be like to meet a blogging sister and you are right, it felt like meeting an old friend! I'm glad those candies tasted good...I had never had them just never know! Well, although our server was a little slow, I'm glad you enjoyed the food at the Moose Cafe'. Meeting you was the highlight of my week and I'm glad you had a safe trip home. Hoping you feel better soon! Hugs!

  2. What a fun thing, Deb!!! I am so happy for you both.

    She is a true sweetheart - and you already know how much I adore YOU!

    Hope all is well with everything. I've had a very rough week. I'll have to fill you in soon.

    Big hugs.


  3. Debby Ray,no way!!!! Oh how I would LOVE to meet that dear, precious lady.
    You are certainly making your way around our blogging community, Deborah, and good for you.
    I agree, those candies would make for a greet puzzle.

    Bless you♡

  4. I just love this post, my friend, and the picture of you two lovely ladies. I've met quite a few bloggers and its like a blessing from above. I can see how you met and talked and talked. Its sort of magical!

    I truly hope you and Debby meet again. I'm friends with a blogger I met up with 9 years ago (yeah, I've been blogging a long time!). We are 5 hours apart yet we and our husbands have been meeting up once or twice a year for a weekend for the past 9 years. We so love each other and all 4 of us enjoy our time together. Life is funny, eh? :-D

    Jane x

  5. How wonderful is that, meeting another blogger. It sounds like you had a lovely time together. Those candies are really neat.

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  6. How wonderful to have met a fellow blogger! Debby is a very nice lady, although we haven't met in person, like you I feel like I know her through our blogs!

  7. How sweet! I did not guess correctly in my mind, but I really enjoy it when I see bloggers meeting bloggers. You've racked up many without even attending conferences! Glad you got some Southern cuisine too. :) Have a great week, Deborah.

  8. I so love reading your posts when you meet our blogging friends, Deborah. Isn't it funny how interconnected we are? Debby gave me my teacup at Stephanie's last exchange and I gave you one several times ago. Of course, meeting you a year ago was such a highlight. I wish I could travel around with you, my friend! God bless you in NC and then on the road towards home.

  9. Good Sunday Morning Deborah, what a special treat to meet Debby. She is truly a gem and one special lady!! I can see you two talking and closing the restaurant down. Haha!! What a sweet gift she gave you and yes your photo would make a great puzzle.
    Lovely pic of you two pretties together too. So glad you got to meet another blogger and it was Debby. To date I have meet 13 bloggers and I know what a treat it is. I hope your family in NC are doing well. Have a blessed Sunday. xo

  10. Thanks for sharing another fun blogger meet-up! The seashell chocolates are almost too pretty to eat!

  11. I've only met one blogger in person but feel like we're friends forever because of it, even though she moved to Texas recently. And you are right, you already feel as if you know other bloggers from being a part of their life so often.

    I can just see you two blog friends almost closing down the place!

  12. You have been having a lot of fun! Those gifts are wonderful as was your Queen Bee tea cup to Debby. I love that you closed the restaurant. That's a sign that you were both having a good evening.

  13. I've only had the great pleasure of meeting one fellow blogger a few years ago. We met in New York (my area) and then again in Seattle (her area). It was wonderful.

    You are definitely on my list of bloggers I would love to meet. Perhaps some day.....

    Cheers, M-T

  14. How nice that you two got together! It's amazing, isn't it, how you already "know" each other!

  15. Yes, I definitely think that photo should be made into a puzzle! And it was fun reading of your meeting Debby from Blogland. She's one of My Favorite Things! Really. What a sweet and friendly blogger. I'm so glad you met her and you two enjoyed such a nice visit.

  16. I can't believe I missed this post! It was such a JOY to see a photo of you and Debby. The two of you are such beautiful and gracious women and I am sure your time together was extra special. Thanks for sharing, dear Deborah.

    Sweet hugs to you!


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