December 20, 2013

Turn on the TV, read your news feed, listen to the radio -- so much bad news all the time. Worries about what's happening in the world can be overwhelming. Sometimes it helps just to throw a little glitter around in order to make your corner of the world sparkly and happy.

Some people say this kind of thing is superficial. I'm not one of them. Even Michelangelo agrees with me. He said, "Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle." He was probably talking about some of the little finishing touches he put on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and not essie nail polish, but who knows?
Here's essie's warm & toasty turtleneck . . . 

Since I don't like wearing turtlenecks, I will wear it with this sparkly sequined tank I got on sale at J. Crew last year.

And here's daughter bringing fun and happiness to her corner of the world:

This necklace once belonged to her grandmother. Bet Grandma never thought it would one day go with a chambray shirt. In the middle of the day. To a coffee shop.

Want more sparkly ideas? Sparkle is good on shoes and minauderies . . .

and of course on pins . . . .

Even the Christmas tree is getting in on the act . . .


  1. I love that quote by Michelangelo. Your post brought some sparkle to my day . . . and sparkles are no trifle. :)


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