More gifts from Colorado

April 16, 2016

Today I wanted to share pictures of the gifts I received from bloggers Stephanie of The Enchanting Rose and Roxy from Living from Glory to Glory. I wrote about my trip to Colorado in my last post, and shared how I was able to visit Stephanie and her mom Debbie (from She Graces Her Home in God's Beauty) and Roxy and her daughter-in-law Amy. I've already shared the beautiful teapot and teacup Debbie gifted me. 

Look at the rest of the lovelies I brought home with me . . . 

The little bird was nestled inside this box from Stephanie, which was filled with all kinds of other goodies . . . 

. . . including this darling little fabric basket that she made, filled with tea . . .

. . . and a beautifully framed print that she embellished with fabric and lace. It sits on my dressing table, reminding me of the sweetness of friendship.

This little be-jeweled cup, looking very much like a crown, was perfect for a serving of chocolate-covered raisins recently. Here, I have it filled with tea from Bernideen's tea shop, which I visited last year.

Some pretty magnets were included. Here they are displaying a card from Stephanie, with her signature fabric rose.

Another handmade card and a tag . . .  Stephanie, as you can see, is very talented, and makes beautiful fabric and paper crafts. You can see more of her art on her website, where she shares easy-to-follow tutorials, or at her etsy shop here.

In case you missed the picture of us all together . . . 

Thank you so much Stephanie!

A few days after I met with Stephanie and her mom for tea, I met up with Roxy and her daughter-in-law Amy, who blogs at God's Grace Overflows.

Roxy was delightful. Much more talkative and funny than I would have gathered from her blog. She uses her blog to encourage and exhort Christian women in their calling, and I guess I expected her to be a little more serious. Of course, she's serious about what she believes in and blogs about, but that doesn't preclude having some good ol' fun, does it?!

She made me this lovely tea cozy. And told me I had to put a pretty button on top!

So off I went to Home Goods, and found one that I think will be perfect.

She also made this darling little tea holder for carrying in my purse.

And put in a couple hand sanitizing wipes as well.

Thank you Roxy! And Amy for joining us for lunch! It was a delight to meet you both.

Wow. Such a lot of goodies; wasn't I spoiled? But the best part was meeting all these dear ladies in person.


  1. Dear Deborah:
    What great friends you have met and enjoyed. I think you got out of Colorado just in time before the blizzard!

  2. Bernideen is right about getting out of Colorado just in time. We've had quite the snow :)

    Your post was a delight to read, my friend, and I am honored that would share your goodies in such a lovely way. I simply love te tea cozy from Roxy! The fabric is extra sweet and the button will look perfect.

    Have a blessed Sunday, dear Deborah. Love and hugs to you!

  3. Deborah, what a lovely post as you shared of your time in Colorado.
    Such beautiful and thought out gifts these dear ladies have gifted you with.
    Our time spent with you was such a blessing, Deborah.
    Bernideen is right, you just missed quite the storm. Our place looks like winter all over again. We had 9 inches of snow at our home yesterday.
    Enjoy being home~~
    Much love~ Debbie

  4. What a wonderful experience meeting such sweet bloggers and to have such lovely gifts to remind you of your visit with them.

    I love the photo of the three of you.

    Have a love Sunday and a great week ~ love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. You were certainly blessed with not only some wonderful gifts but the meeting of some amazing friends.

  6. How sweet it is, Deborah, to have found and nurtured these friends through blogging! I am in love with all the textiles and their usefulness. So pretty!

  7. Hi Deborah, Wow those ladies really blessed you with gifts from the heart! Such talent too; I love Roxy's tea cozy. I know that you've developed a friendship to last a lifetime. I would love to meet Roxy and Amy in person~someday if I get down south. The gals above are right that you got out of our state before another big snow storm hit. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us!

  8. What lovely gifts from Stephanie and Roxy, Deborah. I love that you were spoiled and were able to meet up with all of them in Colorado. Thank you for sharing their loving gifts of friendship.

  9. No, not spoiled—honored! Sweet gifts all. That tea cozy is just darling...glad that you found the right button for it...a good selection. Roxy is so cute!

  10. Lovely gifts from lovely ladies! So who's next on your blogger meetup list?!?

  11. What lovely things you received from these lovely ladies! I have had the blessing receiving one of Stephanie's giveaways which included some of her wonderful handiwork. She is one talented gal! What a sweet blessing your visit was with so many lasting memories as well!

  12. Hello Dear, I think that button will be perfect for the tea cozy, that is just what I would of liked to have had to put on the top!I appreciated your sweet description of me LOL Like I said I am a funny girl! What a joy to have had lunch with you, I would say it was an honor to meet you, Live and in person! We did get a spring snow storm and I am so thankful for the moisture. I loved that little bluebird you got in your gift box.
    I do hope you are doing well and enjoying some rest and I am sure working on wedding bliss ideas for your daughter! Hugs, Always Roxy


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