Pretty spring colors

April 21, 2014

The world is so full of a number of things
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings. 
                               -- Robert Louis Stevenson

One of the things I love about our world is all the beautiful color. When I was a child, and got my box of eight crayons at the beginning of the school year, what I really longed for was one of these . . . 96 colors! Oh, my . . . think of what I could create with these!

And no wonder I can't resist buying yet another nail color . . .

Brightly colored paper straws and colored pens and pencils inject pops of color into everyday activities like drinking our eight glasses of water and writing our lists . . . 

There's a whole psychology of color that explains how color can affect our moods, and what our color preferences reveal about us. Consider this typical color chart . . . 

Red  . . .  energy, passion, and action
Orange  . . .   warmth, happiness, optimism
Yellow . . .  cheerfulness, enthusiasm, creativity
Green  . . .   growth, renewal, harmony
Blue . . .   loyalty, peacefulness, calm
Purple . . .  imaginative, creative, spiritual
Pink . . .   unconditional love, nurturing, intuitive
Brown  . . .   security, warmth, protection
Gray  . . .    conservative, classic, elegant
White  . . .     innocence, wholeness, simplicity
Black  . . .   strong, sophisticated, mysterious

I tend to stay away from red, orange, and yellow (too loud) and black (too cold). I also don't care to wear or decorate with bright or loud colors, although I admire those who do, because who can't smile at a bright sunny yellow or a screaming pink fuchsia?

Springtime colors probably represent my favorite palette for decorating and dressing; pinks and lavenders, pale blues and greens, soft browns and grays . . .

Can't wait to wear summer dresses in lovely colors, and in simple white cotton (my favorite) . . . 

It's getting time for sandals, and that means a pedicure. Maybe a beautiful blue like this? Hey, I know it's trendy, but it makes me smile.

Oooh . . . nothing like a closeup to reveal a not-quite-perfect manicure job and hands needing moisturizer!
Look at the beautiful spring colors on this pretty scarf from Talbots . . . 

Can't wait to see these beautiful colors. Even the packets make me smile. 

This is one of those days that I especially need beauty around me in all its forms and colors. Beauty is healing. My life is not perfect. I struggle with sadnesses and worries just like everyone else. Sometimes I can't fix anything, and can only pray. ("only"! Prayer is powerful.) But I try and notice the little things around me, the beautiful matters, and remember, the beautiful matters. There is so much loveliness around us every day, that as the poet states, "we should all be as happy as kings" (and queens)! It matters that we stop and notice and give thanks.

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  1. Everything was just lovely! So colorful! I still get excited about buying the 96 box of crayons for my girls.:) 96 colors to create anything your heart desires and can dream up. sigh... I have a wonderful giveaway on my blog, sweetie. It has your name written all over it. ;) Lori

  2. You're right...color has such power! And there was nothing better when I was little than a new box of crayons...a 96 pack was heaven!

  3. Color is wonderful, and that's why I love Spring so much, I think. It's fun just to get in the garden each day and see what's new. I love the bright, kelly green of leaves this time of year, especially after a rain, against the blackened bark. And I love wearing yellow, orange and green! With my freckled coloring, it works, and makes me happy. Happy post, thank you!

  4. You have a lot of colour in your life judging from what you've shared and I think we should all experiment or step out of our comfort zone to try something different. The light blue nail polish is pretty, I often wear a sassy blue shade on my toes.
    Hope you had a nice Easter Deborah.

  5. I love all colors but the lighter shades are my favorite. I love to add these soft and soothing shades in my home and in my garden. I stay away from dark blues and greens. Deep browns. Love your collection of nail polishes. I am having my pedi and mani this week. Have a wonderful week Deborah. Thanks for visiting me.


  6. Hi Deborah, I love your nail polish collection. What is that pretty color nail polish you are wearing? I love that color for spring! I love your scarf too, so pretty and colorful. Have a nice day tomorrow.
    Julie xoxo

  7. This was a lovely post to read at the end of the holiday weekend as I wait in the airport for a flight home. You're so right - life isn't always a bouquet of flowers but we can do our best to nurture a happy outlook and a beautiful environment.

  8. Oh, the beautiful does matter, and your pretty colors and inspiring images just make me smile! I love how you remind us that even though we all struggle at times, we can take the time to notice the beautiful colors of life. xo Karen

  9. I smiled at the crayons...yes the 96 crayon box was the BIG deal..usually reserved for Christmas or a birthday! :) The last time I went to buy crayons for a grand, I was excited to see that they'd brought back the old school box with the built in sharpener! :)

  10. Hello Deborah! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog because now that I've popped over for a visit here, I am in love with your blog!! I've been reading back through quite a few posts and enjoyed every one. I too love colour, and felt the same about the box of crayons ... well, except my box was of pencil crayons and I always wished for the bigger set (we got them in our Christmas stockings). I also have a great link for you about making bows which I found very helpful and made many (way too many) bows this past Christmas:
    You can make a simple, but full bow with this tutorial video. Hope it helps somewhere down the road :) Have a great day ... and I'm your latest follower. Wendy x

  11. LOL...I may be able to match you with the array of nail polish!
    Have a great week, Deborah.

  12. Everything in such gorgeous colors are great and I'm one that loves to use 'colors' on my nails, I'm not conservative with my nails, like in everything else, lol! Love the Essdter eggs too!
    Yes sweet friend, don't go watch that stupid and ugly movie Noah, it's a waste of time and money!
    I will post as soon as I receive my gift...don't worry! I can't wait! I hope you had a terrific Easter.

  13. Hi Deborah,

    COLOUR!! Can you imagine life without it? It characterizes flowers, fruit, veggies, grass, sky, sea, and that's just the natural world! Colour = Life, and although I am drawn to the passionate energy of red, I appreciate the more subtle, softer pastels, depending on the day and my mood. I don't know of anyone who possesses the perfect life, void of problems or concerns. What I do know, is that colour can make one's doldrums disappear, even if it's just for a bit, it's always enough to elevate the spirit and brighten the soul.

    My first exposure to such joy happened one Christmas, about 45 years ago, as I trimmed the tree of my first colouring book with my brand new Crayola crayons. Oh, how those lights twinkled and ornaments shone; the perfect present!


  14. Hi Deborah,

    I hope you had a joyous and blessed Easter. I love the colors of spring and your pretty blue polish. There is so much color to be enjoyed.

  15. Beautiful colours and its true we are all drawn to a particular colour or group of colours...mine are Pink (of course) for decorating but I tend to wear more of the darker colours so I am quite a contradiction. HPS Michelle

  16. I love colors too - wonderful post! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  17. Deborah, give me color and I am one happy girl! I love many blogs that do all white, but for myself; I need color. I like it all: bright and bold. soft and pastel. I loved my large box of crayons as a child too. Thanks for sharing with SYC. We can't fix it all, but prayer does wonders!


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