Fireside dinner

January 16, 2014

We always sit at the table for dinner, unless it's a pizza-and-movie night. I have a horror of becoming one of those families who sit with their TV trays in front of the TV, scarfing down food and not talking with each other. But several times already this year, we've taken our plates into the family room to sit around the coffee table, closer to the fire. Even though it's warmed up since the polar vortex we endured
 last week, it's still cold.

So why not do it in style?

I folded a tablecloth in half and laid it over the coffee table, and then set the table using both rustic and elegant pieces. The rustic, by-the-fire ambiance is provided by burlap placemats with plaid borders and fresh white pine sprigs tucked into the napkin rings.  

The green dinner plates are Johnson Brothers The Florentine and the white salad plates are our wedding dishes, Noritake Cumberland.

When I went out this afternoon to fill up the bird feeders, I pulled the pine out of our Christmas wreath, which is now hanging over a post on our deck to give the birds extra cover. 

We made sure Kitty was well behaved and didn't try to get at our food since it was within easy reach. She likes being with us in front of the fire, and likes to camp out in front of it every night.

I am linking up with Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday and Rose Chintz Cottage for Home Thank you to Sandi for featuring me on this week's Home! 


  1. What a great idea for a winter table! This looks so cozy and inviting! And the centerpiece is really cute!

    1. Thanks Tricia! Love being by the fire as much as I can, esp. in single-digit temps!

  2. I would like to have a table near a fireplace. It seems so inviting during the winter. I love your burlap placemats and your Johnson Brothers plates. the sprig of evergreen is perfect for this table. Joni

  3. What a terrific idea! The whole mood of your dining experience must have changed with that beautiful tablescape. I love your dish stack and the use of an evergreen sprig in the napkin. Your kitty is precious, too!! Hope you start to thaw soon. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Thanks Rosie, but we're getting more snow and temps in the single digits next week! So glad I have a fire to stay cozy by!

  4. It's snowing here now as I am reading this, but your table looks so warm and cozy!! Love the plaid!!

  5. Very cozy and lovely!! I would love to have a fireplace to dine by!!

    Thanks so much for your visit and kind words!!


  6. Very cozy, Deborah! I love the red plaid with the green and white. Nothing like the fire this time of year and taking a meal in front of it is just the thing to warm one up. Thanks for sharing your lovely fireside table with us and enjoy your weekend.


  7. I love setting a nice table, but never thought to do the coffee table. great idea Debbie. Blog looking good. May you enjoy much success and fun with it.


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