Teavana tea maker

May 30, 2016

I haven't done a tea post in a while, and my new Teavana Perfectea Maker was a great excuse to do one.

(On sale today 20% off with free shipping. No, I'm not getting anything free telling you this, just thought you might like to know.)

Isn't this tablecloth gorgeous? It was embroidered by a dear friend of my husband's grandmother. I'm not sure of the vintage, but I would guess it's well over 50 years old.

If you look closely at the picture below in the bottom right corner, you can see that two different shades of peach embroidery thread were used. At first I thought that that part of the tablecloth had faded, but it was definitely a different shade from the beginning.

If I was embroidering this tablecloth and ran out of the darker peach floss, I would just go out and buy some more. But this tablecloth was made during a time when people were much more conscientious of "making do or doing without."  The lighter peach thread was perfectly serviceable, and it would have been considered by many wasteful to buy additional thread. 

I like this tablecloth even more because of this. I think of the Depression and war time, and the sacrifices that had to be made. Women making beauty out of what they had at hand.

And I know they made tea perfectly fine without this little gadget, but it is still pretty cool . . . 

I stopped in Teavana in the mall the other day to get some iced herbal tea. Now herbal tea has never been my favorite, but as I'm trying to avoid caffeine and soda, I decided to be good.

Well, the girl behind the counter made my tea using this gadget, and then told me about some of her favorite herbal teas. I got the tea maker and some peach tea and a "tranquil" tea blend. I've had Celestial Seasonings peach tea, and . . . meh . . . but this peach tea is so yummy. I just ordered some more online.

The strainer at the inside bottom of the tea maker . . . 

Put some loose tea in the bottom of the tea maker. Add sugar if desired.

Pour in boiling water and let steep for about 5 minutes. No need to stir.

I can fill up a large mug once, or a teacup several times. Hmm . . . do I pick the big Hillsdale College mug my youngest son gave me, or the pretty little cup Judith from Lavender Cottage gifted me?

I'll go with the teacup. That way I can pour myself three cups!

With the package I purchased at Teavana, I got 2 ounces of tea and some sugar along with the tea maker. Here, I've transferred the rock sugar into a glass bottle, and affixed the label. 

After the tea has steeped -- and this is the cool part -- set the tea maker on top of your mug or teacup. The bottom is spring-loaded, so the brewed tea will drain right out into your cup. As soon as you lift it off the top of your cup, it closes, and you can set it on the little tray that comes with it.

Making tea can be a happy, soothing ritual. Taking it in a pretty cup adds to the pleasure. Won't you stop and have some soon?


Little things make me happy. Like pretty colors enjoying each others' company.

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  1. That is nice Deborah! Thanks for showing the tea maker!

  2. Hi Deb...got one a few years ago at the Victoria, BC Tea Festival. It works well! I love the tablecloth and the teacup!

  3. Very cool, Deborah! Your post reminded me that my mom purchased a similar gadget a few years ago. I should find out if she still has it! Now that the summer weather is finally here, I've also been drinking more iced herbal tea but I cold brew it overnight.

  4. The tea maker looks like a fun gadget Deborah. What a pretty teacup and I love the nail polish color. I'm wearing an acqua color too. Hope you have a nice week.

  5. A friend of mine gave me that Teavana tea maker, because she wasn't using it. Then, my daughter gave me one for Christmas! I'm glad that you're enjoying it and that you found some new, yummy teas. Your teacup from Judith is just beautiful, Deborah. I've been drinking iced Comstant Comment decaf tea in the afternoons. I still have to have a pot of hot tea in the morning. Happy Memorial Day, my friend!

  6. That is quite a nice tea maker and I love the vintage tablecloth.

  7. You could certainly turn me into a tea drinker with all this, Deborah! Beautiful cloth and teacup, and I really like the concept of that tea maker. Peach is a favorite flavor and fragrance for me, so it's an all around winner! Love your coordination of colors, including your nails. Happy tea time!

  8. Beautiful tea cup and saucer such a beautiful gift. Love the table cloth such a pretty make, I bet it could tell us a few stories. I may join you with a soothing cuppa myself...

  9. What a delightful post to start my day! I must say that you make the tea looks so appealing. The tablecloth is such a treasure and I love that the thread shows someone was thrifty. This is a "feel good" post and I thank you for sharing!

  10. What a nifty little tea maker! Sounds like a perfect item to have in one's kitchen. Your teacup from Judith is really pretty and reminds me of a spring garden. The vintage tablecloth is a lovely treasure to have and the cup and saucer looks so pretty on it. So happy to have you join me this week, Deborah. Hope you have a delightful week and I hope you're sleeping better too, my friend.


  11. Dearest Deborah,
    There is SO much into this great post!
    Yes, the tablecloth is a living proof of the artistry and frugality of women that lived three generations ago. They indeed managed to graciously do with so much less and from their golden hands, little miracles evolved... A true treasure and perfect for tea-time-pondering about what's really important in life.
    This herbal tea ritual might be a great thing for having better sleeping time during the night.
    I myself am amazed at how tight I can sleep since I've taken up daily biking, together with Pieter! My legs get toned and I'm feeling so much better. Still working on lowering my night-time blood pressure as I'm still to hyper it seems...
    Sending you hugs,

    We were so proud of Hillsdale College what they showed on Memorial Day!

  12. Hola deboraht querida ,, que lindo bordado y a mí me gusta mucho el té
    espero que tengas un muy buen día

  13. Really enjoyed your post- beautiful vintage tablecloth & teacup!

  14. What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading your comments about how people in an earlier era would not have just gone out and bought more, but used what they had on hand. It really is a different world now, isn't it.

    And what fun to see your tea photos. Such lovely cups and saucers to go with that pretty table cloth.

    Thank you for a lovely visit...

  15. I'm happy to see you using the teacup I sent and I've had one of those tea steepers from David's Tea for a couple of years. Hmm, wonder where it got to? I often run the water through our Keurig to steep the tea in it rather than boil the kettle.
    I like the light blue nail polish, definitely a colour I'd try. ;-)

  16. What a neat little gadget that is! I love the vintage table cloth. It reminds me of my mom as she used to embroidery so many things. Like you, I agree that the difference in the color of the thread makes it quite unique! And of course, your teacup and saucer is just stunning and I see that it came from Judith! :) Enjoy your weekend, Deborah!

  17. How lovely! Like you, I've never been an herbal tea lover, but lately I've tried to branch out, avoiding caffeine :( They don't all have to taste "grassy," I guess! That's a very cool gadget, and it makes having tea more fun. You're right that the ritual of making tea is an important part of the fun.


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