I'm starving and I've gained weight!!

November 29, 2016

Okay, I'm not really starving, especially after the Thanksgiving weekend.

But, seriously. I'm going to complain here. I have not had a kitchen to cook in since September 14. That's 11 weeks. Between take out and restaurant meals I have been putting on weight at the same time as feeling very deprived.

I can't make bread or rolls or pie or cookies. All fall. And fall is prime baking time here at my house. It's the time I make apple pie and apple crisp and pumpkin bread and snickerdoodles and start putting away goodies in the freezer for the Christmas holidays.

You would think all that would make me gain weight. But being able to bake and have things in the pantry makes me feel prepared and satisfied. I'm not as tempted. (much) I think I have been overeating because there's nothing in the pantry (I better fill up; it could be my last meal!!!). So I eat more, and more things that aren't satisfying.

I guess I never realized how much I like my own home cooking. Not to be a food snob, but really. I stopped today at the local health food store to get some roasted veggies for lunch. The sweet potatoes weren't peeled, and they weren't even completely cooked. The garlic pieces were huge; no one took the time to mince them. The brussels sprouts must have been sitting under the warming lamp too long because they were all dried out.

I've been craving homemade soup. We have a local restaurant that sells quarts of soup for takeout. It's not bad, but it is loaded with sodium. My ankles are starting to swell. And the chicken chunks are huge! They don't fit on your spoon, and you're sitting on the couch trying to eat soup on your lap and cut the chicken with your spoon . . . Oh, and the crackers are stale.

I love my homemade soups and roasted vegetables. Or any warm comforting homemade foods for when the cold weather hits.

I did have a wonderful time cooking Thanksgiving dinner in our son's apartment. It was the first homemade meal we've had in weeks. We packed the trunk full of turkey and ham and potatoes and stuffing mix, sausage, onions, butter, celery . . . a roasting pan, a turkey baster, an apron, potholders, sharp knives, and cutting board . . . the works. Drove it all across five states. And I have to say that meal tasted really good.

It was only the three of us, the smallest Thanksgiving we've ever celebrated. But my son couldn't get home for the weekend, so we took Thanksgiving to him. No fancy table setting or china or linens, but it was a great meal, and a very relaxing day.

Good news is that as we were driving home on Monday the countertops got installed. Everything's been held up waiting for them. Now the plumber and electrician can come and hook everything up. So maybe a working kitchen by the weekend? 

And maybe I'll lose this extra weight by cooking more. Weird, but I think it will happen.

It will be a while before I want to go out to eat. And please, Lord, don't let me start complaining when I have get to cook every day again! 


  1. I can empathize! Eating out, no matter how careful I am, always makes me gain weight. There's something about homemade food that suits my body best.
    I do hope you soon have a working kitchen, Deborah!

  2. Isn't it a challenge. I lost weight this summer working in my yard and now it is all coming back! Bummer!

  3. I agree with you...I do think we cook healthier and eat more sensibly when we are at home. I hope things go well and you can get back in your kitchen soon. Lots of hugs, Diane

  4. Your post made me chuckle, Deborah.
    Eating out really does cause havoc with our weight, especially those of us that have to watch our weight.
    I can remember years ago when we were building our home we ate out lunch and dinner and wow did I ever gain weight!
    I was in my glory once we moved in and I could cook real food again.
    I hope you will soon be back to cooking those good foods again before the Holidays are over.

    Your Thanksgiving dinner looked wonderful.

  5. Hi Deborah,
    How frustrating not to have a kitchen intact for the holiday!!! My kitchen is too small and that too can be a challenge! Yes, fall is prime baking and cooking time for sure. Since I have been on a diet, I have been feeling a bit deprived so Thanksgiving was nice to enjoy some things I have tried to stay away from these past few months. I did gain a pound or two.....oh well, I enjoyed myself! Hoping your kitchen is up and running again soon! Take care!

  6. Isn't it funny how eating out, makes us appreciate our good, home cooking? I'll bet it felt wonderful to be able to cook for your son, and your meal looks so good. I know you'll be a happy camper to be in your kitchen again, and just in time for all those Christmas goodies. I think for me, I get pleasure in just the making of the yummy food. Your weight will come off when you get back in your own kitchen! Love and blessings to you.

  7. Oh dear! Yes, it is time for a working kitchen! The good news is that it's almost over just in time for the Christmas season. I have never lost weight by cooking things. It's an interesting theory you have about that.

  8. You have such a way of making even the negative sound so funny and real. Deborah! I'm so glad you had a good Thanksgiving with your favorite people in spite of all the downers.

    We had a 5 month reno of our kitchen here in the city years ago. The only working appliances I had were the fridge and microwave and they were in the living room. I washed dishes in the bathroom sink. Amazing how we can adapt. lol!

    At the lake everything is new but we have yet to do a good shopping with only being there on weekends and never being sure when we'll be back. Most times I bring up some sort of meat, fresh veggies and maybe rice or pasta. Okay, some cheese and crackers, chip and nuts. I still feel the calories making their mark...no fresh veggies or good-for-you fall backs! I am a creature of routine. So...I'm starving and gaining, too!

    You said it first!!! We'll be okay come spring...hahahaha


  9. Even foods that look and taste quite healthy that you buy, are loaded with a lot more fat and calories - and salt like you mention - than when you cook at home. There was an actor being interviewed (I can't remember who it was) and he was asked about how he transformed his body for the role. His answer was that he never ate out. He made all his own food at home.

    Your thanksgiving sounded lovely :)

  10. Eating out is nice on occasion, but like you, I really enjoy a home cooked meal. I enjoy cooking.

    Today I want to make a homemade soup to go with a loaf of oatmeal bread made in my bread machine on Monday.

    Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.

    Your Thanksgiving dinner looks fantastic and is making me hungry. Time for some breakfast.

    Happy holidays ~ FlowerLady

  11. It is difficult eating out as you have no control over what is added and how the food is prepared.
    The benefits of home cooking far exceed most take out meals...
    It sound slike your kitchen will be ready before Christmas and you can enjoy your days puttering and baking, simmering soups and prepping for the Christmas feast!
    I don't like being over my WW goal weight but I am and it is a pesky 5 pounds that I am fighting to shift...Good Luck and I hope the kitchen reno is soon completed.

  12. Of all the rooms in a house, I think the kitchen is most crucial practically and emotionally. I'm not surprised you gained weight while eating out. I think food at restaurants is simply higher calorie, you know? It doesn't fill you up as well, but it's loaded with cals. Hmm. Glad you will get your kitchen back SOON. You will always remember this as the autumn of deprivation, haha!!

  13. Well, I am a new reader here so it sounds like you are in the middle of a kitchen re-do! OMGOSH! That is always such a mess. And, I am like you- I like to cook. I have NOT been cooking for almost a year (so to speak). Hubby has gone through a bout of cancer/treatment and can no longer eat regular food. He is on tube feedings- don't want to drag you down- we are both fine with it- he is cancer-free and that is the Christmas blessing this year. BUT- I MISS COOKING and it is not nearly as fun cooking for one...and I especially miss BAKING---so I know right where you are at!

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. xo Diana

  14. Oh yes, I can certainly see how this could happen! I think just about everything that is not home cooked is way more fattening too! Your Thanksgiving feast looked delicious and I'm sure your son was tickled to get some of Mom's home cooking, even if it was cooked in his kitchen! I sure hope you get your kitchen up and running soon...and don't forget to post photos! :)

  15. Hi Deborah, I know just what you mean. Eating out can really bring on the extra pounds from mostly salt and tons of butter restaurants use to enhance the taste. When you are back in your kitchen the weight will drop off right away. Been there done that so trust me, better days are coming.
    Glad you enjoyed a special Thanksgiving with your son. The meal you made looks delicious. I know you will be ready for your kitchen soon. Blessings to you and sending hugs your way. Happy December. xo

  16. Dearest Deborah,
    Oh my, that would be devastating for Pieter and me if we had to live off meals from restaurants and such. You could have stocked up BIG time, with meals in the freezer that you only needed to heat up in the microwave. At least you could control the sodium content and other healthy things.
    I'm worried about your swollen ankles... as just yesterday during my check up at the nephrologist he told me that the first sign for kidney problems were the swelling of the ankles. Luckily, I've never had that problem! But do we both watch our sodium intake as that is so very important.
    If we go to parties, I seldom eat anything other than maybe some fruits and veggies. We had a wedding a couple of weeks ago and I got thrown off, feeling miserable and having headaches due to extremely salty food. Tasted like triple the dose of salt got added... What a pity as it was delicious food otherwise.
    WHY do people still use that much salt?!
    You sure will be looking forward to your new kitchen so you can be in charge of your meals and snacks again.
    I've been baking also before Thanksgiving, just for hostess gift and of course for ourselves.
    Also I've been very active trying to sell as much as I can from my online boutique. Wish I could get rid of all of my stock and close that venue!
    Our adjacent lot has had no interest so far so I guess we're still suck with it.
    Sending you blessings for the Advent Season!

  17. An insider tip: Schoolcraft College sells the best "chef-made" soups (plus a lot of other amazing culinary items) in the little outlet near their American Harvest restaurant in the Vis-Ta-Tech building. These are made by the culinary arts students there. Hours are limited: closed Mon, 11:30 to 2:30 Tues/Weds, 11:30 to 4:00 Thurs/Fr. Just got their Russian Borscht today - never had it before but it was excellent! So glad you will be able to make your own hearty meals soon :)

  18. I just discovered you blog! It's wonderful! I'm subscribing.

  19. My son and his wife just remodeled their kitchen and this is the first week in many that they have been able to eat properly. I am with you, I love home cooking. Restaurant food is always too spicy and salty. I hate having bad breath from too much garlic, too. They put garlic salt in everything these days. It haunts you for days! It will be so nice when your kitchen is done - I know you will have a new-found appreciation for the simple joys of opening the fridge and eating leftovers! haha! xx Karen

  20. Oh, bless you, dear Deborah! There is nothing quite like home cooked meals. I truly hope your kitchen is back up and running soon. You will certainly enjoy it when it's all done.

    Love and hugs to you!

  21. I hope that this comment finds you with a functional kitchen, Deborah. When my parents renovated their kitchen earlier this year, their countertops also took longer than expected to arrive. But it was totally worth the wait. I'm sure your new and improved kitchen will be too!

  22. Your Thanksgiving for three sounds precious!

    Home cooking is the best! I hope your kitchen is ready soon!

  23. It's so true. Unless you make it yourself, you can never be sure what's in it. When we moved into our current home, the stove top was non-functional. The previous owner was a very busy single physician who spent all her time working and used a microwave when she was home. I don't even own a microwave.

    I'll never forget the day my new gas stove was installed.....I was in heaven! I love to cook. Your new kitchen will absolutely be worth the wait/weight, speaking of which, the weight will just fall off once you are back to your normal routine.

    Best of luck.

    Cheers, M-T

  24. I feel your pain! At one time I thought that not being able to cook for a while and having to eat all meals out would be fabulous. That quickly changed. It is such a privilege to be able to cook one's own meals, and you will be in heaven when that comes again.

    What a nice thing to do, traveling with ingredients for a Thanksgiving feast and cooking it, but I know it was a labor of love.


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